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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, has struck again, allegedly kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from her parents simply because the parents questioned her treatment and use of a questionable drug that allegedly caused their daughter’s brain to swell (encephalitis). The parents reportedly did not refuse treatment or go against the doctor’s advice, but simply wanted to take their daughter to a different hospital to get a second opinion.

The doctor refused, had security guards intervene to stop them from taking their daughter home, and now the State of Missouri has taken custody of the child giving them full legal liability-free rights to experiment on her with whatever drugs they want, without getting the parents’ permission.

Over the years we have covered multiple stories of medical kidnapping involving Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City which has now apparently become so routine, that a Missouri State Senator has introduced a new bill to stop the hospital from kidnapping people’s children.

Here are a couple of our previous stories about Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City:

Jaxon and Hannah

Hannah and Jaxon Adams. Jaxon was medically kidnapped at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City when his parents asked for a second opinion, and Hannah was also later taken away from her parents by CPS. Full story thread here.

Glazier mom and baby

Brianne and baby Serenity in the NICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Serenity was born prematurely with health conditions, and when the parents wanted to transfer her to a different hospital, the newborn was medically kidnapped and never went home with her parents. Full story.

Earlier this year (2022), Missouri State Senator Mike Cierpiot introduced a bill to protect families from having their children “abducted by Children’s Mercy Hospital.” The Missouri Times covered the story here.


For Cierpiot, the matter is personal. From the floor, he discussed his own family’s struggle with a Children’s Division that he said gave far too much power to hospitals, such as Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, over the fate of Missouri families.

He recounted how after a day of shopping last year, a new mother took her baby out for the first time. While adjusting the car seat straps the newborn developed a bruise on its side, and the parents likely overreacted by taking the child to the hospital “just to be safe.”

It was then that Children’s Mercy got a SAFE-CARE provider involved. After viewing some photographs of the child’s bruise, a doctor diagnosed that she “suspected signs of child abuse.”

After two days of bringing both of their children in for X-rays and exams, doctors only found the one bruise on the one child and no abuse on the other child. The next day, child welfare services showed up with law enforcement officials to take the newborn from his mother’s arms. (Full story.)

Here is a 9-minute video of his explanation of the bill given in the Senate Committee, where he relates how the abuses of Children’s Mercy Hospital have affected his own family members where a 3-week-old infant was medically kidnapped and taken away from the parents for 3 months, and how when he contacted several local attorneys, they stated that they have created a phrase about Children’s Mercy Hospital:

The term is “abducted by Children’s Mercy Hospital.”

Imagine that. It’s a real thing. “Abducted by Children’s Mercy Hospital.”

This most recent medical kidnapping is covered by Rebel News, who interviewed the mother who then contacted us, so we thank Rebel News for taking interest in this story which we are republishing here.

If you live in Missouri, please contact your State Representative and ask them to support Senator Mike Cierpiot’s bill SB 1216. Apparently the legislative sessions in Missouri run from January through May, and on 4/27/2022 it was heard by the S Seniors, Families, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee. (Source.)

SAVE EVELYN: Little girl taken by controversial hospital

Evelyn Young was medically kidnapped by Children’s Mercy, a prestigious research hospital in Kansas City, after her loving parents demanded a second opinion.

by Jeremy Loffredo
Rebel News

A research hospital has been medically kidnapping children for years. Children’s Mercy Hospital’s most recent kidnapping happened just a couple of weeks ago when the Young family brought their 10-year-old daughter Evelyn to the doctor for medical advice and support.

Instead of giving what Evelyn’s parents considered appropriate medical care, the hospital gave her medication that allegedly turned Evelyn’s mild health condition into a severe issue. After this treatment, Evelyn’s brain began to swell, causing her to temporarily lose consciousness and her eye sight.

Her parents were understandably upset and angry at the hospital, and explained they wanted to take their daughter to a different hospital. Instead of allowing the family to leave, the hospital used the parents’ anger and frustration as “proof” that they are unfit guardians.

Children’s Mercy called Child Protective Services, and just like that, Evelyn’s parents were no longer in control. As bizarre as this sounds, the hospital is known for tearing families apart. The hospital facilitates the taking of parental rights so often that a local legislator introduced a bill that would stop them from engaging in these anti-family practices.

“They’ve torn so many families apart. Just for being concerned about their children,” Jessica Young told me. “And I complied with everything they did to my daughter because I was aware of the leverage they held over my family… compliance wasn’t enough — I also had to believe in what they were doing.”

Watch my interview with Jessica Young, whose daughter was medically kidnapped by the hospital two weeks ago and stay tuned for interviews with other parents whose children have become kidnapping victims of the hospital in coordination with the government.

Read the full article at Rebel News.

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