How would you feel if you were fighting for the custody of your granddaughter after your daughter was killed, and before you had a chance to be heard in court about why you, as the granddparents, were in the best position to raise her, and then you saw that your granddaughter had already been adopted out to another family? One person who tried to expose this corruption is former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who can no longer talk about this topic today because she was murdered.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In 2019 we interviewed Kathy Hall on KFNX Talk Radio out of Phoenix regarding the kidnapping of her granddaughter after her daughter was killed in Arkansas. She was close friends with Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who was working on her case and attempting to help her get custody of her granddaughter.

But after returning to Arkansas after a trip to Arizona, Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was murdered.

Here is the episode:

This became a huge national story, and late last year ABC’s 20/20 ran a documentary on the Linda Collins-Smith story, spinning the story in a specific direction that they obviously wanted the public to believe. You can watch it here (let us know if this video disappears):

Kathy Hall, who was a close friend of Linda, had been interviewed by ABC during the filming of this show, but then ABC decided to exclude her testimony after her house burned down, the day before Rebecca O’Donnell, who was being held as the suspect in Senator Smith’s murder, allegedly pleaded guilty to her murder.

So go watch what the corporate media is reporting about Senator Linda Collin-Smith’s murder on ABC first, then come back to this article, where I will tell the public the “other side” of this story, as reported by her good friend, Kathy Hall, one of the last people to communicate with the Arkansas Senator just before she was killed.

Linda Collins-Smith, Senator Tom Cotton, Kathy Hall in Washington D.C. in February of 2019.

I recently had several conversations with Kathy Hall to get an update on her story since we interviewed her in 2019.

In that interview in 2019, Kathy Hall related how her daughter was killed in a hit-and-run drive-by, and how she and her husband, a disabled military veteran who served for 26 years, immediately filed to take custody of their daughter’s daughter, their granddaughter.

However, they never got to even present their case to the court in Arkansas to take custody of their granddaughter, and then found out through social media posts that the foster family she was placed with following her daughter’s death had already adopted her.

Their granddaughter was placed with a Mormon family. The adoptive grandparents have posted many photos of Brooklyn publicly – available for everyone to see – on Facebook.

The Mormon adoptive parents originally moved Brooklyn out of Arkansas to Wisconsin, before returning to Arkansas. They have refused to allow Brooklyn to have any contact with her biological family, including letters sent to her.

Mormon Child Trafficking

Why am I pointing out the religious affiliation of the family who adopted the Halls’ granddaughter?

I have nothing against Mormons. I know there are many fine people in the Mormon religion. I have done business with many of them, and some of them have worked for me for years, and are very fine people.

I mention the Mormon connection in this story because in 2019, a Mormon politician in Phoenix was arrested and indicted on federal charges of child trafficking in three different states: Arizona, Arkansas, and Utah.

He is currently serving time in prison for selling babies from the Marshall Islands.

Ex-Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen sentenced to 5 more years behind bars

A former Phoenix politician already in prison on a six-year sentence for operating an illegal adoption scheme involving women from the Marshall Islands was ordered to serve another five years behind bars for defrauding Arizona’s Medicaid system in a scam to get taxpayer-funded health coverage for the birth mothers, even though he knew they didn’t live in the state.

Paul Petersen, a Republican who was Maricopa County’s elected assessor for six years and worked as an adoption attorney, on Friday received the second of three sentences stemming from the adoption scheme. His five-year Arizona punishment is to be served after he completes his six-year federal sentence for conspiring to smuggle people in Arkansas.

Petersen was dressed in an orange prison suit in the Phoenix courtroom where he offered apologies and cried as he described hurting his clients, former co-workers and his own family through his practices. “I have no one to blame but myself.”

Authorities have said Petersen illegally paid women from the Pacific island nation to give up their babies in at least 70 adoption cases in Arizona, Arkansas and Utah. Citizens of the Marshall Islands have been prohibited from traveling to the United States for adoption purposes since 2003.

