Protests in Kentucky this week over coronavirus lock downs.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Medical doctor and former Congressman and U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul has been broadcasting daily via his Liberty Report TV show, bringing a different perspective to the coronavirus pandemic that you are not likely to hear much about in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media.

This past week (April 2020) his show highlighted the growing protests by U.S. citizens around the country who are objecting to the loss of jobs and civil liberties due to the government’s actions in the name of “public health.”

Thousands have protested in states across the U.S., with protests this past week occurring in states like Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Mass protests are breaking out across the United States against the tyrannical “stay at home” orders and forced shut-downs of businesses deemed “non-essential.” More than 20 million are suddenly unemployed and they are demanding to know why, with seasonal flu deaths often even higher than those predicted for coronavirus, they are forced into joblessness, poverty, and despair by a political class that faces none of these things. (Source.)

But Ron Paul states that if we want to maintain what little liberty we have left in our republic, “millions” (not thousands) need to start taking to the streets in peaceful protests.

Dr. Paul believes in “Resistance without Violence,” like Martin Luther King advocated.

Dr. Paul also addresses the impact on the financial system this has caused:

What about the economic policy – the financial system that takes care of the billionaires…? A few billionaires made billions and billions of more dollars, and they’re on the receiving end of the bailouts.

All of this would be answered if the people would give up on the dependency of government, and believing their authoritarianism is in their best interest. It’s in the best interest of the special interest and powerful people who are in charge.

Watch the full episode of his Liberty Report: