Baby Cyrus has been ripped from the loving arms of his parents and put into the hands of the State of Idaho and a powerful child trafficking network.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

This past weekend we reported on the medical kidnapping of a baby in Idaho who was literally ripped from the arms of his mother who was his sole source of nourishment through breastfeeding. See:

Idaho Parents Have Child Medically Kidnapped for Missing Doctor’s Appointment

The actual abduction by Meridian Police Detective Hanson was captured on video by the mother and live-streamed to her Facebook Page, where we grabbed it and put it on our video channels as well. This is from our Bitchute channel.

The parents’ alleged crime was to disagree with a doctor, and fail to make a scheduled doctor’s appointment. The child reportedly did not have any serious medical conditions, but was simply underweight, and diagnosed as “malnourished.”

Hundreds of people showed up in Boise over the past few days to protest the kidnapping of this innocent child.

According to medical records obtained from St. Luke’s Hospital, the baby was allegedly discharged on March 4th with a clean bill of health, according to the baby’s grandfather.

After the baby was kidnapped by the State on Saturday, March 12th from the arms of his breastfeeding mother, his parents were allowed a 2-hour visit with him two days later, where it was obvious to them their child was being abused in State care.

The baby’s grandfather, Diego Rodriguez, reported:

Baby Cyrus has been in custody of the state and is now at St. Luke’s Pediatric Hospital in downtown Boise. He has been in their “care” since approximately 1:00 am Saturday morning (March 12th). Levi and Marissa were “allowed” to see their own child last night for 2 hours—while escorted by Idaho State Police and a social worker.

Baby Cyrus is in worse condition than ever. Levi and Marissa reported that he “is not even the same child. He is unresponsive and lethargic and his spirit has completely changed. He is unrecognizable from the child he was when they stole him away from us.”

Cyrus also has two pricks, with bruising, in one of his hands that the hospital claims are from IVs, but there is an IV in his other hand, so these marks are incredibly suspicious. The hospital staff swears that he has not been given vaccines or any other treatment not authorized by the parents.

Cyrus is likewise constipated—he hasn’t had a bowel movement since they kidnapped him. A baby who is constipated will not eat—just like adults don’t like to eat when constipated. But a baby will just vomit if you try to force feed him when he’s constipated. This is common knowledge to any parent.

But the “experts” at St. Luke’s who harm and kill babies all the time told Marissa and Levi, “We are not concerned about his constipation, just that he gets nourished.” But he cannot be nourished if he doesn’t eat becuase he’s constipated!!!! This is so obvious it is ridiculous. Levi and Marissa begged for an enema but the hospital refused. Later in the evening a hospital employee contacted them and they begged again for an enema and he said he would “look into that” and call them back. He then called back and said that the hospital would “let him go through the night and review it again in the morning.”

St. Luke’s is harming Baby Cyrus. His health is deteriorating BECAUSE OF THEM. He needs Marissa to nurse him and he needs the emotional bond with his family. It is A HAZARD TO HIS HEALTH TO BE IN ST. LUKE’S WITHOUT HIS FAMILY. Period. It is that simple. (Source.)

Apparently the mother, Marissa, was able to pump out some of her breast milk and give it to the hospital to start feeding the baby, and then the next day, March 15th, a doctor called the father (Levi) and left a 7-minute voicemail on his phone giving an update on the baby. Here is a partial transcript:

“I have great news regarding Cyrus. His weight has continued to increase…which is really good news. He’s actually been tolerating taking breastmilk from a bottle. He has had no further vomiting.

In talking things over with the team, we haven’t identified any really serious medical condition that is causing him to have trouble gaining weight. The thinking is he got behind on his nutrition [from the vomiting], and then his breastfeeding was just burning so many calories that he just couldn’t keep up, so he kind of got behind, and by getting his nutrition up again and by getting some of that strength up, there’s good reason for optimism that he will be able to keep his nutrition up by taking a bottle or by breastfeeding.

Our team is thinking right now that taking breastmilk through a bottle right now is working really well, and that’s a great place to help keep his nutrition up, gradually increasing the amount of actual breastfeeding he is doing.

