by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I have received emails in recent weeks asking me why the articles published on Health Impact News have changed so much in recent days.

The answer is that the world has changed, not me. And this has all happened almost overnight.

But the purpose and mission of Health Impact News has not. Our purpose has always been, and continues to be today, to publish the truth on key issues that affect your health that the corporate Pharma-funded media either censors, or publishes false information to deceive the public.

The COVID Plandemic is the biggest event in any of our lifetimes in terms of global impact on health, as the Globalists rush to put into place their New World Order.

So this is obviously now the focus of what we publish, to give you as much accurate information as possible to know the truth, and combat the deception and censorship in the corporate media, as well as Big Tech social media.

For the past decade or so since publishing on Health Impact News, I have tried to stay clear of partisan politics, as the key issues facing our nation are not partisan issues, but issues of health that affect everyone, no matter what your political affiliation is.

Since COVID, I have actually gone out of my way to explain to our readership that the Plandemic and rush to bring in a New World Order is not a partisan issue, because both sides of the political debate end up with the same results: the loss of freedom and medical tyranny.

The key issues facing us today are not Right versus Left, Communism versus Capitalism, Republicans versus Democrats.

As I have explained in recently published articles, we are facing a war between people fighting for freedom, and the Global Bankers who at the top of the power struggle are part of the Satanic secret society known as the Illuminati.

These Globalists fund both sides, and rely upon the masses to fight each other over these perceived social and political agendas, which keeps the public divided and focusing their attention on these issues, while behind the scenes the Globalists are putting into action their New World Order agenda which the vast majority of the public is totally unaware of.

Where Does President Trump Fit In?

I can no longer ignore the issue of President Trump, because I have received so many emails about him now, some accusing me of supporting him, and others criticizing me for supposedly opposing him.

But if you read carefully everything I just wrote in the introduction of this article, as well as what I have published in the past recent weeks, you should know by now that I do not fall into either camp: Trump haters, or Trump lovers.

When it comes to my role as Editor of Health Impact News, my first responsibility to the public is to honestly report the truth, no matter where that truth leads us.

I am truly an independent journalist. Nobody funds Health Impact News. The advertising revenue that is generated from our network of websites pays the expenses, and I get most of my own income from the other company I own, Healthy Traditions (formerly Tropical Traditions).

That doesn’t mean I am not biased. But I am honest about my biases, because I have no reason to try and hide them in order to achieve some hidden purpose, since I do not have investors or financial supporters trying to influence my views.

So my view of President Trump, today, is based on the evidence of what he has actually done in office for his first term, which is coming to a close soon.

And much of what I have reported about President Trump in recent days has been negative, because as President of the United States, this Plandemic which has robbed Americans of their wealth and transferred it over to Wall Street, and mainly Big Pharma, has all happened on his watch, and he publicly endorses it, especially the billions being spent on his project “Warp Speed” to develop COVID vaccines.

But when it comes to the issues of how and why Donald Trump came into power to assume the office of the President of the United States, and whether or not there is some grand plan in place that is still unfolding, we now move into the area of speculation and theories.

Since I have neither loyalties nor hatred towards President Trump, I believe I am in a good position to give an honest review of what I see as the two competing theories. Those who are entrenched into one or the other of these theories will not be impressed with anything I will present here, because they are driven by faith and belief in their own positions, and will judge everything I write next through the glasses they wear supporting their own beliefs.

But things have changed so quickly and so rapidly in the world today, that I believe there is now a significant portion of the public questioning their own thoughts on President Trump, and open to exploring other possibilities to explain what is unfolding before us.

As I wrote above, I myself am not without bias, and as I present this my own bias will become evident.

But just remember the presuppositions from where I start. I am neither pro-Trump nor anti-Trump, and I have no “skin in the game” one way or the other.

My own political views on the Right versus the Left have been clearly articulated already, and so I seldom write on these political issues because it is not worth my time when the real enemies need to be exposed.

Personally, I only believe in two political systems: The Kingdom of God that originates in heaven but does extend to earth among the true believers, and the Kingdom of Satan who runs the current world system. You can read more about these topics on the website.

But in short, here is really all you need to know: God wins. Satan is on his last leg, trying to setup his New World Order, but in the end Jesus will return to earth and setup the REAL New World Order, which will last on into eternity, while Satan and his demons are cast into Hell to get what they deserve.

Who Really Runs America? The President, or the Secret Intelligence Agencies?

Before we look at both theories about how Donald Trump came into office, I should point out that there is one general theory that both sides seem to agree upon: Donald Trump was chosen and convinced to run for the office of the President of the United States.

In general, I would conclude that both sides probably believe that forces within the CIA were the main influencers to convince Donald Trump to run for office.

