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Karen Kingston updated her Substack page on Sunday, August 20, 2023, apologizing “to friends, family, colleagues, and supporters that I have caused worry and distress due to my silence and absence.”

“I can state with the utmost confidence that I am currently safe from harm because of the power of your prayers and God’s good grace.”

Apologies and Reconciliation

My heartfelt apologies to friends, family, colleagues, and supporters that I have caused worry and distress due to my silence and absence

by Karen Kingston
The Kingston Report

August 20, 2023: My sincere and deeply heartfelt apologies to those who I’ve caused worry and distress due to my long-term silence and absence. Without going into details, the expression “truth is stranger than fiction” accurately describes the last 30 days of my life. I can state with the utmost confidence that I am currently safe from harm because of the power of your prayers and God’s good grace.

Did I Make a Cautious Decision Using Good Judgement?

To put some context around my extended period of silence and absence from all media, after returning from Florida on July 25, 2023, I called and spoke with Ernest Luque. Ernest is a Director from Alpha Special Services (a security firm that offers armed security guards). After our initial conversation that morning, I had a second call with Ernest in the afternoon, during which he informed me that he was a former Pentagon employee and FBI agent; and that he had access to many government files. Ernest informed me that according to some of these government files, some of the research I had been speaking about and “my messaging” had gotten myself onto an alleged government ‘hit list’ and that my life was in grave danger. To be honest, I was under a great deal of stress and operating on a very limited amount of sleep when Ernest and I were having this conversation. For all I know, Ernest is one of the greatest salesmen ever and perhaps he was ‘embellishing some details’ to heighten my sense of fear or urgency, because I hired him on the spot as my armed security service company before ending that second call.

So Then What Happened?

Well over the next 36 hours (after hiring Alpha Security Services) I made the decision to leave the United States upon my own volition. Now you may ask, “Why would you leave the United States after hiring an armed security firm?” Great question!

The reason I decided to leave the United States was due a series of events and personal conversations (completely independent of Ernest’s Alpha Security firm or services) that led me to believe that it was in the best interest for my personal safety to not to be able to be tracked or trace within the United States (or North America) through my cell phone, my computers, or the community street cameras that are ubiquitous throughout southern California. The decision to leave the US was a decision I made 100% on my own.

So Where Am I Now?

While I’m not currently in the United States, at this very moment I am staying at a very nice Ramada Hotel with exceptional security. I will be returning home to the states soon.

Thank You

From my heart and soul, I want to thank all of you who have prayed for me and my family. Your prayers have comforted me and covered me and my family with protection. Your continued support has literally been lifesaving.

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