Left – Huntington Beach, CA residents defying COVID curfew, Center – business owners shouting down health department and Sheriff deputies demanding they leave for not having a warrant and trespassing, Right – mask burning in San Clemente, CA in defiance of curfew order.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Yesterday we reported how many law enforcement officials across the nation have stated that they will not enforce new COVID orders from governors. See:

Law Enforcement Across the U.S. Overwhelmingly REFUSING to Enforce COVID Orders – Will the Public Follow?

The question I posed in the headline was, “Will the public follow?”

Early indications are they will! Apparently many people are fed up with the ongoing unending COVID orders that are literally destroying lives, and they are making it very clear that they will NOT comply this time!

In a video that has gone viral on YouTube (we have a backup copy on our Bitchute channel processing right now just in case it disappears), business owners in Buffalo, New York, had gathered at an Orchard Park gym to discuss what to do with the state’s new COVID orders, when the Health Department showed up along with two armed Sheriff Deputies in bullet-proof vests from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office to try to enforce Cuomo’s new COVID orders.

Watch for yourself what happens next, in this video which has gone viral and has been viewed on YouTube over 300,000 times at the time this article is being published:

The business owners do not recognize the authority of either the Health Department or law enforcement, and tell them to come back once there is a law and they have a warrant, and told them to get off their property because they were trespassing.

When they do not leave, they start chanting GET OUT and they leave the building. Standing in the parking lot, they continue demanding that they leave and start chanting: WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

Faced with opposition, non-violent opposition at that, the tyrants leave.

Tom Tillison from bizpacreview.com reports:

Robby Dinero, a former Marine who owns the gym, told the NBC affiliate he called the meeting as a protest of the harsh restrictions being implemented for a second time.

“I am a local business owner. My business is now shut down for the second time, so I posted on Facebook that anybody that wanted to fight back, any other business owners that wanted to learn how we could fight back against New York State, could join me for a protest at my gym,” Dinero said.

The video was taken by blogger Tim Walton, who also shared comments from one business owner who wished to remain anonymous.

“We are struggling. Our livelihoods have been taken. Our income has been controlled. Our freedoms have been taken away and many of us are about to lose everything we’ve worked for and they want us to sit there and not stand up?” the individual said.

“How can they tell you to close your business, then argue that you can’t even meet to come up with ways to survive — and meanwhile there’s no help from the government and very few elected officials even standing up for businesses and it’s starting to be noticed,” he added. (Full article.)

What California Curfew?

Governor Newsom of California, who was in hot water with the corporate media last week for being caught on camera in a restaurant with many other people breaking his own COVID orders, became the first governor in the U.S. this week to attempt to impose a COVID curfew, forbidding people to be outdoors between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

How’s that working out for you Komrad Newsom?

Here’s how people in San Clemente and Huntington Beach responded:

As we reported yesterday, almost all of the Sheriffs in California have come forward in public to state that they will NOT enforce Newsom’s illegal curfew.


Your liberties, your life, the lives of your children, are all at risk here, NOT from COVID, but from Medical Tyranny!

And things are going to get a lot worse, before they get better, and they will NEVER get better if a significant portion of the American public does not rise up, as these citizens have, and declare: WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

The American people are at a crossroads, and they must choose either liberty, or slavery. There are no political solutions here. Only massive civil disobedience.

Remember, the tyrants are outnumbered, and they can NOT rule over us if we refuse to obey. They are outnumbered, and they know this.

A significant portion of the public will always choose slavery over freedom in exchange for perceived “safety.”

But it does NOT take a majority of the public to stop this madness. About 5% will get the ball rolling in the right direction, and with 10% resisting, we have a full blown revolution on our hands.


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