by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Gullible and ignorant Americans are putting more and more of their private lives online often in exchange for the promise of more “security.”

Big Tech and law enforcement agencies want to thank those of you participating in their plans to create a complete police state where they can track every aspect of your lives through “smart” devices and homes, as you voluntarily surrender all the data of your personal lives to them.

When the next “pandemic” or other national emergency false flag event happens, it will be much easier to lock down the public, especially in the cities, as you give them direct livestream access to your homes and neighborhoods.

Irvinei is the latest startup technology company to enter the home doorbell camera market, and their technology goes a step further than current doorbell camera systems, as it allows one to link their social media accounts to the doorbell camera system, and it also uses facial recognition so it can identify almost anyone who comes to one’s door, whether they consent to be recorded by the doorbell camera system or not.

A doorbell company wants to enable its buyers to identify visitors against images from social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Irvinei announced its doorbell promising a device with integrated fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition access control, an 8-megapixel camera and “AI-powered edge lighting.”

According to the firm, the product will launch soon on Kickstarter.

In a video, Irvinei suggests homeowners connect their social media accounts to its system in order to match visitors’ faces. The company has provided few details of its facial recognition software. (Source.)

As their video explains, they not only want the doorbell camera owner to load all their social media accounts to their system, they want all your neighbors linked into it also.

“Dataism” is the New Religion of AI and Transhumanism: Those Who Own and Control the Data Control Life

Don’t use these devices!! Warn your neighbors not to buy them either.

Remember “dataism” is the new religion, where Technocrats believe they can control life itself by controlling people’s data. See:

“Dataism” is the New Religion of AI and Transhumanism: Those Who Own and Control the Data Control Life

Anything you put on the Internet is stored by someone, somewhere, usually by MANY sources, and available to be hacked or used by law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

And as you can see by these new kinds of doorbell cameras, you could already be in someone’s “smart” device simply because you are connected to them on social media.

NEVER put any pictures or personal data in an online social media account, because you have NO control over other people who have access to your personal data.

If you want a home security system, go OLD SCHOOL and get high quality cameras that link into a DVR that is NOT connected to the Internet and that only YOU control.

That is the kind of system I use, and the only way someone could access my system would be to break into the place where I live and physically steal it.

Yes, you are limited to not be able to monitor your cameras over the Internet when you are not home, but you are MORE secure by not allowing that data on to the Internet. You can setup these cameras to record, usually by motion detection, so that when you get back home you can rewind the footage and view it.

This is now considered “old school” technology, but it is far safer than using these “smart” devices which are NOT designed for smart people at all, but for fools who trust the technology companies running them and their true intent to collect as much data on you as possible.


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