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Greg Reese has just published a report showing how pediatricians earn $400 for every vaccine injected into children under the age of 2, where the average pediatrician in the United States can earn over $300 thousand per year, which is usually more than their salary.

Insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.

This incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet. And specifies that every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed twenty-four inoculations is worth a four-hundred dollar payout to that doctor.

For further motivation, they get paid by the hundred and they have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their total patients or they don’t get anything. Blue Cross Blue Shield rules say that a doctor needs to vaccinate sixty-three percent of their patients in order to qualify.

The average American pediatrician has about fifteen hundred patients and would have to have nine hundred and forty-five of them fully vaccinated in order to get paid. At forty-thousand for every hundred this works out to three-hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

This is why most pediatricians won’t provide care for families who don’t completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine schedule protocol. We are talking over a quarter million dollars which is more than the average pediatrician’s yearly salary. (Source.)

Not only is this incentive for pediatricians to kick families out their practice who do not agree to the full CDC childhood vaccination schedule, it is a major incentive to inject babies and toddlers with as many vaccines as possible during an office visit, which greatly increases their risk of death and injuries. See:

Murderous Medical Doctors: How Pediatricians Kill Babies with Multiple Vaccines in One Office Visit

Virtual Reality: The Pharmaceutical Cartel’s Dream Market to Push More Drugs and Vaccines Unto the Public

Reese also published a video showing how doctors and nurses in Brazil have started using virtual reality head gear to reduce fear and anxiety in children as they are injected with these toxic and poisonous shots.

Getting more victims to receive injections is not the only application of this new technology today, such as virtual reality headsets. Apple is planning on using their new “Vision Pro” VR headsets to monitor people for “mental health.”

So far, Apple has pitched its upcoming Vision Pro mixed-reality headset as a tool for working and enjoying various forms of entertainment. But inside the company, employees have also discussed another, more specialized use of the product as a way to diagnose and treat mental health issues, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.

Such features would tap the device’s array of cameras and sensors to measure a person’s facial expressions, using them to detect depression, anxiety, stress or post-traumatic stress disorder, the people said. The Vision Pro could display images and sounds that might improve the wearer’s emotions, one of the people said. Various rules restrict companies from marketing medical functions in their devices without an OK from regulators. Over time, Apple has received clearance from regulators for health features in the Apple Watch—such as the ability to detect an irregular heart rhythm—which has broadened its appeal beyond a mere fashion accessory. (Full article.)

There are already many “wearables” in the market that are worn on people’s wrists, like watches, that constantly monitor certain health features of the person wearing them.

How long do you think it will be before the next scamdemic is unleashed, defined by certain “symptoms” which will then be used to identify people in the public who have not yet taken the government’s preferred choice for “curing” the next scamdemic, such as experimental vaccines and psych drugs, who then receive a knock on their door to comply, or be unable to participate in society, such as making withdrawals from their bank account?

Do NOT provide your health data to Big Tech, or you may soon become a digital slave to them. Do not use biometrics that require you to supply a finger print, face scan, eye scan, or any other “biometric” that could lead to your slavery to the system, or have your children medically kidnapped for not complying with their medical edicts.

The Satanic medical system is the most imminent danger to your health and well-being, as well as your actual life, far more than any “disease” that they want you to fear so that you purchase their products and services.


Murderous Medical Doctors: How Pediatricians Kill Babies with Multiple Vaccines in One Office Visit

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