So what is it that puts him at a spot where he’s ready for discharge? He’s hit all of those medical goals that would typically allow for a discharge. From a medical standpoint, he is medically stable for a medical discharge. And we’ve let our state partners know that that is the case and it’s really going to be up to them.

Hopefully we can get Cyrus back to you as quickly as the state will allow.”

Their first hearing in court before a judge concluded yesterday, March 16th, and there were hundreds of people locally and probably tens of thousands of people around the country hoping that this poor baby would be returned to his parents.

But having covered these medical kidnapping child trafficking stories for years now, I can report that this almost NEVER happens at the first hearing.


Because #1, to release the child immediately is to forfeit massive state and federal funding that the State can collect when the child becomes a ward of the State.

And #2, to release the child immediately would open up the door to legally prosecute those who removed the child needlessly if the judge found no cause to remove the child in the first place.

And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Magistrate Judge Laurie Fortier awarded custody of Baby Cyrus to the State of Idaho.

First of all, thank you for all of your incredible support and your constant prayers. As you now know, Magistrate Judge Laurie Fortier awarded custody of Baby Cyrus to the State of Idaho. There are no words to describe the horror that our family has experienced. Unfortunately, from what we’ve heard, this judge is famous for destroying families and ripping children away from their families without evidence.

Today was what they call a “Shelter Care Hearing” where the court rules what will happen with the child that has been kidnapped. Contrary to ALL EVIDENCE—including a statement from a doctor from St. Luke’s Hospital that Baby Cyrus is medically stable and that there is no reason for him not to be reunited with his parents—and tons more evidence to show that there was no DUE PROCESS, and that the state didn’t have any right to take Baby Cyrus from his parents for only being “underweight,” the judge still ruled viciously against Marissa and Levi.

The next hearing is called the “adjudicatory hearing” and it is where they actually decide to re-unify Cyrus with his parents or if Cyrus stays in foster care. Yes, Cyrus is now in foster care. This adjudicatory hearing will be on April 8th. (Source.)

If you are new to this topic of child medical kidnapping, and find this hard to believe and that there must be “another side” to the story where this baby and his family deserved this, then you need to take some time and investigate this issue for yourself, and understand what a travesty of justice this child welfare system is in the United States.

We have a whole website dedicated to educating you on this topic,, where we have documented HUNDREDS of similar stories to this one over the past several years.

Go to the About Medical Kidnap page and start reading there. Find out how what is happening today with this family in Idaho, is not unusual, but common, and happening in every single state.

Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America Today

We document some of the reasons why this is happening:

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We report on the research that shows children are far worse off when placed in Foster Care, than if they are left with their parents, even if it is a “troubled” home.

Foster Care Children are Worse Off than Children in Troubled Homes – The Child Trafficking Business

Study: Children from Poor Parents, Even if they have a Drug Problem, do Worse if Put into Foster Care

We also document how we got to this point:

From Child Protection to State-sponsored Child Kidnapping: How Did we Get Here?

This is a legal tragedy that has been allowed to continue in this country for far too long.

Consider what is happening to this family, and thousands if not tens of thousands of other families across this nation today.

First, the alleged victim, the child, is the one who is removed from the home and incarcerated, instead of the alleged abusers, the parents.

Where else in the legal system does this happen??

Consider the issue of alleged abuse in other cases where children are not involved.

For example, if there were a complaint by a woman against an alleged “abusive” husband or partner; who would be removed from the home by law enforcement if an investigation warranted it?

Would the alleged victim, in this case the woman making the complaint, be the one removed from the home?

Of course not! The person the complaint was filed against would be removed, all the while having their Constitutional rights protected, by arresting them, reading them their Miranda rights, and bringing them before a judge to face the charges. The alleged victim would remain in the home.

That is the legal process in the criminal justice system.

But this due process of law is not followed with social services and local law enforcement when they remove children from their homes.

In these cases, the alleged victims are removed from the home (the children), while the alleged abusers (the parents) are left in the home, with no criminal charges filed.

