One-Third of Seniors with Dementia Are Being Given Antipsychotics

One-third of seniors with dementia are being given antipsychotics—even though such toxic drugs are not approved to treat dementia! A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that nearly one-third of older adults with dementia who spent more than 100 days in a nursing home were given antipsychotics through Medicare’s prescription drug program in 2012. We previously reported that a similar situation exists with brain-damaged veterans—and even with infants and young children, especially those treated through Medicaid. They are all given these very toxic and inappropriate medications. Why is this happening? Are Big Pharma profits more important than the health of our most vulnerable populations—seniors and young people?

How Turmeric Can Save the Aging Brain From Dementia and Premature Death

A promising study published in Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry reveals the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin (which gives it its golden hue) may provide what the study authors describe as an "effective therapeutic strategy to reverse age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction." Age-related cerebrovascular dysfunction is occurring on an epidemic scale in Western countries and include, "stroke, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases." Presently, very few if any conventional medical interventions are capable of providing effective solutions, and none have been found to reverse underlying pathologies in conditions whose trajectories are generally characterized as 'incurable.' All the more reason why the new study holds so much promise in providing an evidence-based natural solution that is safe, effective, affordable and easily accessible as a familiar food ingredient.

Woman with Dementia Sees Improved Memory and Better Conversation Skills after Starting Coconut Oil

My mother was going to start on Aricept. My dad said she needs to be on the drug. I told him "no," and that both of them should start on 2 tablespoons a day of coconut oil. In 5 days her memory was getting better and she could keep a conversation, finishing sentences. She was feeling better, and my sister talked to her for 40 minutes, while she was not repeating herself and answered questions. My mother was very alert, and my sister said she hasn't had a conversation with mom like that in months.

Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in an 85-Year-Old Man at 35 days

In this video report Steve in Sydney describes how coconut oil reversed dementia in his 85 year old father in only 35 days.

Mother with Severe Vascular Dementia More Aware of Daughter after Starting Coconut Oil

by Yaja Kindermann
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Use the coconut oil!

My mum has vascular dementia made worse by a terrible fall 5 years ago. I do what I can, but before she had coconut oil she was a very ‘happy little cabbage’ but would drop into massive depressions.

After only 4 days on the oil, she is happy to […]

Speech “Gone” Due to Alzheimer’s Returns After Starting Coconut Oil

Could Two Teaspoons of Coconut Oil a Day Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay?
by Christine Hsu
Medical Daily


Vrajlal Parmar had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

After taking a Mini Mental State Examination test used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, doctors informed the 67-year-old’s family that he was “too severely affected to score anything at all,” according to the Daily […]

Coconut Oil Offers Hope for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS

by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy

In what is yet another great investigative report by Lorie Johnson of CBN, we hear how coconut oil is helping people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. (Note: we also covered the remarkable story of how coconut oil helped with ALS last year here: Coconut Oil Reverses Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – ALS).

They […]

The Futility of Pharma-based Alzheimer’s Research

by Alliance for Natural Health

Behind a dangerous new test approved by the FDA is a new drug by the same company. Meanwhile, new research offers better natural solutions.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new test from Eli Lilly & Co that detects the presence of proteins in the brain that have […]

Man 86 with Very Last Stage of Pick’s Dementia is Recovering Personality and Physical Health after Starting Coconut Oil

by Villafish
Alzheimer’s Weekly
My father was in the very last stage of Pick’s, a form of dementia, when we placed him in a care facility in Nov. of 2011.  It was expected that he would not survive past the holidays.
When we heard about coconut oil as a dementia therapy, our family thought, ”why not?  What can it possibly hurt at this point?  Wouldn’t it be neat if coconut oil helped his symptoms?”
My father, age 86, has been taking coconut oil since December of 2011 and he is […]

“45 years of prayers being answered” with mother diagnosed with mental illness, and father with Alzheimer’s, after starting Coconut Oil

by Linda
Alzheimer’s Weekly
My dad has mid stage Alzheimer’s disease. Within 2 weeks on coconut oil his short term memory, mood and even physical dexterity have improved. I would estimate he is where he was 9 months to a year ago. This after only 2 weeks!
Perhaps more amazing than this is my mother. She has had mental disease for 45 years. Some have diagnosed her […]