French President Emmanuel Macron with China President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent trip to China has sent shock-waves throughout the Western World, especially after he stated that Europe needs to stop being “America’s followers” and not get involved in China’s conflict with Taiwan.

The U.S. corporate media’s initial report about why Macron was visiting China was that he was allegedly asking China for help in the Ukraine conflict against Russia, and assurances that China would not supply arms to Russia.

But during the rest of Macron’s visit, which included signing a new agreement between the two countries which has received very little attention in the Western media, and Macron’s subsequent visit to the Netherlands where he delivered a speech at the Hague earlier today (see video below), outlining a new plan for Europe, we can now clearly see what was the true purpose of this trip to China.

It would appear many in Europe, and especially the Rothschild family banking empire, are waking up to the fact that the U.S. is no longer a reliable ally and does not have Europe’s best interest in mind in the conflict with Russia and the war in Ukraine.

Europe’s banks are failing, which started with Switzerland’s second largest bank that failed a few weeks ago, and wiped out pensions with bail-ins and has caused non-stop protests in France over pension reforms. This is a direct consequence of the failed policies against Russia over the Ukraine war.

The Rothschild’s banking empire is centered in France and London, and Emmanuel Macron is the Rothschild’s hand-picked man, as he is a former banking executive for the Rothschilds who became the President of France with no prior elected political office.

So what I imagine happened is that someone high up in the Rothschild family contacted someone high up in the Chinese ruling elite and asked for help to fight back against the Rockefeller U.S. empire, and China was only too willing to oblige, as long as France made some concessions, like agreeing to stay out of their conflict with the U.S. and Taiwan.

With really no other choice before them, they called up Macron and told him to pack his bags and sent him off to China. As Macron now heads back to France, he is rallying other European countries to unify against the United States’ global dominance in order to save Europe.

The Real Reason for the War in Ukraine

To understand the background on the truly historic significance of this new alliance between France and China, we need to review what the real reasons were for the war in Ukraine, from the U.S. perspective.

I reported on this back in September of 2022, when a Swedish newspaper published what it claimed was an internal leaked document from the U.S. military think tank RAND Corporation that was published on January 25, 2022, about 1 month before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The “Research Report” stated that a weakened Germany and weakened Europe would strengthen the U.S. economy by having them get involved in sanctions against Russia as a result of the Ukraine conflict, which would cut off their energy supplies and collapse their economy.

The report begins:

The present state of the U.S. economy does not suggest that it can function without financial and material support from external sources. The quantitative easing policy, which the Fed has resorted to regularly in recent years, as well as the uncontrolled issue of cash during the 2020 and 2021 COVID lockdowns, have led to a sharp increase in the external debt and an increase in the dollar supply.

The continuing deterioration of the economic situation is likely to lead to a loss in the position of the Democratic Party in Congress and the Senate in the forthcoming elections to be held in November 2022. The impeachment of the President cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs.

There is an urgent need for resources to flow into the national economy, especially the banking system. Only European countries bound by EU and NATO commitments will be able to provide them without significant military and political costs for us.

Read the full article if you have not read it yet:

SMOKING GUN! Alleged RAND Corporation Leaked Document Written BEFORE Ukraine War Shows U.S. Planned the European Energy Crisis and Economic Collapse to Save the U.S. Economy

This plan worked, at least partially, because the U.S. sold a record amount of fuel to Europe in 2022, leading to all-time highs in sales and profits for American oil companies.

Where this plan failed, however, was in saving the U.S. banking system, which today stands at the brink of collapse.

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridget Trogneux. Image source.

As I mentioned in the introduction, Emmanuel Macron is the Rothschild’s hand-picked man, as he is a former banking executive for the Rothschilds banking empire.

