by Michael Kane
Teachers for Choice

On February 8, 2023, while arguing on behalf of fired NYC workers who declined covid vaccination, attorney John Bursch stated in open court that unvaccinated teachers in New York City were flagged with problem codes in their personnel files, and when that occurred “their fingerprints are sent with that flag to the FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Services.”

You can listen to Bursch make this statement at the 5:30 mark of the audio recording of the court proceeding.

The source of this information is Betsy Combier who wrote an affidavit (see pdf below) in the Kane v. de Blasio case where she stated unvaccinated teachers were given a “problem code” label that was “then sent to the national databases at both the Federal Bureau of Investigation” (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In federal court on February 8th attorney Susan Paulson who was defending NYC stated that educators fired for declining covid vaccination were not removed for misconduct, but rather for not meeting a requirement for employment.

If there was no misconduct, why are unvaccinated educators fingerprints sent to the FBI?

I believe that unvaccinated NYC educators were being setup to be viewed as “right-wing extremists” or even “terrorists.” We know for many years Dr. Peter Hotez has been promoting an insane narrative that those who are “vaccine hesitant” are an extremely dangerous group, and that we need to look to Homeland Security and even NATO for suggestions of how to deal with such a “threat.” (watch Part 1 & 2 of Dan Cohen’s investigation into Dr. Peter Hotez)

If we look at those who declined covid vaccination through this lens, it is easy to see why their sensitive biometric information (like fingerprints) would be illegally sent to the FBI.

Educators who declined covid vaccination – including myself – had every right to do so. No one is a “terrorist” or “extremist” for holding the line on what does and does not go inside of their bodies – especially injected directly into their muscle tissue.

These developments are certain to open up a new round of lawsuits.

Violations of educators (and students) rights to their biometric information by NYC is no surprise to me. The first time I sued the city was back in 2020 over in-school covid testing and the privacy rights to the DNA in the specimen provided. Turned out the covid testing company then-mayor Bill de Blasio contracted – FULGENT GENETICS – reserved the right to utilize DNA samples obtained from covid testing and catalogue it in proprietary libraries the company owned. Also turned out Fulgent had close ties to the Chinese Government.

Never trust NYC or their Department of “Education.”

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