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In anticipation of a U.S. financial collapse and restructuring of the U.S. Banking system, Healthy Traditions has increased its local distribution network, and added new payment options that bypass credit cards.

Brian Shilhavy, the Founder and CEO of Healthy Traditions has stated:

If U.S. regulatory requirements for conducting business online start requiring online consumers and businesses to comply with National ID standards that link customer accounts to federal digital currencies such as Central Bank Digital Currencies, or Digital IDs that include biometrics, in order to participate in online ecommerce, we will cease doing business on the Internet and only distribute our products through local distributors.

The Naturally A Deal Co-op has been added to the list of Healthy Traditions distributors, with local distribution covering the Southeast, mid-Atlantic states, as well as Ohio and Michigan. (Source.)

About the Co-op

Naturally a Deal specializes in closeout food, especially natural foods, at prices far below retail level, and they carry a nice selection of bulk foods and fresh, seasonal produce.

Due to the “co-op” nature of their business, it’s very important to only order during the set ordering period and pickup at the pre-scheduled pickup time. The deliveries are typically every 3-6 weeks, based on order size; though, there’s no minimal amount or frequency you need to order.

If you’re interested in signing up, go to Please help spread the word so that we can get a large enough group together for them to start delivering!

How the Co-op Works

– Sign up under the right location on our website to view items. There’s no commitment associated with creating a free account.

– Ordering is every 3 or 6 weeks depending on how large the group order is.

– We deal mainly in closeout food. Food is in this market for many different reasons. All the dates of the closeout food, along with the other details, are listed out below the photo, so that people can make their own decision on what they would like to buy.

– Everything is sold by the case.

– On the listings: F = Frozen, R = Refrigerator, D = Shelf Stable

– Delivery is to happen on a predetermined schedule, and 90%+ we’re on time.

– Payment is made with a check or bank account/credit card (via a link we send out) at the pickup, once the customer confirms their order has arrived.

New Online Payment Options for Healthy Traditions

Healthy Traditions has now partnered with Bankful to offer new payment options that do not require credit cards.


Bankful’s eCheck option at checkout allows one to pay via eCheck by entering your bank’s routing and account number, bypassing credit cards.

Unlike sending in a paper check via the postal system (which is also still a payment option at Healthy Traditions), choosing the eCheck option allows instant payment and queuing up your order for immediate shipment!


If you want to skip using a bank altogether, Bankful now offers payment in Cryptocurrency during checkout in the Healthy Traditions store!

We are working on more payment options for the future, including cash payments where you can visit a local retail establishment and pay cash for a digital transaction card, similar to purchasing a prepaid credit card from a local retail store.

Learn more about Healthy Traditions here.

Healthy Traditions, formerly Tropical Traditions, has been offering high quality traditionally-made food and products for over 21 years. Read more about the history of this unique ecommerce business started by Brian Shilhavy, the Editor of Health Impact News:

Healthy Traditions: 20 Years of Demonstrating God’s Faithfulness in Offering an Alternative to Commodity Food and Products

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