by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

After a brief cease-fire in Gaza, the bombs are pouring into Gaza once more where reportedly over 700 people have been killed in just the last 24 hours, as the genocide of the Palestinian people continues.

‘Death Zone’: Over 700 Killed in 24 Hours as Israeli Bombing Blitz of Gaza Rages

“What Israel is doing in Gaza right now is one of the most cruel tactics of war I’ve ever seen,” said one healthcare aid worker.

More than 700 people were killed in the Gaza Strip in just 24 hours, the Health Ministry in the besieged territory said Sunday, as Israeli bombings escalated following a brief pause and wider evacuation orders stoke fears of wider displacement and carnage.

According to an Al-Jazeera dispatch:

Overnight and into Sunday, intense bombing was reported in Khan Younis, Rafah, and some northern parts targeted by Israel’s air and ground attacks.

“Everywhere you turn to, there are children with third-degree burns, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries and broken bones,” James Elder, UNICEF’s global spokesperson, told Al Jazeera from Gaza.

“Mothers crying over children who look like they are hours away from death. It seems like a death zone right now.”

Full article.

An explosive report about a computer program that Israel uses to choose targets in Gaza to bomb was just published this week, and the name of this computer program that sends bombs into Gaza to assassinate targets is reportedly called “The Gospel.”

It was published in an online magazine called “+972”, which is “an independent, online, nonprofit magazine run by a group of Palestinian and Israeli journalists” that provides “in-depth reporting, analysis, and opinions from the ground in Israel-Palestine.”

It was also covered in several other media sources, such as “The Guardian.”

A mass assassination factory’: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza

Permissive airstrikes on non-military targets and the use of an artificial intelligence system have enabled the Israeli army to carry out its deadliest war on Gaza, a +972 and Local Call investigation reveals.

The Israeli army’s expanded authorization for bombing non-military targets, the loosening of constraints regarding expected civilian casualties, and the use of an artificial intelligence system to generate more potential targets than ever before, appear to have contributed to the destructive nature of the initial stages of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip, an investigation by +972 Magazine and Local Call reveals.

These factors, as described by current and former Israeli intelligence members, have likely played a role in producing what has been one of the deadliest military campaigns against Palestinians since the Nakba of 1948.

Compared to previous Israeli assaults on Gaza, the current war — which Israel has named “Operation Iron Swords,” and which began in the wake of the Hamas-led assault on southern Israel on October 7 — has seen the army significantly expand its bombing of targets that are not distinctly military in nature. These include private residences as well as public buildings, infrastructure, and high-rise blocks, which sources say the army defines as “power targets” (“matarot otzem”).

Several of the sources, who spoke to +972 and Local Call on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the Israeli army has files on the vast majority of potential targets in Gaza — including homes — which stipulate the number of civilians who are likely to be killed in an attack on a particular target. This number is calculated and known in advance to the army’s intelligence units, who also know shortly before carrying out an attack roughly how many civilians are certain to be killed.

In one case discussed by the sources, the Israeli military command knowingly approved the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in an attempt to assassinate a single top Hamas military commander.

“Nothing happens by accident,” said another source. “When a 3-year-old girl is killed in a home in Gaza, it’s because someone in the army decided it wasn’t a big deal for her to be killed — that it was a price worth paying in order to hit [another] target. We are not Hamas. These are not random rockets. Everything is intentional. We know exactly how much collateral damage there is in every home.”

According to the investigation, another reason for the large number of targets, and the extensive harm to civilian life in Gaza, is the widespread use of a system called “Habsora” (“The Gospel”), which is largely built on artificial intelligence and can “generate” targets almost automatically at a rate that far exceeds what was previously possible.

This AI system, as described by a former intelligence officer, essentially facilitates a “mass assassination factory.” (Full article.)

And it is widely being reported now that the United States is supplying bombs made in the United States to Israel to be used in “The Gospel” bombing attacks on the people in Gaza.

US Sent Israel 15,000 Bombs Since October 7

The Wall Street Journal published details about the White House’s secretive arms transfers to Israel since October 7. The US has provided Israel with 57,000 artillery shells and 15,000 bombs, including over 5,000 with 2,000-pound warheads.

According to a list of weapons obtained by the Journal, the US has shipped Israel “more than 5,000 Mk82 unguided or ‘dumb’ bombs, more than 5,400 Mk84 2,000-pound warhead bombs, around 1,000 GBU-39 small diameter bombs, and approximately 3,000 JDAMs.” (Full article.)

This also includes 100 units of 2,000-pound BLU-109 bunker buster bombs.

