Left: 20,000 Protesters March for Peace in Munich to Protest Kamala Harris’s presence and the Ukraine War – Center: President Biden with Ukraine President – Right: Protesters in Washington D.C. at the “Rage Against The War Machine” Protest.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

With Ohio suffering one of the worst disasters in recent times, as another explosion in Ohio happened today with “mass casualties,” and with tens of thousands of people DEAD in Turkey and Syria as today another 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the same area while Israel bombed Damascus killing and injuring dozens, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Munich Germany and Washington D.C. to protest the war in Ukraine, as President Biden secretly flew to Kiev to meet with Zelenskyy to show his support for the war and pledge another half $BILLION in weapons.

Starting with Ohio, another explosion that is reported to be a “mass casualty” event happened sending another plume of black smoke into the air at a metal plant near Cleveland, Ohio.

On Monday afternoon, a large explosion rocked a metal manufacturing plant just east of Cleveland, Ohio, sparking a fire and sending a massive column of black smoke into the sky.

Fox News said the explosion occurred at I Schumann & Co. metal plant in Bedford. The company produces metal alloys.

The black smoke billowing into the sky is reminiscent of the East Palestine controlled burn of toxic chemicals earlier this month. Law enforcement in Bedford has yet to say if the smoke is toxic to surrounding communities. (Source.)

At the border of Syria and Turkey, another massive earthquake struck at 6.3 magnitude.

The two countries are still reeling from a series of devastating earthquakes that occurred on February 6, killing tens of thousands of people, toppling buildings and trapping thousands under the rubble.

The quake was recorded nine kilometers from the Turkish city of Antakya in Hatay province and 75 kilometers from Syria’s Latakia. Meanwhile, Turkish media reported more destruction following the earthquake in Hatay, which had already been turned into rubble by the devastating quake that jolted the country on February 6.

Shortly thereafter, Turkish disaster management agency AFAD reported a second earthquake in Hatay, this time of 5.8 magnitude.

Meanwhile, the EMSC suggests that aside from Turkiye and Syria, the quake was felt in Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel. (Full article.)

Meanwhile, as the people in Syria suffer the most because of sanctions against them by the U.S., Israel bombed the largest city in Syria Sunday, killing at least five people and critically wounding 15 others.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Tel Aviv after Israeli airstrikes struck Damascus in the early morning of 19 February, killing at least five people and critically wounding 15 others. According to state-run news agency SANA, the ministry urged “international action” to prevent further attacks on Syrian soil.

“Syria expects the United Nations Secretariat and Security Council to condemn Israeli aggression and crimes, take the necessary measures to deter them, hold them accountable, punish their perpetrators, and ensure they do not recur.”

The ministry further remarked that this attack comes in the context of recurring Israeli attacks against civilian targets and coincides with the recent attack by ISIS in Homs, which left at least 53 dead.

Local reports indicate that the Syrian air defenses incepted most of the missiles, adding that the air strikes also hit locations in Damascus’ countryside, including on the outskirts of Shahba and in the north of al-Suwayda in southwestern Syria.

Photos and videos of the bombardment have surfaced on social media, showing severe damage to residential areas and revealing the deceased of the attack, such as Syrian national and pharmacist Lilian Aoudi. Among those who died during the attack include a doctor and an engineer.

The strike on Sunday is the deadliest Israeli attack in the Syrian capital,” the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

The Israeli air strike assault comes as Syria continues to reel from a devastating earthquake that left close to 6,000 dead and leveled large swathes of the country’s northwest region. (Full article.)

Amidst this horrible human suffering and death, U.S. President Joe Biden secretly flew to Ukraine to pledge his support of the war and pledge even more U.S. funds.

President Biden Makes Surprise Visit To Kyiv, Pledges New Military Aid

President Biden departed from Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland, early Sunday morning. He stopped at Ramstein Air Base in Germany before making an unannounced visit to Ukraine on Monday morning. The visit comes ahead of the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden’s visit comes as Russia prepares for a massive spring offensive. Western countries are racing to flood Ukraine with new weaponry, including main battle tanks and armored vehicles. Biden delivered remarks alongside President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv and announced new military aid worth $500 million, according to AP News. The new military aid includes anti-tank missiles, air surveillance radars, howitzers, shells, ammunition, and other support but no new advanced weaponry.

“I thought it was critical that there not be any doubt, none whatsoever, about US support for Ukraine in the war,” Biden said in joint remarks with Zelenskyy. He said, “I’m here to show our unwavering support for the nation’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”

Zelenskyy thanked Biden for coming to Kyiv “at a huge moment for Ukraine.” He said he and the US president would hold talks about the war and what’s happening on the frontlines and also “about the people, about Ukrainians, about Americans . . . what we have to do to stop the war, to have success in this war . . . and how to win this year”.

Biden said, “I am meeting with President Zelenskyy and his team for an extended discussion on our support for Ukraine.” He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “dead wrong,” believing he could instantly take Ukraine during the invasion nearly one year ago. (Full article.)

As Biden was flying to Ukraine, over 20,000 people turned out in Munich, Germany, to protest against Vice President Kamala Harris’s presence there and show their opposition to the war in Ukraine.

As Kamala Harris accused Russia of “war crimes” at the Munich Security Conference while ignoring Ukrainian war crimes and the bombshell Hersh report, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski demanded Ukraine join NATO and be supplied with illegal cluster bombs at US taxpayer expense. Outside, a new peace movement formed, combining left and right, mobilizing over 20.000 protestors.

The protest under the motto “Make Peace” was organized by Covid lockdown opponents “Munich Stands Up!” and was open to all political affiliations. Speakers included Leftist MP Dieter Dehm and journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer, formerly of Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

The ruling Green Party used to be the party of the German peace movement, hailing from the Anti-Reagan protests of the 1980s, but now is fully in thrall to the World Economic ForumOpen Society and the National Endowment for Democracy. Green Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is a Young Global Leader and a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and German Marshall Fund, which funds Twitter censorship of conservative users, as Matt Taibbi reported. (Full article.)

At the same time as the protests in Germany, crowds gathered in Washington D.C. to also protest the war, with featured speakers such as Dr. Ron Paul addressing the crowd.

Tulsi Gabbard, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich in Washington Sunday. Image source.

Anti-war protesters marched in Washington, D.C. on Sunday to oppose U.S. support for Ukraine as they fight against Russia as well as the military-industrial complex as a whole.

Former GOP congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul slammed the modern American system from its Federal Reserve private banking to the non-stop military intervention.

Legendary musician and founding member of the band Pink Floyd Roger Waters sent in a video message to be played at the demonstration.

In the statement, he told the group, “Enough is enough! We demand change. Do the right thing. Implement a cease-fire in Ukraine today. Imagine the collective sigh of relief across the globe, the outpouring of joy, the international joining of voices in harmony singing an anthem to peace.”

Stand-up comedian and political podcaster Jimmy Dore spoke to the crowd, saying, “The military-industrial complex and Ukraine war represent an orgy of looting and corruption. America is the most powerful mafia that has ever existed and the hitmen in that mafia have military pilot licenses.” (Full article.)

The world is rapidly changing as the Globalists must realize the public is turning against them. Truth will become scarcer and scarcer.

Today, we had to fight off a cyber attack against the Health Impact News network, and I suspect such attacks against us and the rest of the truth-tellers in the Alternative Media will only get worse.


CENSORED: Millions of People Worldwide Take to the Streets to Protest Against Tyranny

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