by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In my over 2 decades as an independent publisher, I don’t think there has been another story I have reported on that gives me more satisfaction than this one out of Aurora, Colorado.

Danielle Jurinsky, an Aurora city councilwoman, spoke out on a radio program and criticized the city’s chief of police, Vanessa Wilson, back in January of 2022.

The next day, police chief Wilson’s lover, a child welfare social worker, made an anonymous call to Child Protective Services (CPS) falsely accusing Danielle Jurinsky of sexually molesting her 2-year-old son. When CPS opened a case against Jurinsky, the social worker who made the anonymous call, Robin Niceta, requested that she be given the case.

Her intent was to apparently take permanent custody of Danielle Jurinsky’s two-year-old son.

But Danielle Jurinsky was not intimidated, and as she later stated: “You picked a fight with the wrong person!”

Jurinsky found out that it was Robin Niceta who made the call, and called her out publicly, which resulted in Niceta resigning from her position. She was later arrested on criminal felony charges, which allowed the local media to report on the story bringing even more pressure to the story.

Being in the public spotlight now, other families came forward to report that Robin Niceta had taken similar actions against them. In fact, one of Niceta’s reported MOs was to approach a mother under investigation with sexual advancements, and if the mother resisted, she ended up losing her children.

So what at first appeared to be just a political retaliation story soon blew up to a systemic problem within the county child welfare department, and soon a local attorney had over 40 families making complaints in what has now become a class action lawsuit.

View the complaint here.

Jurinsky did not stop there, however. While waiting for the criminal trial to begin, which is scheduled for later this year (2023), she filed a $1 million defamation lawsuit against Niceta, and a few weeks ago a judge ruled in her favor, awarding her $3 million in damages.

I have compiled a short video from local media reports that traces the history of this case, which is still ongoing.

This is on our Bitchute channel.

Danielle Jurinsky provides the blueprint for how these cases of the State kidnapping children can be fought, and there are currently other cases like hers being fought in other states, such as Florida.

Has Florida Become the Top State in the U.S. for Medical Kidnapping and Child Trafficking?

First, do not back down, and expose the corruption to the public. Local media may or may not want to cover your story, so make sure you go to the alternative media as well.

Secondly, learn how to file your own civil case, either with an honest local attorney, or do it yourself pro se. Do NOT accept a public defender, as they almost always are part of the system and will simply try to get you to settle the case instead of fighting it.

Once a case is filed in civil court, the local media will almost always cover it, because once a case is filed in court, the media has a First Amendment right to cover it, whether they take the wrong side or not, because now they cannot be sued for libel or defamation because your story is now a matter of public record.

Send your case to your local DA and/or your state attorney general. If it is a strong case, they can then file criminal charges as well.

Sadly, this situation in Arapahoe County, Colorado, is not unique, but typical. I wish I could predict that the criminal charges and investigation will result in completely overhauling, or defunding, the government child welfare program in that county, but most likely it will not.

Most likely the case worker will be thrown under the bus and portrayed as a rogue social worker. New managers may be brought in to head and “clean up” the department, but the county will not willingly want to give up the cash cow that child welfare services bring to these communities, let alone all the jobs which include social workers, foster and adoptive parents, law enforcement, judges and attorneys who all profit from child trafficking.

It is going to take an army of determined and angry people, like Danielle Jurinsky, to keep the spotlight on the criminal child traffickers employed by our government, to really make a difference.

Well done, and congratulations to Danielle Jurinsky!


Florida Parents Beware! Your Children are NOT Safe! Pastors and Foster Parents in Florida are Sexually Trafficking Children

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