US Reportedly Shipped 100 BLU-109 Bunker Buster Bombs to Help Israel Fight Hamas

The United States has delivered 100 units of 2,000-pound BLU-109 bunker buster bombs among thousands of other ammunition and weapons systems to Israel in the war against the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip, US media reported on Friday.

Among the nearly 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells delivered to the Israeli military following Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, the United States has also transferred 100 BLU-109 bunker buster bombs, media reported, citing US officials.

The BLU-109 bomb, created to cause maximum damage, carries a 2,000-pound warhead capable of penetrating concrete shelters, it was reported. Israel could use such bunker buster bombs to penetrate Hamas’ vast network of underground tunnels and installations.

However, several security analysts have pointed out that the delivery of such bombs to Israel is inconsistent with the calls made by senior US officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to protect civilians and minimize human loss of life. (Full article.)

The word “Gospel” is an Old English word from “godspel” which means the “good news” about Jesus Christ. It is used in the New Testament portion of the Bible to translate the Greek word “euangelion“, such as these verses:

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. (Words of Jesus in Matthew 24:14.)

The essence of this “gospel” message is that both Jews and Gentiles can receive all of God’s promises originally given to Abraham.

This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 3:6)

Even the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 12 that all nations would be blessed through him, and that those who blessed him would be blessed, and that those who cursed him would be cursed, is referred to as “the gospel.”

The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.” (Galatians 3:8)

Those who preach a “different gospel” are condemned by God.

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel—which is really no gospel at all.

Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned! (Galatians 1:6-9)

Naming a computer software program that targets people for assassination “The Gospel” certainly qualifies as a “different gospel” that God may condemn people for following.

The Greek word in the Bible that is translated into “gospel,” euangelion, is where we get certain English words such as evangel, evangelism, evangelist, and evangelical, which is the adjective form usually used to describe certain “Christians” – “Evangelical Christians.”

This sect of Christianity is where most of the members of the Zionist Cult originate.

The members of this Christian cult not only are supporting mass murder and the genocide of Palestinian people, but they also support and even encourage the annihilation of other groups of people, such as the Iranians.

Are American Evangelists Ready to Follow the Zionists to Armageddon?

For all the people who want the end of days to come sooner rather than later, just find a church where author Dr. Mike Evans speaks. He’ll be the first to tell congregations of 500 or more that bombing Iran is the only way to save Israel. The former 700 Club superstar warmonger claims America can only avert Armageddon by starting it. No, really. The congregations out there seem fully ready for the “big ride” to begin.

Evans’ latest report in the Jerusalem Post, entitled “America needs to bomb Iran,” wreaks of Zionist hatred for Sunni and Shia Muslims. Evans and his benefactors make sure every good Christian is a card-carrying Arab hater, Russia hater, China hater, and bigot against everyone and everything that is not in the interest of Israel. Good Christians are expected to applaud the Zionists blasting babies and their moms into the sky or burying them beneath a hundred tons of rubble in Gaza. (Full article.)

Will anyone who dares to oppose Netanyahu’s Israel (note: I refer to “Netanyahu’s Israel” because not even a majority of Israelis living in Israel support Netanyahu or Zionism) soon be targeted for mass murder by the Zionist Christians, even other Christians who are not Zionists (which is currently happening with Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese Christians), all in the name of “antisemitism”?

This is not the “gospel” that is defined in the Bible. This is the “anti-gospel” in the spirit of the “anti-Christ,” and if Donald Trump, who was the most pro-Zionist President we have ever had, gets put back into power, we will probably begin to see the trumpet judgments prophesied in the book of Revelation begin to rapidly unfold.

I personally believe that the first trumpet judgment recorded in the Book of Revelation probably already sounded in heaven in 2020, under Donald Trump, which resulted in millions of murders worldwide from Trump’s COVID-19 vaccine. I will write more about this in future articles.

As to how this may look in the geopolitical landscape with World War 3, I refer you to this recent article by Pepe Escobar. His opinions are his own and I don’t necessarily agree with them all, but you will find a lot more truth in his article about the geopolitical situation today than what is being preached from the pulpits of most churches today as they preach a false “gospel” of racism, hate, and mass murder.

The Eviction Notice Is Being Written, and Will Come in Four Languages

by Pepe Escobar
Strategic Culture Foundation

The Eviction Notice is being written. And it will come in four languages. Russian. Farsi. Mandarin. And last but not least, English.

A much-cherished pleasure of professional writing is to always be enriched by informed readers. This “eviction” insight – worth a thousand geopolitical treatises – was offered by one of my sharpest readers commenting on a column.

Concisely, what we have here expresses a deeply felt consensus across the spectrum not only in West Asia but also in most latitudes across the Global South/Global Majority.

