October 21, 2014

U.S. State Department Wants to Pressure the EU to Accept our GMO Products

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192482 U.S. State Department Wants to Pressure the EU to Accept our GMO Products

by Alliance for Natural Health Europe

Food crisis needed for Europe to accept GM: US government adviser

It will take a food security crisis to make European consumers recognise the need for genetically modified (GM) food, warns a senior US government adviser.

Jack Bobo, senior biotechnology adviser to the US State Department, told a Chartered Institute of Marketing seminar in London yesterday (February 28): “It will take a crisis to make everyone [in Europe] see the point of GM”.

“There will be a move from not liking GM to requiring it. That was the worst possible outcome but, unfortunately, it was also the most likely outcome.”

In his lecture – Can agriculture save the world before it destroys it? – Bobo argued that GM food technology was vital to safeguard food security, economic security and national security.

GM techniques could deliver improved yields and nutrition while reducing the use of pesticides, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and soil erosion, he said.

Read the full story at foodmanufacture.co.uk.

ANH-Intl comment:

The US government is positively rabid in its support of GM. Its State Department thinks nothing, for example, of subverting democracy by advocating collective punishment of the EU for not being sufficiently pro-GM. It believes that, “The adoption of biotechnology, with respect to both health and agriculture, has an essential role to play,” in resolving issues of health and food security, and will, “Work to promote open markets and science-based regulatory frameworks” across the world. Searching for the term ‘biotechnology’ on its website shows just how invested the State Department is in GMOs. Given the open takeover of the US government by Monsanto employees, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

Which is why we think that these remarks by Jack Bobo may be far more than whimsical musings before an audience of marketing professionals. The US has been gnashing its teeth at the EU’s – or rather, its citizens’ – steadfast rejection of GM for decades now, especially since the EU is increasingly indistinguishable from the US in so many other crucial areas. Bobo’s speech may be a thinly veiled warning of hard times to come in Europe.

A manufactured ‘food crisis’ would be the perfect tool make US and high-level EU policy dreams come true. The mechanisms for huge market manipulation already exist, and have been applied to commodities markets in the past. It can be done.

But we may just be being a little paranoid – and after all, the powers that be might not even need to employ such a sledgehammer to crack the EU GM nut. EU mandarins have already signaled their intent to permit widespread GM contamination under ‘technical zero’ arrangements, and proposals to weaken the EU’s GM approvals regime are under discussion. And we’ll be amazed if a forthcoming EU/US trade deal doesn’t involve a dumbing-down of EU GM regulations, whatever EU officials say.

Europeans need to understand that they are at the centre of a war over the contents of their dinner plates, and that pro-GM side will stop at nothing to get its way. Vigilance and education are the keys to resisting the GM push.

Read the full article here: http://anh-europe.org/news/red-alert-us-state-department-adviser-hints-at-eu-‘food-crisis’-to-boost-gm

Representative Kucinich Calls Out Monsanto: Americans Demand GMO Labeling

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Boston Nurses Speak Out Against Mandatory Flu Shots

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Last month (September 2014) the Massachusetts Nurses Association sued Brigham and Women’s Hospital over a new policy that required nurses to receive the annual flu vaccine as a condition for employment.

The nurses were, of course, criticized by the medical establishment. They were accused of putting their own interests above the needs of patients. Lynn Nicholas, president of the Massachusetts Hospital Association, stated that the nurses were: “putting a pet peeve of theirs above the safety and well-being of the patients they serve, their families, visitors to the hospital, and their colleagues.”

Pet peeve? Really?

When nurses all across the United States and Canada are willing to sacrifice their jobs and careers to avoid the annual flu shot, it is time to sit up and take notice. This is obviously something much more than a “pet peeve.”

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Will There Be An Ebola Outbreak in America?

Will There Be An Ebola Outbreak in America?

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So here is what inquiring minds want to know:

Why did U.S. health officials in Atlanta and on the ground in Africa ignore the exploding Ebola epidemic last spring?

Why did U.S. government officials fly American aid workers infected with Ebola to the U.S. rather than treating them with experimental drugs at hospitals in Africa?

Why did the U.S. government press the United Nations to adopt a resolution calling for no restrictions on international travel from Liberia and other Ebola-stricken countries?

Why did the Centers for Disease Control, supposedly the world’s leading infection control agency, fail to immediately assist Texas health officials when the first case of Ebola was diagnosed on US soil to guarantee that, at a minimum, the kind of infection control measures used in most nursing homes in America would be carried out?

Why has the Director of the CDC repeatedly stated that the only way a person can transmit Ebola is if they have a fever and said that people cannot get Ebola unless they have direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person – but that under no circumstances is Ebola airborne – when he knows, or should know, those statements could be false?

And why are experimental Ebola vaccines being fast tracked into human trials and promoted as the final solution rather than ramping up testing and production of the experimental ZMapp drug that has already saved the lives of several Ebola infected Americans?

A logical conclusion is that some people in industry, government and the World Health Organization did not want the Ebola outbreak to be confined to several nations in Africa because that would fail to create a lucrative global market for mandated use of fast tracked Ebola vaccines by every one of the seven billion human beings living on this planet.

Michigan Only State with Pharmaceutical “Immunity Law” Determined to Prosecute Mother for Refusing to Drug Daughter

Michigan Only State with Pharmaceutical “Immunity Law” Determined to Prosecute Mother for Refusing to Drug Daughter

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Michigan, the only U.S. state that has a pharmaceutical “immunity law” seems determined to prosecute Maryanne Godboldo for refusing to administer a dangerous antipsychotic drug to her daughter.

When will the deliberate persecution of Detroit mother, Maryanne Godboldo, come to an end? Despite four court rulings exonerating Godboldo of any wrongdoing, the state prosecutor is, inexplicably, committed to what can only be described as a relentless attack. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the nation’s leading mental health watchdog, has launched an in-depth investigation into Michigan’s mental health policies to get to the bottom of the state’s seemingly endless prosecution of Godboldo.

Doctors Expose Cancer Drugs Scandal

Doctors Expose Cancer Drugs Scandal

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The CBS News program 60 Minutes aired an investigative report this week on the scandalous practice of pharmaceutical companies’ actions with cancer drugs.

The report featured Dr. Leonard Saltz, chief of gastrointestinal oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering, one of the nation’s premier cancer centers. Dr. Saltz is a leading expert on colon cancer. Also appearing in the report was Dr. Peter Bach, also from Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Is this a clear case of doctors in the cancer industry developing a conscious and blowing the whistle on the system they earn their living from, and the powerful pharmaceutical industry?

The real question is can the current cancer industry really be fixed? While this interview does expose some of the fraud and corruption in the cancer industry, it is still not dealing with the basic issues of how the industry needs sick cancer patients to survive, not cures.

As a result, any treatments for cancer outside of this lucrative pharmaceutical market is aggressively pursued by the FDA and squashed.

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Science proves what farmers already know: Goats make excellent weedkillers. Herbivores—not herbicides—is the way to go, according to research published in the journal PeerJ.

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