by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

This past Sunday, during the Memorial Day weekend as Americans were out celebrating the weekend holiday that traditionally kicks off the Summer Season, Israel bombed a refugee camp in Gaza where dozens of innocent people, including women and children, died horrible deaths as many of them were burned alive.

Those who view the current war in Israel through the eyes of Zionism may try to claim this is fake news as they do almost every time a news outlet reports the massacre of innocent women and children in Gaza, but they cannot do so this time, as Netanyahu himself admitted that this was true, as he vowed to continue the bombing.

Benjamin Netanyahu vows to continue war in Gaza after admitting Israeli air strike on Rafah that killed dozens of Palestinians was ‘tragic mishap’: UN set to hold emergency meeting as outrage grows

Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue waging war on Hamas in Gaza even as he admitted his forces made a ‘tragic mistake’ after an Israeli strike in Rafah reportedly killed some 45 people on Sunday.

Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF) declared they had launched a ‘precise strike’ on a Hamas compound and killed two high-ranking Hamas officials.

But the strike whipped up a ferocious blaze that tore through a camp for displaced Palestinians in the Tel al-Sultan neighbourhood in the city’s northwest.

Dozens of people were trapped as the flames tore through the makeshift housing and flimsy tents, condemning them to a horrific death.

Shocking videos circulating on social media appeared to show the charred remains of adults and children being pulled out of the rubble overnight.

The brutal strike only added to the surging international criticism Israel has faced over its war with Hamas, with even its closest allies expressing outrage at civilian casualties as the reported Palestinian death toll crossed 36,000, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

There is actual video footage of this that Al Jazeera published, but is “restricted” on YouTube due to the violence it shows.

I am not restricting it, and here is a copy from our Odysee video channel. Be aware that this is a disturbing video that younger children may not be able to handle and should not watch.

As the world watched this in horror, Zionist Republican Nikki Haley appeared in Israel the next day, on Memorial Day, to support Israel’s genocide by actually signing her name to a bomb and hand writing “Finish them!”

This came about the same time that it was revealed that the bombs launched into the Rafah refugee camp were American bombs. (Source.)

Haley was the first Indian American to serve in a presidential cabinet under Trump as his Ambassador to the UN.

Here is how the English press in India covered Haley’s visit to Israel:

Just before her trip to Israel, Haley announced that she would be voting for Trump in the election later this year even after opposing him in the primaries, and Trump responded by saying just before her trip to Israel:

“We had a nasty campaign, it was pretty nasty,” Trump said. “But she’s a very capable person, and I’m sure she’s gonna be on our team in some form, absolutely.” (Source.)

Can America Take on the Whole World in their Unwavering Support of Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing?

Haley fits in well with other Zionist Republicans who have called for nuking Palestinians, and she has been very vocal in linking “Hamas” and their October 7th attack last year with Russia, China, and Iran.

Do the Republican Zionists honestly believe America can take on the whole world by continuing to support Netanyahu’s government in Israel?

Worldwide opposition to the genocide in Palestine is growing by the day.

Earlier this month (May, 2024), the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague issued arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas leader Yehiya Sinwar and other officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip.

The U.S. has responded by issuing threats against the ICC, and inviting Netanyahu to visit D.C. in open defiance.

The US Invites ‘Wanted Criminal’ Netanyahu to DC

The invitation to Netanyahu comes on the heels of Republican lawmakers releasing an open and signed letter threatening officials of the court with sanctions against their employees, associates, them and their families.

The invitation comes at an awkward time, as the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas leader Yehiya Sinwar and other officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip.

Some US officials have suggested that the ICC does not have jurisdiction over the conflict in Gaza, nor the US itself. Last week, US Senator Lindsey Graham said he wanted to sanction the ICC for its decisions, to which US Secretary of State Antony Blinken suggested he would support the senator. (Source.)

It was also reported today that Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has been targeting and threatening the chief prosecutor at the ICC for investigating Israeli crimes in Gaza.

A new bombshell investigation undertaken jointly by the Guardian and +972 mag has revealed that the head of Mossad conducted surveillance on the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) related to her opening a formal investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes.

Then ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had opened the formal inquiry in 2021 to examine years of allegations of human rights abuse and war crimes against Palestinians committed by Israel’s military. The joint investigation found that then Mossad director Yossi Cohen used tactics to monitor her that amounted to “stalking”.