The pro-Trump believers are heavily influenced by the publishing of “drops” by Q and the Anons, and the general theory is that they convinced military leaders to approach Donald Trump and convince him to run for office. The reason given seems to be they feared President Obama would somehow pull something off to stay in office for a third term, which would have resulted in some kind of civil war.

Those who do not believe in Q, or maybe believe that Q is a CIA psy-op to fool the masses into believing in Trump, that he was elected to “drain the swamp,” believe that the powerful Illuminati Central Bankers chose Trump to become President of the United States.

This group believes that the Rockefeller family now controls American politics, and have decided who should be President since the election of Franklin D Roosevelt in 1932. Prior to that time, the Rothschilds, mostly based out of Europe, were the main influencers in American politics, although both families are part of the Illuminati and work together to achieve a New World Order as well.

The primary way they accomplish this, is by controlling the CIA, who answers to the Rockefellers. This camp would believe that the CIA, and the people they decide to put in power, really run the country (and the world).

Which Theory is More Credible?

I know that this is going to be the section where I am going to receive the most criticism, because I am not an expert in either one of these theories, and neither theory is homogeneous, as there are many divergent branches in each theory.


But from what I have been able to learn about the Q followers, both by interacting with many of them, and doing a little bit of research to try and understand it, this is, by far, the most fervent support of President Trump. There are even entirely new religions that have developed around the Q phenomenon.

The theory is that military leaders approached Trump to become president and bring down the pedophile Globalists, and “drain the swamp,” returning the rule of the United States to the people.

But here’s the thing: Trump has been in office for three and half years now and is coming to the end of his first term. So how well have the predictions of Q come to pass so far?

I was one of the first in the Alternative Media to point out that there definitely was a new focus on arresting pedophile rings in 2017, during Trump’s first year in office. We covered the story out of Arizona, for example, where David Frodsham was arrested for running a pornographic and child sex trafficking ring out of his foster home near Tucson, and his connections with the military base there.

Later, in 2019, Arizona Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen was arrested on federal charges of trafficking pregnant women from the Marshall Islands and selling their babies through an illegal adoption ring.

In both these cases, it took the federal government to come in and make the arrests, as the Arizona political and judicial systems are thoroughly corrupt. We had been reporting on this corruption since 2014, and showing how Arizona was a worldwide hub for child trafficking.

And I only offer up these two cases as examples, as there were many other arrests that have been made across the country as well, and many other independent journalists have covered this.

But the people truly in power who allowed these horrible injustices to happen in the first place, are still in power today.

On the national level, the biggest thing the public learned from the Podesta leaked emails in 2016 was what is called “Pizzagate,” and details about the global pedophile operation.

But this has been conveniently swept under the rug by the corporate media as a “conspiracy theory,” and instead the focus has been on trying to impeach President Trump on supposedly colluding with Russia, and now on Obama and his alleged role in illegally investigating the Trump team before they came into office.

And even with the release of General Flynn now, the current “Obamagate” investigations allegedly do NOT include investigations into either former President Obama, or then Vice President Biden. (Source.)

The one guy that everyone knows has been involved with the Globalists’ pedophile ring, Jeffrey Epstein, is nowhere to be found today, after allegedly being arrested and allegedly killing himself. And now we seem to be watching a re-run of the same show with his “fixer,” Ghislaine Maxwell.

So how do the Trump and Q supporters deal with the fact that the swamp has not been drained after three and half years, and no high profile pedophiles have come to justice?

I am not going to embarrass the source, as this thinking can be found in many places, but the Trump and Q believers’ explanation goes something like this:

Are QAnon Predictions a Good Way to Determine Whether Q is Trustworthy?

No, because Q could be authentic and make false predictions for various reasons, and because Q could be a fraud and make true or correct predictions for various reasons.

Moreover, the predictions QAnon makes are just a small part of what they post, and certainly not the primary part of Q’s central thesis or message.

It would seem that to the Trump/Q faithful, Trump can do no wrong, as he is the anointed one to bring about justice, and everyone has to just “trust the plan.”

Actor John DeLancie plays the role of a “god” called “Q” in the Star Trek Next Generation Series. Image source.

Since we know from the film “Out of Shadows” that the CIA has a large control over Hollywood and conditioning the masses, I did a quick search to see if a concept of “Q” is something new, or has been used before.

The most popular example would be the “mythical” character of Q in the popular Star Trek series, who had supernatural powers. Could the CIA have been using mind control techniques for years to condition the public to accept a concept of “Q” such as we are seeing today with QAnon?

Another character I found which is most interesting, is a character in the resurrected TV series “X Files” who is named “Dr. Thaddeus Q. They” in an episode in 2018 called “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat.”

Watch this 4 minute clip about “conspiracy theories” and “truth” and “phoney fake news” that was produced shortly after President Trump came into power:

So is QAnon real? Or a creation of the intelligence community to keep people supporting President Trump? The concept, at least, of a Q figure, is certainly not something new, as it has been fictionalized for years in the pop TV culture.

