Comment by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb was recently interviewed on the Jimmy Dore show discussing her new 2-volume book: One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein.

This interview is quickly going viral, and for good reason. This is one you are going to want to watch.

Whitney reveals how organized crime began working for U.S. Military intelligence during World War II, and even developed their own organized crime syndicate that worked together with the U.S. Government. This syndicate was based on ethnic criminal groups, such as the Irish, Italian, and Jewish mobs.

Sexual blackmail was their modus operandi, and they continued working with U.S. Intelligence after the war, as the CIA was formed.

You will most likely hear shocking things in this interview you have not heard before, and Whitney claims it is all documented.

During this interview she explains that Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia operation was not an anomaly, but is a regular mode of business that still operates today.

She also explains how Epstein’s public crimes are all about child sex trafficking, but that he allegedly ran a separate operation where he groomed girls who became young women who were then sold off to the rich and famous.

She briefly discusses Epstein’s relationship with Donald Trump back in the 1990s, and states that there is alleged evidence that Epstein provided Trump with two high profile girlfriends at the time, one of whom became his wife (Melania) and eventually the First Lady of the United States.

Another bombshell she throws out is that she found a “mainstream media” article from 2001 that documents how Jeffrey Epstein gained most of his wealth from three men: Leslie Wexner, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates.

This is most definitely one interview you are going to want to watch. The last thing Whitney Webb says at the end of the interview is:

If any of this stuff sounds crazy to people, I would encourage you to read the books. I have exhaustively footnoted everything. There’s a source for everything I say. You can go and check this out for yourself. Please, fact check me all you want.

I can’t even begin to explain how valuable this is, because for the past few years the major datafeeds that feed the search engines, including privacy-based search engines like, are owned primarily by Google and Microsoft, and they have been rewriting the algorithms on many searches to only show you what they want you to find.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t still out there on the Internet. It just means it is a lot more difficult to find it today, here at the end of 2022.

So in this case, with one of the most researched journalists and experts on Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophile sex trafficking networks among the rich and powerful, showing you where to go to find the things she discusses in her book, and in this interview, that is VERY valuable information.

This is on YouTube (I don’t know if the Jimmy Dore Show is on alternative video platforms). But don’t worry. If it disappears, there are now probably thousands of copies of this on the Internet now. But I want to link to Jimmy Dore’s channel since he provided the interview and is the original source.

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