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Many people were first exposed to the fraud in the medical testing field during the COVID scamdemic when PCR tests were weaponized to take away people’s freedoms.

The FDA issued literally hundreds of emergency use authorizations (EUAs) to drug testing companies to quickly get into the market tests that could allegedly detect the COVID-19 “virus.”

The fraud was so great that people began sending the same PCR test to different laboratories to show that these test results were not consistent even between different laboratories, and some even sent in swabs of fruit or other foods that came back with positive COVID-19 “virus” results.

This fraud in medical diagnostics has existed long before the COVID scam, however.

We have covered for years now how drug tests are weaponized against parents and used in child custody cases to justify States medically kidnapping children.

In 2019, for example, we reported how the owner of a drug testing laboratory in Alabama was arrested for falsifying paternity tests and drug test screenings in child custody cases.

This article received over 100,000 views on our website, suggesting that many parents have experienced this kind of fraud in losing their children.

Alabama Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Results of Drug Tests Used to Medically Kidnap Children

In 2020 we reported a case in Alabama where the mother of a newborn baby was separated from her child in the hospital because a drug test allegedly found traces of opioids in her system, but it was a false positive because the mother had eaten poppy seed bread the day before.

Alabama Mother Separated from Newborn Baby for Days Because of False Drug Test After Eating Poppy Seeds

When WAFF posted the story on social media, they say the story was exposed to tens of thousands of people who read it, and they received hundreds of comments from people saying they had experienced similar experiences with Child Protective Services.

When a woman is giving birth in a hospital, she is often tested for drugs illegally, without her knowledge or consent. If the drug test turns out positive, she goes home without her baby.

In an article just published by Alice Hines at VICE News, she reports that Averhealth, a drug testing company used by courts around the country to decide whether people go to jail or parents retain custody of their children, was under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for fraud in 2022.

Averhealth runs millions of drug tests a year, working with courts and government agencies in 34 states.

Drug-Testing Company Used in Child Custody Cases Investigated for Fraud

The DOJ investigated Averhealth, emails reviewed by VICE News show, after the company’s ex-lab director testified up to 30 percent of its results in Michigan were wrong.

By Alice Hines


Averhealth, a drug testing company used by courts around the country to decide whether people go to jail or parents retain custody of their children, was under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for fraud in 2022, according to emails reviewed by VICE News.

Averhealth runs millions of drug tests a year, working with courts and government agencies in 34 states. The DOJ was looking into the company as early as June 2021, according to emails between the DOJ and Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, (MDHHS), one of the state agencies that contracted with Averhealth. The investigation was still active as of March 2022. The probe led Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services to stop doing business with Averhealth, according to an internal email at the department.

The DOJ investigation gathered information about court testimony, given by Averhealth’s former lab director Sarah Riley in 2021, that up to 30 percent of the results reported to the state of Michigan’s child welfare agency were wrong, both false positives or false negatives. As VICE News previously reported, Riley testified Averhealth was botching the quality controls that ensure lab instruments are properly calibrated. The company denies those claims.

The DOJ would not comment on the investigation, including whether it was concluded or ongoing. Neither would Averhealth.

The Michigan attorney general was also investigating the company in 2021, according to an internal email sent by a lawyer in the office involved with the investigation. The state attorney general’s office wouldn’t comment on the investigation.

Riley, a forensic toxicologist, was hired to oversee Averhealth’s central lab, where samples are processed and tested, in Sept. 2020. She quit in November that same year. Riley also filed a complaint with Averhealth’s accreditor, the College of American Pathologists, about what she said were unacceptable lab practices.

“I know that there were false positives reported based on the practices,” Riley testified.

Riley’s court testimony was part of a case in which a mother contested a test from Averhealth that came back positive for cannabis, in an effort to regain custody of her kids. The mother submitted drug tests, which came back negative for weed, from an external lab. But the judge ultimately sided with the prosecutor and wouldn’t throw out Averhealth’s results. The judge later terminated the mother’s parental rights.

Multiple parents are suing Averhealth after they say they received false positive results for cocaine and opiates from the company. One of them subsequently lost visitation rights to their children.

“I have never used cocaine,” one parent wrote in an email to Averhealth, cited in the complaint. “These results are not accurate. I also lost my overnights with my children and now my visitation is supervised.”

Read the full article at VICE News.

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