The Rockefeller Theory

The other theory is that the Rockefeller family put Donald Trump in office, as they have selected every president since 1932, with Franklin D Roosevelt’s election.

The Rockefeller’s made their fortune from the oil industry, and are also believed to be the founders of the modern pharmaceutical industry and the theory of allopathic medicine.

They are considered by some to be the most powerful family in the world now, surpassing even the power of the House of Rothschild in Europe. It is believed by some that the CIA answers to them, and that the leaders of the CIA are more powerful than the office of President. The Rockefellers also supposedly hand pick the person to serve as the Secretary of State, who also wields more power than the President.

President Trump’s first Secretary of State was Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil, who had no prior political experience. He definitely has strong ties to the Rockefellers, and was allegedly chosen because he had experience in working with the oil industry in Russia.

President Trump’s current Secretary of State is Mike Pompeo, the former Director of the CIA, and many believe he was hand picked by the Rockefellers, and has more influence than President Trump.

Some believe that Pompeo tripped up on live camera during one of the President’s task force meetings, where he admits that the “pandemic” is a “live exercise,” while you can hear President Trump in the background say that they should have let him know.

Just today, July 16, 2020, the day I am writing this article, Dr. Ron Paul talked about the role of Mike Pompeo in his daily broadcast which he titled: “Unleashing The Beast: How Trump Green-Lit CIA Global Secret War.”

Explosive new information has revealed how President Trump in 2018 signed a presidential intelligence finding that gave the CIA unprecedented leeway to conduct secret warfare against Washington’s declared enemies. Then-CIA director Mike Pompeo was handed a blank check to attack even foreign charities and news outlets.

Whether or not Trump knew what his role would be in this planned “pandemic” is not certain, but those putting forth this theory believe that Trump was picked to be part of the transfer of wealth to the Central Bankers, mainly through the Pharmaceutical industry, and the plan for global vaccination, and ultimately a reduced world population to usher in the New World Order.

This is outlined in the Rockefeller 2010 Report, and coincides with the UN’s Agenda 2030, the Bill Gates Agenda ID 2020, and the Johns Hopkins Event 201 simulation that laid the ground work for what is unfolding today.

So in this theory, even though Donald Trump is the President of the United States, he is not among the power elites calling the shots. He holds a temporary job as POTUS that will either end next January, or 4 years from next January.

Others have held their positions for much longer, such as Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and their tenure on the world health scene has spanned several Presidents. There seems to be some evidence that President Trump is not happy with Dr. Fauci, but he appears to be powerless to do anything about him.

Earlier this week, for example, White House Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro wrote an op-ed piece published in USA Today criticizing Dr. Fauci, and stating that Fauci has been “wrong on everything.”

But when President Trump was asked about the comments, he replied:

“I get along very well with Dr. Fauci. I have a very good relationship with Dr. Fauci.”

When asked about Navarro’s comments, he replied:

“He made a statement representing himself. He shouldn’t be doing that. I have a very good relationship with Anthony.” (Source.)

Depending on what you believe about President Trump and the power he wields in office, you will view this one of two ways.

The Trump and Q believers will continue to say there is a master plan in place, that Trump knows what he is doing, and doesn’t really support Dr. Fauci, perhaps not even analyzing their own statements of belief and realize that they are, in fact then, calling President Trump a liar, since he has publicly stated he “supports Dr. Fauci.”

The other view will believe that Trump is just doing what he has been told to do, because Dr. Fauci is actually more powerful than President Trump.

Conclusion: Faith in Q and President Trump Could Get you Killed

If President Trump does pull a rabbit out of his hat at the last minute and ends up saving the country, I will be thrilled, to say the least.

But if he has no real power to stop these Globalists, then your faith in President Trump and Q could get you killed, if you are not planning on resisting the New World Order as it unfolds, and as the COVID vaccines are rolled out soon.

If you want to vote for President Trump for re-election, go ahead. I am not discouraging anyone from doing that.

I personally feel his re-election is a foregone conclusion, because if a regime change was planned, the Democrats would surely have a stronger candidate than an old white guy who can barely remember his name. Senator Bernie Sanders has been the clear favorite among the Democratic masses the past two election cycles, and in each case the leadership made sure he was not nominated, for whatever reasons.

I don’t believe politics offers us any solutions. The only way to stop the Globalists at this point is massive public resistance and disobedience. But as I go out into the public these days and see MORE people complying and wearing masks than ever before, I fear it may be too late for most.

But I will continue publishing the truth as long as I am able to, and now at least anytime someone criticizes me for either being a Trump hater or a Trump supporter, I have an article to shoot back at them to try and wake them up, and hopefully get people to start asking the right questions, and start finding the right answers.


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