One of the best summaries I have found regarding Macron’s rapid rise to power is a 2017 article from South Front. Here are some excerpts:


Emmanuel Macron can be called the most unusual candidate for president of France. He has no real political experience. He has not been elected anywhere before. He is not a member of any of the leading parties and the three years (2006 to 2009) in socialist ranks can be considered a formality; Macron joined them “officially” but did not pay dues and did not attended party events.

By profession, Macron is an investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions and was successful in his career. He graduated from the National School of Administration, a leading university for the French elite.

He worked for several years as an inspector at the Ministry of Economy. Then in 2007, a crucial year in his career, the promising 29-year-old economist was spotted and invited by Jacques Attali in his Commission for stimulating economic growth.

Jacques Attali is a very interesting person. Formally, he is a philosopher-globalist, a writer of color utopias of how all nations and states will disappear from the face of the earth during bloody conflicts, and the survivors of humanity will unite under the banner of democracy and under the control of a World Government.

Moreover, for many years Attali was well received at the Elysee Palace and is one of the most influential advisers of generations of French presidents, from François Mitterrand to Francois Hollande.

Local media, calling him “the true president of France” is hardly exaggerating.

In 2008, the Attali commission presented to President Nicolas Sarkozy “300 proposals to change France” – a plan for modernization of the economy meant to save it from the long years of stagnation.

The main idea can be formulated as follows: to avoid losing its competitiveness in the global market, the country must drastically reduce the cost of labor.

One way for this to happen is to increase immigration to France; low-paid recent immigrants, who will not be able to get organized in trade unions, will displace the local workers from manufacturing and services.

Also, the plan is impressive with the proposal to drastically reduce government spending on health, education and pension provision. Sarkozy did not dare to accept this radical plan.

But let’s go back to Macron. During his stay at the Commission, he managed to win the sympathy of Attali, who soon introduced him to his friend, Francois Enron.

Enron, in turn, is the best friend and main partner of David de Rothschild and in 2008 Macron was hired by  the Rothschild’s & Co Banque where he made quick career and in four years only he grew from analyst to partner. His commissions exceed more than one million euros per year but much more valuable are the new connections in the business world and the reputation of “financial Mozart.”

In 2012, Hollande became president and Macron left the bank of Rothschild and was appointed deputy secretary general of the Elysee Palace. In 2014, in his position of “young reformer”, he headed the Ministry of Economy and Industry (taking the place of longtime friend and business partner of Pigasse, Arnaud Montebourg).

Hollande gives him carte blanche for activities related to the modernization of the economy and Macron presents a bill with more than 300 sections, providing for the liberalization of the French market.

The working people in France resolutely did not approve this bill. The discussion was accompanied by massive protests. There was no chance to pass the law in parliament.

Hollande then exercised his right to adopt certain bills without the approval of parliament and in August 2015 approved the “Law of Macron”.

With his sudden appearance in politics Macron got off at an incredible rate. Journalists literally carry him in their arms. Women’s magazines call him a new sex symbol and a dream for any French woman. Influential newspapers highlight the advantages of his centrist position. Sociologists predict his victory. And no one reveals something serious to discredit him.

Paradoxically – and thus potentially “lethal” for a French politician – may seem the private life of Macron but the media painted a purely romantic story out of it. The point is that the wife of the favorite in the presidential race (Brigitte Trogneux, editor’s note.) is 24 years older than him. In 2007, on his wedding day he was 29 and she was 53 years old. Macron told reporters that he fell in love with his future wife when he was 15 years old, when she taught French in his school.

Despite its implausibility, the story appeals to journalists. Pictures of Macron, walking hand in hand with his wife, or Macron with a bottle of baby food, feeding her grandchildren were published by all the newspapers in the country. Fashion magazines proclaimed his wife for “an icon of style”.

In terms of political technologies this was a good move: France is aging, and more ladies in retirement are among voters.  For them now there is an abundance of movies in which young handsome men fall in love with an old lady. The family idyll of Macron is designed for them and projected on them.

