Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

by Alliance for Natural Health

GE organisms actually become part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts and reproduce continuously inside us. But the USDA now wants to to remove all controls from GE corn and cotton! A new Action Alert.
There are no human clinical trials of genetically engineered foods. The only […]

Historic Lawsuit: FDA Sued over Antibiotics Allowed in Farm Animals

A first-of-its kind antibiotic lawsuit aims to curb unnecessary use of drugs in farming and accuses the FDA of putting lives at risk.
By Leah Zerbe
RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—A coalition of environmental and public-health organizations filed suit Wednesday against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), claiming the agency’s lax stance […]

Lowering Cholesterol Can Cause Depression

by Dr. John Briffe
The Cholesterol Truth
Listen to the advice given by many doctors and scientists, and you’d soon believe that cholesterol is a killer substance that needs to be tamed. Yet, the reality is that it’s a natural substance, present in every cell membrane in your body and essential for […]

Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment for Seborrhea

Watch how Bonnie uses Virgin Coconut Oil for scalp treatment. She suffers from an auto-immune condition and seborrhea. Coconut Oil helps her dry scalp and skin.

FDA Seeks to Regulate Raw Human Breast Milk

Photo by bisbeejones Flickr

Liquid Gold: The Booming Market for Human Breast Milk
by Judy Dutton
Wired Magazine
While the scientific understanding of human milk is still evolving, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation is straightforward: Mothers should feed their babies nothing but breast milk for the first six months and then continue nursing for at least […]

Natural First Aid Options for Pregnant Women

by KateTietje
Now that it’s warm outside, it’s likely that some small things may happen: sunburns, scrapes, cuts, insect stings, etc. These are no fun! When you’re pregnant, it’s important to be careful what you take or put on your skin, too. Luckily, there are plenty of safe, natural remedies for […]

Could Saturated Fats Make a Comeback in Light of New Research?

Some researchers have long held that there is no link between saturated fat intake and increased risk of heart disease. New studies appear to be proving them right.
By Mary Porter, CHC
For years we have heard the dietary advice that too much saturated fat will lead to higher levels of cholesterol and an increased risk of […]

In Memoriam: Infant Deaths and Vaccination

by Barbara Loe Fisher
Memorial Day is for remembering those who have fought and died to defend America and preserve our civil liberties, including freedom of thought, speech, religious belief and conscience. So every Memorial Day I remember the children who have died after receiving state mandated vaccines, and honor their mothers and fathers, who […]

Kentucky Food Club Members Defy Quarantine Orders for Raw Milk

by David E. Gumpert
The Complete Patient
On Friday afternoon, as the administrator of a Kentucky buying club was setting out raw milk and other food for pickup by members, an inspector for the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness appeared at the church basement storage site. He presented two pieces of […]

Urban Agriculture in Ottawa Could be a Model for Food Security in Other Cities

Health Impact Editor Comments:
Watch this very informative video and see how Ottawa Canada is leading the way in modern urban agriculture. Urban areas have used up agricultural land to house more of the world’s population, and most food purchased has traveled an average distance of 1500 to 2500 miles to get to your grocery store. Watch how one […]