The Unthinkable, in the form of a genocide conducted live, in real time on every smartphone in the third decade of the millennium – which I called the Raging Twenties in a previous book – has acted like a particle accelerator, concentrating hearts and minds.

Those that chose to set West Asia on fire are already confronting nasty blowback. And that goes way beyond diplomacy exercised by Global South leaders.

For the first time in ages, via President Xi Jinping, China has been more than explicit geopolitically (a true Sovereign cannot hedge when it comes to genocide). China’s unmistaken position on Palestine goes way beyond the geoeconomics routine of promoting BRI’s trade and transportation corridors.

All that while President Putin defined sending humanitarian aid to Gaza as a “sacred duty”, which in Russian code includes, crucially, the military spectrum.

For all the maneuvering and occasional posturing, for all practical purposes everyone knows the current UN arrangement is rotten beyond repair, totally impotent when it comes to imposing meaningful peace negotiations, sanctions or investigations of serial war crimes.

The new UN in the making is BRICS 11 – actually BRICS 10, considering new Trojan Horse Argentina in practice may be relegated to a marginal role, assuming it joins on January 1st, 2024.

BRICS 10, led by Russia-China, both regulated by a strong moral compass, keep their ear on the ground and listen to the Arab street and the lands of Islam. Especially their people, much more than their elites. This will be an essential element in 2024 during the Russian presidency of BRICS.

Even with no check out, you will have to leave.

The current order of business in the New Great Game is to organize the expulsion of the Hegemon from West Asia – as much a technical challenge as a civilizational challenge.

As it stands, the Washington-Tel Aviv continuum are already prisoners of their own device. This ain’t no Hotel California; you may not check out any time you like, but you will be forced to leave.

That may happen in a relatively gentle manner – think Kabul as a Saigon remix – or if push comes to shove may involve a naval Apocalypse Now, complete with expensive iron bathtubs turned into sub-ocean coral reefs and the demise of CENTCOM and its AFRICOM projection.

The crucial vector all along is how Iran – and Russia – have played, year after year, with infinite patience, the master strategy devised by Gen. Soleimani, whose assassination actually started the Raging Twenties.

A de-weaponized Hegemon cannot defeat the “new axis of evil”, Russia-Iran-China, not only in West Asia but also anywhere in Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, and pan-Africa. Direct participation/normalization of the genocide only worked to accelerate the progressive, inevitable exclusion of the Hegemon from most of the Global South.

All that while Russia meticulously crafts the integration of the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Baltic Sea (Finnish hysteria notwithstanding), the Arctic and the Northwestern Pacific Sea and China turbo-charges the integration of the South China Sea.

Xi and Putin are gifted players of chess and go – and profit from stellar advisers of the caliber of Patrushev and Wang Yi. China playing geopolitical go is an exercise in non-confrontation: all you need to do is to block your opponent’s ability to move.

Chess and go, in a diplomatic tandem, represent a game where you don’t interrupt your opponent when it is repeatedly shooting itself on the knees. As an extra bonus, you get your opponent antagonizing over 90% of the world’s population.

All that will lead to the Hegemon’s economy eventually collapsing. And then it can be beaten by default.

Western “values” buried under the rubble

As Russia, especially via Lavrov’s efforts, offers the Global South/Global Majority a civilizational project, focused on mutually respectful multipolarity, China via Xi Jinping offers the notion of “community with a shared future” and a set of initiatives, discussed in lengthy detail at the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) Forum in Beijing in October, where Russia, not by accident, was the guest of honor.

A group of Chinese scholars concisely frame the approach as China “creating/facilitating global nodes for relating/communicating and platforms for concrete collaboration/practical exchanges. The participants remains Sovereign, contribute to the common endeavor (or simply specific projects) and receive benefits making them willing to keep on.”

It’s as if Beijing was acting as a sort of shining star and guiding light.

In sharp contrast, what remains of Western civilization – certainly with not much to do with Montaigne,

Pico della Mirandola or Schopenhauer – increasingly plunges into a self-constructed Heart of Darkness (without Conrad’s literary greatness), confronting the true, irredeemably horrifying face of conformist, subservient individualism.

Welcome to the New Medievalism, precipitated by the “kill apps” of Western racism, as argued in a brilliant book, Chinese Cosmopolitanism, by scholar Shuchen Xiang, professor of Philosophy at Xidan University.

The “kill apps” of Western racism, writes Prof. Xiang, are fear of change; the ontology of bivalent dualism; the invention of the ‘barbarian’ as the racial Other; the metaphysics of colonialism; and the insatiable nature of this racist psychology. All these “apps” are now exploding, in real time, in West Asia.

The key consequence is that the Western “values” construct has already perished, buried under the Gaza rubble.

Read the full article at the Strategic Culture Foundation.

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