UPDATE 1: Here is a trucker update from Alberta:

Live stream for Day 5 in Ottawa:

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Today’s update on the Trucker Freedom Convoy switches to where the most intense action has been for the past couple of days in Coutts, Alberta, where Truckers are finishing up their 4th day of protesting at the border between Alberta and Montana.

The Truckers were actually blocked in by the police, so there seems to be some confusion as to who is actually closing the border. The Truckers were willing to open a lane, but the police originally did not want to negotiate.

Yesterday, Canadian police sent two officers to negotiate with the Truckers, who had agreed to open a lane to pass through the border, and the police apparently promised the truckers that while they would not allow more vehicles to join their group, they would allow food to be brought into them.

However, it was soon discovered that they did not make good on their promise, and Truckers had to brave blizzard like conditions to walk several miles to get food.

When the officers returned, the Truckers repeated their demands, which are to end the vaccine mandates, and dismissed the police, who promptly left.

Today, an attorney arrived to represent the Truckers in their negotiations, and the Canadian police sent two new officers, apparently tactical officers, who read their demands to the Truckers to surrender themselves immediately or face the consequences.

The Truckers stood their ground, and the police had no choice but to retreat. They apparently made a tactical error by sending a multitude of SWAT teams and other forces which left the check points unattended, which allowed many of the hundreds of other truckers waiting to join them to come through and join the protest, including farmers driving tractors and other equipment.

Rebel News has had people embedded with the Truckers the whole time giving multiple video reports and interviews throughout the four days, and they are also helping to support the Truckers with legal fees.

I have compiled all of their video reports from the past four days into one video. These videos were posted on their Twitter account, and collected here.

Watch this incredible report to find out just who these Truckers really are, their commitment, their resolve, and their bravery which is the exact opposite of how the corporate media is portraying them.

Thank you to Rebel News! I hope you have these reports in other places besides Twitter!

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