Bensouda at one point was reportedly directly threatened, with one eyewitness account saying that Cohen told Bensouda, “You should help us and let us take care of you. You don’t want to be getting into things that could compromise your security or that of your family.” (Source.)

In addition, within the past week more U.S. allies have come forward to announce that they support recognizing a Palestinian State.

US Allies Recognize Palestine as a State

In a historic and co-ordinated move, Ireland, Spain and Norway announced they would recognize a Palestinian state on Wednesday.

The announcements come amid growing outrage over the civilian death toll and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip from Israel’s seven-month war, which has prompted global calls for a ceasefire and lasting solution for peace.

First, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced that Norway will officially recognize a Palestinian state as of May 28.

“The Norwegian Government has decided that Norway will recognize Palestine as a state,” Støre said. “In the midst of a war, with tens of thousands killed and injured, we must keep alive the only alternative that offers a political solution for Israelis and Palestinians alike: Two states, living side by side, in peace and security.”

At a news conference on Wednesday morning, Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris announced Ireland’s recognition of Palestinian state, calling it “a historic and important day for Ireland and for Palestine.”

“Today, Ireland, Norway, and Spain are announcing that we recognize the state of Palestine,” Harris said at a press conference. “Each of us will now undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision.”

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also announced that his country will recognize a Palestinian state on May 28.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz condemned the developments, and ordered Israel’s ambassadors from Ireland and Norway to immediately return to Israel. (Source.)

And then today it was announced that Brazil was withdrawing their ambassador to Israel over the war in Gaza. Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world, and is a foundational member of the BRICS alliance which is rapidly expanding with non-Western nations.

Are the Zionist Globalists Sacrificing America in Their Support of Israel?

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a 2-day visit to China to meet with his counterpart, Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier this month (May, 2024). Article.

With growing opposition around the world against the United States and their support of Netanyahu’s reign of terror, from BOTH U.S. allies and from America’s “enemies” such as Russia, China, and Iran, would the Globalists who run the United States allow the American Empire to be defeated and collapse?

There are sources within the U.S. who have recently reported that Israel cannot defeat Hamas:

There’s ‘Widespread’ Belief Among US Officials That Israel Can’t Beat Hamas

There is a “widespread belief” among US officials that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s goal of “eradicating” Hamas in Gaza is unattainable, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

Throughout the past seven months, there have been multiple signs that the US doesn’t believe Israel could achieve its goals in Gaza, yet the Biden administration has continued to support the slaughter of Palestinians in the Strip.

In March, the US intelligence agencies released their annual “threat assessment,” and it said Israel will face “lingering armed resistance” for “years to come” and that the Israeli military would struggle to destroy Hamas’s underground infrastructure.

The Washington Post also reported in March that the US didn’t think Israel had clear or attainable goals as far back as October. “We never had a clear sense that the Israelis had a definable and achievable military objective,” a source familiar with an October 27 Biden administration meeting on the situation in Gaza told the Post. “From the very beginning, there’s been a sense of us not knowing how the Israelis were going to do what they said they were going to do.”

The Times report focused on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Israel and the difference in messaging from the administration and Netanyahu. Blinken said the US was still opposed to Israel invading Rafah without a clear plan for civilians, but Netanyahu’s message was that an invasion will happen no matter what. (Source.)

And as the Houthi rebel groups operating out of Yemen continue shooting down $30 million Reaper Drones used by the U.S. in their futile attempts to open up the Red Sea for ships to pass through, while at the same time Russia keeps reporting how inefficient America’s military technology is compared to theirs, where America’s “high-tech weapons systems” are being shot down so frequently by Russia in Ukraine that it is reported the accuracy of U.S. weapons are less than 10%, and as Russia also continually blows up American tanks with superior weapons, I would say it is very likely that the Great American Empire is in its final days.

But the biggest reason to believe that the American Empire is about to fall, is not by looking at the current military campaigns, but by looking at the world’s financial system, where the U.S. dollar is about to lose its control to continue funding all these military campaigns as the world’s #1 reserve currency.

That’s why Putin and Xi are smiling in the photo above. They know that day is coming, and perhaps very soon. See:

The Reign of the U.S. Dollar as The World’s Reserve Currency is Rapidly Coming to an End

The only way out at this point, is to bring the entire system down, and attempt to rebuild it by switching to digital currencies.

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