European Lawmakers Want Glyphosate Weedkiller Banned in Europe by 2020

On 16 October a cross-party group of MEPs demanded a phase-out of glyphosate by December 2020. They want a ban on non-professional use of the herbicide and use in public parks or playgrounds after 15 December 2017, when the current authorisation expires. The MEPs want the Commission to withdraw its proposal for a 10-year renewal. The MEPs also want a ban on agricultural application after 15 December 2017 in cases where integrated plant protection methods are sufficient. They are asking for Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds to be made available to farmers to support the transition to more sustainable methods of weed control.

Half of Europe Opts Out of New GM Crop Scheme

Half of the European Union’s 28 countries and three of its regions have opted out of a new GM crop scheme, in a blow to biotech industry hopes. Under new EU rules agreed in March, 15 countries have now told Brussels they will send territorial exclusion requests to the big agricultural multinationals including Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta and Pioneer. Applications from Latvia and Greece have already been accepted by the firms and if that pattern is extended, around two-thirds of of the EU’s population – and of its arable land – will be GM-free.

European Parliament Addresses the Gardasil Scandal in Europe

What is the justification for using HPV vaccines? What is the benefit/risk profile? What place do HPV vaccines have in the cervical cancer prevention strategy, and at what cost? Is Gardasil a cervical cancer vaccine or a cancer of policies? Where are medical ethics in cervical cancer prevention plans? More than 200 European doctors signed a letter to parliament asking for a moratorium on the use of HPV vaccines until these questions are resolved. On April 9,2015, Michelé Rivasi, European Ecology MEP, delivered a presentation to the European Parliament on behalf of more than 200 European physicians demanding answers to these questions. Ms. Ravasi calls for a parliamentary mission to provide those answers.

In Europe you can Purchase Fresh Raw Milk from Vending Machines

This Country Has America Beat When It Comes to Handling Raw Milk - Illegal in many states, unpasteurized dairy is sold out of vending machines in Slovenia.

U.S. State Department Wants to Pressure the EU to Accept our GMO Products

by Alliance for Natural Health Europe

Food crisis needed for Europe to accept GM: US government adviser
It will take a food security crisis to make European consumers recognise the need for genetically modified (GM) food, warns a senior US government adviser.

Jack Bobo, senior biotechnology adviser to the US State Department, told a Chartered Institute of […]