It is also true that the tabloids periodically run rumors that Macron’s lover is the President of Radio France, Matthew Galle, but there is no evidence.

Overall, the career of the young politician goes so successfully and the media support him so strongly that it is impossible not to become suspicious of any other influence. Once Macron announced that he enters the presidential race, the French gave him the nickname “the candidate of Rothschild.”

There is no conspiracy in this: the French branch of the Rothschild family, which controls assets in the tens of billions of euros, quite naturally seeks to have its man at the Elysee Palace. (Full article.)

The South Front article mentions Jacques Attali as the main person who brought Macron into power.

In another article published in 2022, the RAIR Foundation published an exposé on Jacques Attali, the man who recruited Macron.

Some excerpts:

The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset: ‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali

Like his globalist counterpart, World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, Jacques Attali is the lesser-known architect shaping the future.

If you have never heard of Jacques Attali, that might be intentional. Among the globalist architects, he is a shadowy figure who not only influences the course of French politics but also shapes our future – globally. Is Jacques Attali merely a spokesman presenting the plans for powerful globalist networks, or could he be the real mastermind behind moving us all toward a Great Reset?

For over 45 years, Jacques Attali has been present in the political landscape in France. He has written over 40 books, some of which could be described as visions of colorful utopias and others as prophetic. Attali also co-founded EUREKA, a European inter-governmental program for new technologies, which developed, among other things, the MP3.

He is currently the Founder, Chairman, and President of Positive Planet, a globalist organization that contributes to the United Nations’ 2030 globalist agenda. As reported previously at RIAR Foundation USA, “their Agenda is nothing less than global government tyranny that enslaves all humanity while calling the scheme ‘sustainable development’ and ‘equality.’”

Attali, a regular on political talkshow in France, predicted in 2014 that World War III would start with Ukraine. The video ends with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy warns, “we will proceed together toward a new world order, and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it.” (Full article.)

Europe’s Disadvantage in the New World Order: Energy Still Rules the World

If the Ukraine/Russia war has taught Europeans anything, it has most definitely taught them that they are over-dependent on countries outside of Europe to supply affordable energy. Prior to the Ukraine war, Russia was their main supplier, and now that the U.S. has blown up the Nord Stream pipeline, restoring that energy, even after the war, is going to prove very difficult.

As you can see from the chart above from Wikipedia listing the top 20 oil-producing countries in the world, Europe only has 2 of those nations, Norway at #11 and the United Kingdom at #20.

China is listed as the world’s 6th largest oil producer, but it is last in “oil production per capita,” meaning they don’t produce near enough oil to meet the needs of their population and are also dependent upon imports. This is a major reason why they are making new alliances in the Middle East with the OPEC countries.

So Europe and China have a common problem in depending on oil imports, and this was addressed in the recently signed agreement with France and China.

In the section of the agreement titled: 2. Jointly promote world security and stability, it states:

11.Both sides oppose armed attacks against nuclear power plants and other peaceful nuclear facilities, and support the IAEA’s constructive role in promoting the safety and security of peaceful nuclear facilities, including efforts to ensure the safety and security of the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant.

In the section of the agreement titled: 3. Promote economic exchanges, it states:

twenty three. In order to realize the common desire for a low-carbon transformation of the energy system, China and France have carried out pragmatic cooperation in civilian nuclear energy under the framework of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy.

The two countries are committed to continuing to promote cooperation on cutting-edge topics in the field of nuclear energy research and development on the basis of agreements between the China National Atomic Energy Agency and the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission. The two countries support companies from both sides to study the possibility of strengthening industrial and technical cooperation on issues such as post-processing of nuclear waste.

It seems clear that both countries are going to invest in developing nuclear energy, and this falls into the plans of the climate agenda, which seeks to end use of “fossil fuels.”

It also explains why the U.S. seems to be abandoning many of these “climate agenda” goals and recently started funding new oil drilling projects in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. I predict they will soon probably start funding new oil refineries as well.