When someone is arrested on suspicion of murder, rape, assault, robbery, and other serious crimes that are a threat to the public, those arrested enter into the criminal justice system, and have rights that are protected under our Constitution to ensure they are not victimized by the over-reach of government abuse.

Unfortunately, these alleged criminals are afforded more rights than parents are today, who have their children removed from their home or custody with no arrest and no trial in the criminal justice system. Instead, they have to go a “family court” which is basically a Kangaroo Court system funded simply to traffick children.

There are multiple reasons why this is happening, but they are very easy to understand.

First, when the due process of the law is followed to arrest someone, hold them in confinement, bring them before a judge to press charges, and then follow the judicial process of bringing about a “speedy trial,” all of these actions are a burden to the state.

In other words, it costs money.

But once children are taken into State custody, they become an asset to the State. 

What this means is that all the child’s expenses are now paid via federal funds, including medical costs via Medicaid. There are also federal funds in place for foster care. The longer a child remains in State custody, the more funds that state can collect.

These states actually need to meet quotas, for number of children taken, and for how long they hold them, to collect all the funding available to them.

Consider all the options available to the State that could have been used in this situation, but were not used because they brought no revenue to the state.

The parents could have been arrested, and placed in the Criminal Justice system while other family members took care of the baby.

Since the child is still breastfeeding, the mother could have been arrested and remanded to a house arrest, such as wearing an ankle bracelet, so she could keep breastfeeding her baby. This would also eliminate the severe emotional trauma to the child for being incarcerated as the victim and turned over to Foster Parent strangers who get a check to take the baby.

If there was reasonable suspicion that the parent might harm the child, a guard could even be placed in the home to protect the child.

But then the State collects no funds, it is a burden to the state to provide those kind of services.

Welcome to the multi-BILLION dollar child trafficking business in the U.S.

Here are the alleged criminals in this particular story who should all be arrested and locked up immediately. This was posted by Diego Rodriguez, the baby’s grandfather.

Stacks Image 147

Natasha Erickson, St. Luke’s Doctor

(She was the first to call CPS simply because Marissa and Levi asked to leave St. Luke’s after Cyrus first got his IV and was rehydrated. She threatened to call CPS if they decided to leave early, so Levi and Marissa stayed. She called CPS anyway and a social worker came to “interview” Marissa—putting Marissa and Levi on “watch” with CPS. This was the initial trigger that got everything started.)

Stacks Image 382

Judge Laurie Fortier

(She is the unjust judge who is beyond corrupt and disgusting—who is responsible for destroying the lives of thousands of Idahoans and is directly responsible for the kidnapping of untold numbers of children from the homes of good families. The depth of her wickedness and corruption will be exposed).

Stacks Image 411

Aaron Dykstra, Functional Medicine of Idaho

(He is the Nurse Practitioner who contacted CPS simply because Marissa canceled Cyrus’s weigh-in appointment).

Stacks Image 406

Nice Loufoua, Social Worker

(She is the social worker who contacted the police to start the kidnapping process.)

Stacks Image 151

Meridian Police Detective Hanson Badge # 3534

(This is the evil and wicked animal who ripped Baby Cyrus out of Marissa’s arms. He is the actual KIDNAPPER.)

Stacks Image 149

Meridian Police Detective Fuller Badge # 3138

(He is the detective in charge of the case. He has the greater sin (John 19:11).)

We need AT LEAST 10,000 Calls and Emails to the Idaho Governor’s Office RIGHT NOW!

Diego Rodriguez has listed some things you can do to protest this travesty of justice here.

But the one person who can put an end to this immediately, and who is ultimately the person responsible for this happening, is Idaho Governor Brad Little.

From publishing these stories for the past 8 plus years, I can say from experience that this is the best way to put pressure on the State to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

It will take at least 10,000 calls and emails to probably shut down their phones and email servers, and force them to address this issue.

This pressure on a state governor has worked in the past.

Here is the Governor’s phone number: (208) 334-2100.

Send an email here.

If you are looking to make a difference in Medical Tyranny today, America, here is your chance. Start calling and emailing.

Instead of driving trucks to D.C., how about if everyone goes to Boise, ID, and shut down the entire city until this baby is released?

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