Left photo of a confined feeding operation for beef in California, Right photo a grass-fed beef operation in Wisconsin.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Globalists who are trying to rush in their New World Order are using the issue of “Climate Change” to justify just about everything they are doing, including their (mostly unpublished) goals of drastically reducing the world’s population.

One of their key issues is eliminating meat, especially beef, which we are told is a major contributor to greenhouse emissions. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has estimated that livestock is responsible for at least 14.5% of greenhouse gases being released worldwide.

Their solution? Eliminate beef altogether and replace it with chemical-based lab-grown “meat.” This is already in the U.S. consumer market with “plant-based” beef, and it was announced recently that the world’s first mega lab-grown meat (different than “plant-based” meat) operation has now started operations in Israel, where they can produce enough of this lab-grown meat to produce 5,000 hamburgers a day.

ZeroHedge News reports:

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Great Reset plan includes a complete transformation of the global food and agricultural industries and the dieting of humans. The architects behind this plan are preparing for a meatless society with the introduction of cell-based, slaughter-free meat.

Before this decade is over, we’re all going to be eating some form of slaughter-free meat, including chicken, pork and lamb, and beef. The point of all this is to generate fewer greenhouse emissions at cattle farms, use less land for farming, and reduce the use of freshwater and grains for the traditional process of growing livestock.

The aim is for a sustainable future, and already we’ve noted a few companies producing cell-based, slaughter-free meat. However, these facilities are operating at limited output as it is costly to produce fake meat.

That’s where Future Meat Technologies of Israel comes into play with their brand new facility able to pump out 500 kilograms (1,102 pounds) of cultured meat products per day, or the equivalence about 5,000 hamburgers per day.

“This facility opening marks a huge step in Future Meat Technologies’ path to market, serving as a critical enabler to bring our products to shelves by 2022,” said Rom Kshuk, CEO of Future Meat Technologies. “Having a running industrial line accelerates key processes such as regulation and product development.”

Kshuk said the facility produces cultured chicken, pork, and lamb products, and beef production will be coming online soon.

Read the full article: “5,000 Burgers Per Day: World’s First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory Opens” at ZeroHedge News.

I actually agree with the Globalists that most meat operations today are not sustainable, I just disagree with their solutions.

The solution is not to move towards more consolidation of the food industry with new franken-foods, but to return to traditional methods of agriculture, which is both healthy for the environment, healthy for the livestock, and healthy for the consumers.

It would also create many new jobs in small-scale agriculture, often run by family farms. This would de-centralize agriculture, not consolidate it into the hands of the tyrants seeking to control every aspect of our lives these days.

I know first-hand that this is a fact, as I have been doing it for over 20 years, both here in the U.S. and around the world, providing jobs in agriculture to people willing to put the effort into producing ethical and healthy food, according to the Design principle our Creator has established in His Creation.

Taking the production of beef as an example, the farmer/rancher that manages pasture and allows their livestock to graze on that pasture in a traditional rotational grazing or sometimes referred to as “regenerative grazing” operation, where the soil is managed to provide nutritious grass and forage, creates a “carbon positive” result as opposed to confined animal feeding operations (CAFO).

In the CAFO model, which supplies probably more than 90% of our nation’s beef output, the animals are kept confined and their feed is brought in from grain mills that consists of mainly the top three subsidized cash crops that the U.S. uses to control the world’s food supply: corn, soy, and wheat.

Most of our nation’s soybean and corn crops are used in animal feeds, although a lot of corn also goes into ethanol.

As opposed to rotational grazing models, where the cattle are rotated on various pastures where their healthy manure is then returned to the soil as fertilizer, CAFO operations have to deal with the removal of the toxic waste of their manure from GMO and chemically laden feed that has not only residues from the herbicides and pesticides used to grow those crops, but also drugs like antibiotics to keep the herds healthy in such unsanitary confined operations.

Glyphosate, the world’s most popular herbicide that is in Roundup, is prevalent in animal feeds also, since they are based on GMO corn and soy. See:

The Microbiota Crisis: How the Herbicide Glyphosate is Killing Microbiomes

White Oak Pastures, a traditional regenerative grazing operation in Georgia, had a study done on their operation in 2019, which clearly showed how traditional methods of raising meat were carbon positive (smaller carbon footprint), and healthy for the environment.

Study: White Oak Pastures Beef Reduces Atmospheric Carbon

by White Oak Pastures

We know that many of our customers and supporters are aware that carbon emissions from industrialized beef production contribute a significant amount to man-made climate change. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has estimated that livestock is responsible for at least 14.5% of greenhouse gases being released worldwide. With numbers like that, conventional wisdom holds that a diet containing meat isn’t compatible with climate change activism.

With our unconventional operation, we weren’t convinced that was the full story; but, then again, we’re not scientists. Luckily, there are some scientists out there interested in this question as well.

We are pleased to announce the release of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, conducted by a third-party sustainability science firm, confirming that White Oak Pastures is storing more carbon in its soil than its pasture-raised cows emit during their lifetime.

White Oak Pastures offsets at least 100% of our grassfed beef carbon emissions and as much as 85% of the farm’s total carbon emissions. This flies in the face of “conventional wisdom”, showing that grassfed beef and holistic land and animal management can be tools to help reverse climate change.

Quantis, one of the one of the world’s most respected environmental research and design firms, conducted the LCA on beef raised by White Oak Pastures, to “account for the energy and environmental impacts of all stages of a product’s life cycle, such as [the] acquisition of raw materials, the production process, handling of waste byproducts, and more.”

The LCA analyzed the greenhouse gas footprint of our farm, which included enteric emissions (belches and gas) from cattle, manure emissions, farm activities, slaughter and transport, and carbon sequestration through soil and plant matter.

Because White Oak Pastures has a history of acquiring and converting land to holistic practices, Quantis was able to study different pastures that have been under holistic management for a wide range of years (from 0, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, all the way to 20 years). This allowed researchers to do soil sampling and model data from a number of different ecosystems in different stages of the regenerative journey.

The data that came from the LCA so astounded Quantis’ research team at first that they called in other academics from other universities and institutes to confirm the methodology. The 2017 data showed that converting annual cropland to perennial pasture, under holistic and regenerative grazing practices, had the effect of storing more carbon in the soil than cows emit during their lives. In other words, our grassfed cattle sequester more carbon than they produce.

Read the full article and the study at White Oak Pastures.

Note: I have no business affiliation with White Oak Pastures. My own company, Healthy Traditions, has a line of Grass-fed meat raised in Wisconsin.

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