He was sentenced in Arizona for submitting false applications to the state’s Medicaid system so the pregnant Marshall Islands women could receive health coverage and for providing an affidavit to a court that contained false information about expenses paid to a birth mother.

Petersen is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and earlier in his life completed a proselytizing mission in the Marshall Islands, a collection of atolls and islands in the eastern Pacific, where he became fluent in the Marshallese language.

Petersen was arrested in 2019. After the allegations of adoption fraud emerged, Petersen kept working as the assessor for the most populous Arizona county for nearly three months amid heavy pressure to resign — and he did so in January 2020. He was responsible for determining property values in the county that includes Phoenix.

Petersen has said he helped people with hundreds of legal adoptions after he discovered a niche locating homes for vulnerable children from the Marshall Islands and helping needy mothers who wanted a more stable family life for their children. (Full article – emphasis mine.)

Arkansas Judge Stacey Zimmerman. Image Source.

The judge in Arkansas that allegedly approved all of Paul Petersen’s illegal adoptions is Judge Stacey Zimmerman, the same judge in the Halls’ case, who refused to allow the Halls to take custody of their own granddaughter, and instead allowed a Mormon family to adopt her.

Judge Zimmerman still sits on the bench in Arizona, although she has had challengers to her position.

Linda Collins-Smith was investigating the adoption of the Halls’ granddaughter to the Mormon family, and was in almost daily communication with Kathy Hall.

She knew there was corruption in the Child Welfare system, and of course the Paul Petersen case proved it. Linda was apparently investigating Judge Zimmerman on other cases as well, some even worse than the Halls’ case.

Kathy Hall with Senator Linda Collins-Smith. Photo supplied by Kathy Hall.

Here is one of the last text messages she sent to Kathy Hall:

Issues with the ABC Documentary

Senator Linda Collins-Smith with her friend Rebecca O’Donnell, the women the corporate media wants you to believe murdered Linda.

Not only was Linda Collins-Smith investigating judges who may have been helping Paul Petersen and others illegally traffick children through adoptions, she had also just gone through a messy divorce from her husband, who was an Arkansas Judge who was removed from the bench for watching pornography on his laptop while working.

The ABC documentary admits that Linda had received death threats from her former husband, and feared him. One of her friends, Rebecca O’Donnell, had helped her install security cameras in her home.

In the ABC documentary, they show a video clip that allegedly was recorded on the day Linda was murdered in her kitchen, and then dragged to a location outside the house where she was wrapped up in a tarp.

That video clip shows Rebecca O’Donnell (Becky) putting a security camera and a large knife into a bag, but it does not show Becky actually stabbing Linda, nor is she covered in blood. Also, if she is taking away the video camera after the murder, then where is the video footage of the actual murder?

There were other details conveniently left out of the documentary, including the interviews ABC did with Kathy Hall.

The documentary states that Linda Collins-Smith returned from a trip to Washington D.C., and then went missing before her body was discovered.

However, Linda Collins-Smith did not fly back to Arkansas from that trip in Washington D.C., where she also met with Kathy Hall.

She first flew to Arizona, and while she was there she met with Arizona lawmakers, presumably to discuss the Paul Petersen case and the child trafficking industry he was running in Arizona, Arkansas, and Utah.

She was in contact with Kathy Hall during that time, and her last text to Kathy was just after she arrived back in Arkansas.

I wonder why ABC did not want to report this?

On the day before Rebecca O’Donnell reportedly confessed to murdering Linda Collins-Smith, the Halls’ house burned down, allegedly due to a “gas leak.” Kathy and Jeff escaped unharmed, but they lost their two dogs and cat in the fire.

ABC reportedly decided not to include Kathy’s testimony in their documentary, because it was “too dangerous” for her after their house burned down.

Halls’ Second Granddaughter Kidnapped

Kathy Hall and Jeffrey Hall with their granddaughter Hailey. Photos supplied by Halls.

Sadly, life for the Halls has not become easier since they lost both their daughter and their granddaughter 6 years ago.

In 2021, they moved into a new house, and they welcomed a new granddaughter into their life, born to their son. Their son named her “Hailey”, after his sister who had been killed 5 years earlier.

