Furious students tear down ‘new lockdown fences’ during passionate protest against Manchester University’s decision to ‘pen them in.’ Image from Twitter.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

While the U.S. Presidential elections continue to dominate the media in the U.S., citizens all across the U.K. protested the nation’s new lockdowns this week.

Hundreds of students came out to protest at Manchester University. Image source Manchester Evening News.

At Manchester University, students woke up on the first day of lockdowns to find fences had been erected around their dormitories, penning them in like a prison.

They had apparently had enough, and by that evening, the fences were tore down, and the University backed down.

Manchester Evening News reported:

Students at the University of Manchester have ripped down ‘lockdown’ fencing that was installed without warning at their Fallowfield campus.

Hundreds of students staged a protest on Thursday night, after the university erected metal fencing at halls of residences including Owens Park and Unsworth Park.

Earlier in the day, the university had issued a statement saying the fencing was put in place as a security measure as England enters another four week lockdown.

But they were heavily criticised by some students and parents for ‘penning them in’, with students only learning what was happening when they woke up to find the fencing being erected.

Shortly before 9pm, around an hour after the protests began, the university issued an apology, and said the fencing would be removed on Friday morning.

But by then a number of the fences had already been ripped down during the demonstration.

A number of videos were shared on social media, showing the fences coming down. (Source.)

Nurse Whistleblower Resigns in Public

In Cornwall, an NHS nurse turned whistleblower and resigned in public. It was recorded, but quickly removed from YouTube and Twitter.

We found a copy:

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News reported:

An NHS nurse in Britain publicly resigned while wearing her uniform before releasing the real numbers of COVID patients in her hospital and denouncing the government’s disastrous lockdown policy.

The whole of England officially entered lockdown 2.0 today despite numerous experts warning that lockdowns will eventually end up killing more people than coronavirus itself.

A video out of Cornwall shows a nurse in uniform giving a speech explaining why she decided to resign from her job.

“I don’t need the uniform to prove that I work for them, but today, I’m publicly resigning,” she stated.

The nurse then revealed how she received an email from her bosses demanding an explanation as to why she was being critical of official COVID policy and that people were “reporting” her.

“Unfortunately I can’t lie anymore,” said the nurse, explaining how she took a screenshot of internal hospital data showing there were just three people across three hospitals in the region infected with COVID.

The total deaths from these three hospitals across the last 7 months is just 76 people, roughly 10 deaths a month, according to the nurse, who questioned why it was necessary for her region to go into lockdown given such sparse figures.

“I’ve decided there’s no point, I have gone against the rules within the NHS, I have shared confidential information that people need to see,” said the nurse, adding that other doctors and nurses were trying to speak out. (Source.)

Police in London Arrest 190 Anti-lockdown Protesters

Image from Breitbart News.

Breitbart News, which has correspondents in London, is reporting that police in London arrested 190 anti-lockdown protesters at the so-called ‘Million Mask March’ against the second national lockdown in England.

Police in London arrested 190 anti-lockdown protesters at the so-called ‘Million Mask March’ against the second national lockdown in England.

On November 5th — the anniversary of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the State Opening of Parliament in 1605, known as Guy Fawkes Night in Britain — the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS, or Met) prevented lockdown protesters from gathering in Trafalgar Square, forcing demonstrators onto the streets.

The MPS employed tactics such as kettling, in which lines of police separate crowds into small cordoned off areas, in order to prevent the protesters from massing and making it easier to arrest people.

All of the 190 people that were arrested were detained for “breaching the new coronavirus legislation” and will be investigated for a fixed penalty notice. One of those arrested is facing the maximum £10,000 fine, the police said in a statement.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video, police are seen arresting members of the protest for alleged breaches of the coronavirus restrictions. Police were also seen threatening to arrest a Santa Claus impersonator, who claimed that he was not part of the demonstration.

One officer was heard asking if the Santa Claus was “peaceful”, to which a bystander proclaimed: “Of course he’s peaceful!”

Breitbart London was told by police that journalists were also prohibited from the demo and that journalists who refused to vacate the area would be arrested.

Footage shared on social media purportedly showed police arresting a man who claimed to be a journalist, saying that he was violating the public health order. Other footage allegedly showed the police asking journalists if they have been “authorised” by the MPS press department to cover the event.

Read the full article and see their exclusive video footage here.

Lockdowns Coming to the U.S. Regardless of Who is President

What is happening in the U.K. and in other parts of Europe right now as citizens rise up and fight back against more lockdowns over a “virus” that is no worse than a flu bug, at best, should be headline news right now.

Do NOT be distracted by U.S. political coverage, because no matter who is crowned President in the U.S. in the following days, these kinds of lockdowns are being scheduled in the U.S. as well, and only massive public resistance and fighting against the corporate media’s propaganda will stop the Globalists from completely destroying the U.S. in their efforts to bring in their New World Order, and their “Great Reset.”

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