This past Halloween (October, 2022) Elon Musk proudly wore a Satanic suit displaying the Satanic Baphomet and upside down cross.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Freemason Donald Trump has new competition among his faithful followers on the Christian Right, as a new savior is being crowned in the Conservative Right alternative media.

Elon Musk set out to save civilization when he bought Twitter. He meant it.

Civilization can only be saved through free and open communication and not behind walls constructed by elitists and totalitarians.

On Saturday Elon Musk released the Twitter Files, Part 4 report on the company’s discussions on the censoring and banning of United States President Donald Trump. (Source.)

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and revealing previously censored information against Trump and conservatives, is undoubtedly being observed by those on the Christian Right as an “answer to prayer” as a new coalition of Christian Pastors is forming to help Donald Trump get re-elected.

Pastors For Trump Coalition Formed Ahead of 2024

Jackson Lahmeyer, the Oklahoma United States Senate candidate who took on anti-Trump incumbent James Lankford, has launched a new organization to rally the evangelical faithful to President Donald J. Trump’s corner ahead of the 2024 GOP primary.

President Trump has long ties to the Christian evangelical community, despite what the fake news media wants to say.

Pastor Lahmeyer gained recognition during his campaign for offering religious exemptions to help his fellow citizens escape the deadly COVID-19 vaccine.

Pastors for Trump, is geared towards organizing Christians across the United States.

Lahmeyer is joined by Pastor Craig Hagin, who is co-pastor of Rhema Bible Church and Chief Operating Officer For Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Pastor Mark Burns, Co-Founder & CEO of NOW Television Network, a Christian television network based out of South Carolina that reaches 11 million homes named by Time Magazine as “Trump’s’ Pastor.”

Hagin and Burns will serve on the Board of Directors for Pastors for Trump. Pastor Lahmeyer told this GP journalist the following.

“President Trump made it clear during his 2016 campaign for President of the United States that he was committed to bringing Christian leaders into the fold.

During his historic first term, he proved that he would deliver on the promises he made. Heading into 2024, it is more important now than ever to reaffirm the strength of the Christian faith and our willingness to support President Trump in his fight to return to the Oval Office” explained Lahmeyer.

Full article.

What could be more insane than a “Pastor” who “gained recognition during his campaign for offering religious exemptions to help his fellow citizens escape the deadly COVID-19 vaccine” starting an organization of other “pastors” to put back into office the very man who funded the COVID-19 gene altering shots, and then pressured the FDA to pass it?

I am not sure there is anything more dysfunctional than that, but if there is, it is calling Elon Musk the “savior of civilization” and supporter of “free and open communication and not behind walls constructed by elitists and totalitarians.”

Could it be that Freemason Satanist Elon Musk will soon be joining forces with fellow Freemasonist Donald Trump, and turning Twitter into the world’s largest surveillance tool in the U.S., similar to China’s WeChat which is used for social credit scores and Covid vaccine passports?

Get to know Elon Musk, the Technocrat Billionaire who is the richest man in the world, and the man who loves the China model of society, and is now partnering with the U.S. Military as he blankets our skies with his satellites.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX unveils Starshield satellite services for U.S. military

SpaceX is rolling out a new business called Starshield to support U.S. military applications, building upon the company’s existing satellite system.

The latest Elon Musk endeavor expands on Starlink Internet satellite technology for national security uses, to include secure communications and space surveillance payloads, for its largest customer, the Pentagon.

“While Starlink is designed for consumer and commercial use, Starshield is designed for government use,” the company wrote on its website, “with an initial focus on three areas: Earth observation, communications and hosted payloads.”

“Space X’s ongoing work with the Department of Defense and other partners demonstrates our ability to provide in-space and on-ground capability at scale,” the company said.

Starshield will offer satellites with sensing payloads to deliver data directly to the user, provide global communications to government users and build satellite buses to support customer payload missions providing “end-to-end systems” to win big ticket government contracts. (Source.)

This 9-minute video I put together is from our Bitchute Channel, and it will be on our Odysee and Telegram channels as well.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am GLAD Elon Musk is dumping all these “Twitter files.” The most important ones to date, in my opinion, are the ones that seem to indicate Twitter gave a free pass to pedophiles. See:

Musk: Twitter Child Porn Failures ‘A Crime’

But just as the Q movement under Trump did reveal some good intel on the pedophile network, although it was wrong to trust that the billionaire Globalist Trump was actually doing to do something about that when there is ample evidence that he hung around with Jeffrey Epstein and was part of the problem as well, and ended up doing nothing to stop it, so too it would be wrong to think Elon Musk is going to end up being a champion of “free speech” when he is quickly becoming the Globalist technocrat billionaire who has more control over public data and surveillance tools than perhaps any other human being on the planet.

Health Impact News will NOT be returning to Twitter, and neither should anyone else who values privacy. See:

You Are Being Watched! More Security Cameras Per Capita in the U.S. than in China: Silicon Valley Whistleblower

I have no doubt that everything one tweets on Twitter is stored in a database somewhere and contributes to your online profile which will then be linked to a China-style social credit score at some point.

This move by Elon Musk to get all the conservatives to come back to Twitter is quite brilliant, and his plan seems to be working quite well at this point.


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