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Day 7 Live Stream:


Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers


Inter Pacific, an Albertan tow truck company, refuses RCMP request to remove the rigs at the blockade.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada entered its 6th day today, as rumors spread that the Ontario Government might call in the military this weekend as crowds are expected to swell.

Meanwhile, Rebel News is reporting that the standoff at the Alberta-Montana border is ending, and that the protesters, which include not only Truckers now but also farmers driving heavy farm equipment, are relocating to Edmonton, Alberta, at the home of Premier Jason Kenney.

Here is their Press Release:

BREAKING: The standoff at the Coutts Alberta border crossing may be coming to a peaceful end

The leadership of the ongoing blockade on Alberta’s Southern border in protest of the pandemic lockdown restrictions has a message for the Alberta government.

But the protest isn’t over. It’s just moving to Edmonton, Alberta — Premier Jason Kenney’s place.

The leadership of the ongoing blockade on Alberta’s Southern border in protest of the pandemic lockdown restrictions has released a message for the Alberta government:

Hey Kenney, We’re Coming For Coffee!

A Message from the Freedom Convoy,

For the last 6 days, we have peacefully protested the vaccine passport, forced masking, and vaccine mandates. Instead of hearing from our Premier Jason Kenney, he has instead accused us of violence and of harassing the good people of Coutts, Alberta.

We have been patient for two years.  We have invited dialogue, and we have been met with half-truths, empty promises, and flip flops.  Our elected representatives were welcomed to come speak with us, and we have been met with silence.

Mr. Kenney and the Members of the Legislative assembly of Alberta: you couldn’t make it to us, we’re coming for coffee. Look forward to meeting you.

Free People, God Speed.

The border blockade is nearly a week old, after shadow convoy of truckers who could not make it to Ottawa with the Convoy for Freedom converged on the main border crossing between Alberta and Montana.

Truckers and farmers from the area and from across the prairies have parked their big rigs and tractors on the road to obstruct the free flow of traffic. Police have barricaded off the area, preventing supporters and those wishing to bring in supplies to the protesters from entering the site. (Source.)

UPDATE: Since I started writing this update, it appears that the Truckers may have changed their minds, due to “logistics,” and may be staying in Coutts after all.

This is a fast-moving and fluid situation, making it difficult to provide timely updates. Rebel News has a page dedicated to the protest in Alberta here.

I will provide updates as things change.

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