The mother of their granddaughter allegedly had drug issues, and their son was not in a position to care for his daughter alone, so Kathy and Jeff stepped forward to start caring for their granddaughter.

Unlike the family who was awarded custody of their first granddaughter and did not allow their family to have any communication with her, the Halls tried to work with the mother of their grandchild, and allowed her to visit at times, although she did not live in their home.

While this troubled, young mother was staying nearby in a Detox center, she allegedly used the Halls’ address as her “residence” when filling out paperwork, even though she was not actually living there.

This was all the Child Welfare family police needed to seize their granddaughter and put her into foster care.

Even though they were quickly able to determine that the birth mother was not, in fact, living in their home, they allegedly accused Kathy of suffering from trauma from the death of her daughter 5 years earlier, and demanded that she get counseling, from a counselor of their choice, before they allowed the baby to come back home.

The Halls now live in Colorado, and when the child police (more accurate term than a “social worker”) took their granddaughter, a “social worker” from Fayetteville, Arkansas, was transferred to Colorado just to work on their case.

They also stated that Jeffrey Hall, a 26-year veteran, was unfit to be a parent because he had been diagnosed with PTSD after serving in Iraq years earlier.  The VA had him on several psych drugs, but he got rid of them all and started using medical cannabis instead, and his health has been much better since. Cannabis is legal in Colorado, even for recreational use.

Kathy refused their order to receive counseling, knowing that they would use it as an excuse to come up with some kind of diagnosis to justify keeping their granddaughter.

They did eventually get their granddaughter back home, where she is now, after 9 months in foster care with strangers.

This 3-year-old child who is dearly loved by her grandparents was severely traumatized, and continues to suffer emotional stress today.

The Halls need a good civil rights attorney to sue Colorado for kidnapping their granddaughter. Please contact us if you can recommend one.

The way they treated a disabled 26-year veteran is a tragedy, and a clear violation of so many laws, including ADA laws, not to mention all the other abuses this family has suffered through.

We Don’t Need Fictional Movies About “Child Trafficking” Outside the U.S. – We Need to Stop Child Trafficking in the U.S. Through Foster Care and Adoption!

So while Linda Collins-Smith has now been murdered to silence her and stop her work of investigating child trafficking by judges and politicians involved in the Child Welfare system here in the U.S., and while good parents and grandparents like Kathy and Jeff Hall become targets and have their children kidnapped by the child police in Child Welfare every single day in this country, millions of people are being fooled into believing that watching a fictional movie about child trafficking outside the U.S. on the Big Screen will somehow solve this problem.

And when I published articles revealing how this movie does nothing to identify who the child traffickers are, or how to stop it, I have been vehemently attacked and criticized by this new cult following from this movie, with people saying things like: “If you are attacking this movie then you must be supporting child trafficking,” or “What have YOU done to address this issue?”, or  “Why don’t you make your own movie if you don’t like this one,” etc.

How sad. I have been covering this issue for over a decade now, naming names and exposing corruption, as in this story with the Hall family.

But NOBODY, including most in the Alternative Media, wants to touch this topic, because the only way we are going to stop child trafficking in this country is to STOP TAKING OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN through foster care and buying them from foreign countries through adoption.

And anyone who dares to expose this corrupt child trafficking business, such as Linda Collins-Smith and the late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, will pay a high price for doing so, including possibly losing their life.

I have been threatened for publishing these kinds of stories for years now, from judges, DAs, and large law firms, demanding that I remove certain stories like this one that names names and exposes the corrupt people in power that allow this to happen.

And just for the record, I am NOT suicidal (been there done that), and I do not currently have any life-threatening disease that I am aware of.

I will also not give in to those of you attacking and threatening me, and will not take down any of these articles, nor stop publishing them, as long as God keeps me on this earth as a light shining into the darkness.

I will continue to take a stand for these parents and grandparents, and their children, who have suffered through REAL human trafficking and had their lives destroyed.

How about you?

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops. (Luke 12:2-3)

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