Healthy People 2020 Initiative to Seek Mandatory Vaccines for Adults

Ty Bollinger interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Toni Bark about forced vaccinations for adults and the "Healthy People 2020" initiative in this short preview of one of the sessions in the upcoming Truth About Vaccines Docuseries starting this week.

Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story is Not Being Told

The pro-Pharma mainstream media would like everyone to believe that doctors and "scientists" all agree that vaccines are safe and effective, and that dissenters are uneducated or uninformed parents. Not true. Doctors and scientist who dare to speak out against the status quo, putting their own careers in jeopardy for telling the other side of the story, are of course few, and clearly in the minority. But that does not mean they do not exist. It just means they are few in number, because they value truth and the health and well-being of the public more than financial connections to the pharmaceutical industry. Leslie Manookian, producer of "The Greater Good" film, lists over 150 scientists and physicians who have questioned vaccines publicly. Below, we bring you short videos from three different doctors who all do an excellent job of summarizing the "other side" of the story when it comes to vaccines.

Princeton University Seeks to Use Students in Unapproved Vaccine Trial

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shares some facts regarding the meningitis "outbreak" at Princeton University, and the dangers associated with the unapproved vaccine that is being proposed to be tested on students. With only 7 cases of meningitis in 9 months at Princeton, is this simply a marketing ploy by vaccine manufacturer Novartis to get their vaccine into the billion dollar U.S. vaccine market, at the expense of using Princeton University students as unsuspecting drug trial participants?

Vaccine Developers, Heroes or Villains?

Vaccination has been declared as one of the Top 10 Public Health Achievements of the Century and vaccine developers (researchers) have been heralded as the heroes of the 21st century. But are they truly protectors and defenders of our health? Or, should we be more suspicious of their intent? Board-Certified physician and internationally renowned advocate for informed vaccination choice, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny responds to these questions and more in her newest ground-breaking documentary Vaccine Researchers: Heroes or Villains?

New Study Proposes Self-administered Flu Vaccine Without Doctor Supervision

by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
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Great! Hand out a vial so everyone can squirt live viruses up your nose, including all the 0.2mg of MSG, 2.0mg of porcine gelatin, egg proteins and gentamycin — on your own and without doctor supervision. So, if you have a side effect, it’s probably because you administered it incorrectly. […]