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Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Yesterday I speculated as to why President Trump may be receiving treatment for COVID as it was announced immediately after his alleged positive COVID test that he was going to be given a new experimental COVID drug that has not even been fast-tracked for approval yet.

The stock of the company producing the drug rose on Friday as a result of the announcement. See:

Is President Trump’s “Illness” Really a Commercial for Regeneron’s New COVID Drug?

Today (October 4, 2020) it was announced that Trump had received his second dose of remdesivir, another experimental COVID drug, but one that has already received fast-track approval by the FDA, and has been widely distributed to hospitals.

His doctors reported that President Trump would receive the full 5 doses.

Interestingly, FiercePharma, the main pharmaceutical marketing trade publication, announced on Friday, October 2nd, the same day Trump was admitted to Walter Reed, that sales of Gilead’s remdesivir were beginning to slump, and that the company was taking over distribution of the drug now as a result of the slow-down in sales.

Angus Liu, writing for FiercePharma, reported:

After a somewhat chaotic initial rollout by the U.S. government, Gilead Sciences is now taking distribution of COVID-19 drug remdesivir into its own hands.

Starting Thursday, Gilead will directly sell remdesivir, branded as Veklury, to American hospitals, ending a five-month phase when the U.S. Department of Health and Human services was responsible for allocating it, the company and HHS said. AmerisourceBergen will remain the sole U.S. distributor through the end of the year.

The cost for the 5-dose treatment of remdesivir is $3,120.00, and sales are expected to exceed $3.5 billion in revenue.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a drug with no patents due to being in the marketplace with a perfect safety record for over 35 years and with a cost of about $20 per dose, was condemned by U.S. public health officials like Dr. Fauci as supposedly being ineffective in treating COVID.

The efforts to discredit HCQ included publishing fabricated studies to try and “prove” that HCQ was not effective against COVID patients.

Gilead’s remdesivir was given fast-track approval instead, and demand initially sky rocketed.

But now, apparently the supply of remdesivir exceeds demand.

That should change now that President Trump is using it, after initially taking HCQ as a preventive measure.

FiercePharma reported:

Remdesivir is one of only a few drugs to show signs of benefits in COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic. But just like the world’s response to the virus, the initial distribution of the antiviral drug was confusing under the feds’ oversight.

Some doses went directly to hospitals but not necessarily to those in greatest need, and some hospitals either didn’t receive enough or were left empty-handed, NPR reported in May, weeks after the remdesivir won its emergency use authorization from the FDA. The allocations improved later, but HHS’ methods for earmarking doses remained a mystery.

Meanwhile, Gilead quickly worked to ramp up supply, increasing internal manufacturing capacity and signing on contractors.

Now, the supply’s exceeding market demand. At the end of June, HHS secured more than 500,000 treatment courses of the drug, which represented nearly all of Gilead’s yield through September.

However, states and territories haven’t been accepting their full allocations, and only 32% of the total amount was actually purchased by hospitals from July to September, HHS said Thursday, citing data from its Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.

Now that Gilead’s meeting real-time demand for the drug in the U.S., the HHS and the company decided it’s time for the HHS to bow out and let the company handle commercial sales directly to hospitals. (Full article at FiercePharma).

As we have previously reported numerous times here at Health Impact News, Frontline Doctors and thousands of doctors around the world have successfully treated COVID patients with HCQ and many report a 100% success rate. See:

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. Claiming “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced on Facts and Treatments for COVID

The Frontline Doctors Press Conference in D.C., which was censored and removed by Big Tech (Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), is one of the most-viewed censored videos of the Plandemic, and our own Bitchute Copy has been viewed by almost 190,000 people at the time of this writing.

I wonder how all of these doctors feel now, since most of them felt like President Trump was on their side since he had previously recommended HCQ?

Is Trump being punished by Big Pharma and being forced to promote their drugs?

The demonization of HCQ in favor of Gilead’s remdesivir has led to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, according to many doctors, making Dr. Fauci, FDA Commissioner Dr. Hahn, and others, complicit in mass murder.

Are these Big Pharma mass murderers now forcing President Trump to promote their drugs to ensure his success in the elections?


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