The Diplomat published a report today on the nuclear energy component of this new agreement between France and China.

Here are some excerpts:

Nuclear Energy Has Becomes One of the Priorities in China-France Cooperation

President Macron’s visit to China sought to balance between power competition and cooperation to solve global challenges. Nuclear energy is one such opportunity for cooperation.

At a time when tensions between China and the West are at an all-time high, the 51-point China-France joint statement issued on April 7, after French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China, not only advanced mutual political trust, but is also a valuable attempt to seek a balance between power competition and cooperation to solve global challenges.

Civil nuclear energy is an area where China and France could seek a balance between cooperation and competition. It used to be one of the priority fields for China-France collaboration in the past four decades, and today their competition on Generation III reactors is also creating potential to cooperate in third-party markets and cutting-edge technology development. (Full article.)

The Rothschild’s New Agenda for the Future of Europe

So that is the background behind this week’s historic new agreement between France and China that resulted from Macron’s trip to China, where he reportedly also agreed to sell China 160 Airbus aircraft, 150 A320 Neo planes, and 10 A350s.

Then today, Macron gave a speech at The Hague which clearly outlines the Rothschild goals for the future of Europe. The corporate and alternative media so far today have mostly only reported that there was an interruption of his speech by protesters, and almost nothing about the actual content of his speech, which is a far more important news story.

I decided to watch the entire speech myself, which is in English, rather than read about it through the political lenses of the media, and I encourage everyone else to listen to it also.

You will hear the protesters shouting out in the beginning, until they are removed, and then Macron acknowledges them and continues on with his speech.

Here are some key quotes I typed out directly from Macron that gives the world a glimpse of the vision of the Rothschild’s for the future of Europe.

“Europe was too much driven by a customer approach, and not sufficiently by the citizen and the producer approach. And we didn’t build sufficiently how to ensure our, I would say, economic security.”

“We have to integrate our markets.”

He calls for European unity and a “single market.” He states that “we must produce more” and not be so dependent on others (e.g. the U.S.)

“We have to protect vital interests and strategic assets.”

Macron seems to be very concerned about American technology and their ability to influence people through it such as through the CIA (although he did not mention the CIA), and the new AI empowered chat searches.

He seems to redefine “freedom of speech” for Europe in a very chilling way.

We decided now to do something very different. So on cyber infrastructure, a critical infrastructure, cyber security.

Everywhere we consider we have vulnerabilities. Our national and European security at risk. We are entitled to have this protection mechanism to be activated and precisely to have this preventive society.

This is the same on a lot of other issues from defense, to technologies and so on. And I think it is very important.

We were driven by free speech. I do defend, and I do advocate this notion, and I’m a big defender of this free speech approach. And freedom of content, because it is part of the European model.

But let’s be clear, when you’re open without any regulation to protect yourself from this content, you expose yourself to propaganda that are coming from outside. You expose yourself to algorithm decided elsewhere. And you put your children, your people and sometimes your democracy at risk. Because it can be manipulated by other interests and by people deciding for yourselves.

He stated that they need to protect the European model “and not to be in the hands of non-European interests or non-European governments’ interests.”

He calls for an end to “free trade” with “governments and people which don’t respect Paris agreement and our biodiversity commitments.”

The Rockefeller U.S. Response

The U.S. corporate media, now that they know the real intentions of France’s agreement with China, are of course in an uproar over what they see as France’s betrayal.

Much of this is in the Right Wing media and among the Republicans, who would much rather continue the endless wars and spend more money and more American lives defending Taiwan.

You can pretty much sum up what Fox News said as “This is all Biden’s fault.”

Greta Van Susteren had a more comprehensive report of outrage:

And it appears that the Rockefeller financial empire has sent one of their own to Japan to shore up support in what could be a clear sign of panic.

Warren Buffet travels to Tokyo, meets with CEOs of Japanese trading houses

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