Sheriffs, Police Officers, Pastors, and Attorneys Are Fighting Covid Orders

By Ginny Garner

County sheriffs, police officers, pastors and attorneys fighting Covid19 lockdowns, business closings, mask mandates and unconstitutional gun laws met in Lynchburg, Virginia on September 30 to share their strategies.

The constitutional training conference was sponsored by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) founded by former sheriff Richard Mack.

US citizens were also invited to attend to learn more about how their elected sheriff is the first line of defense in their county who fight for the constitutional rights of their constituents and what they can do to preserve liberty.

Many remember Mack successfully sued, along with six other sheriffs, the federal government on the grounds that the Brady bill violated the US Constitution and destroyed state sovereignty. As he puts it:

“I sued the Clintons and lived to tell about it.”

“I feel this is the most important meeting in America since the constitutional convention,” he said of the conference.

“The people are the rightful masters of Congress, legislators and courts. It is our duty to fight those who would pervert it. There are so many traitors in our midst (for instance, the ‘covid dictator governors’) and we must make them irrelevant.”

What can concerned citizens do? Take action in the countryside of America, county by county, one sheriff at a time. Work with chiefs of police, talk to health departments, and activate the churches.

Sheriff Dar Leaf. Image source.

Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County, Michigan cited the words “a well-regulated militia” in the Constitution.

“A militia existed before the government did,” he said.

“We are the chief law enforcement officers in our county. People look to us. Children are not getting this information.”

Referring to the policemen who tased, handcuffed and arrested Alecia Keys in Logan, Ohio for not wearing a mask as she watched her son play school football, “Those guys never read the Constitution.”

Sheriff Mike Carpinelli. Image source.

“We are the last stand,” said Sheriff Mike Carpinelli of Lewis County, New York.

He didn’t go along with Governor Cuomo who signed the New York SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement) Act, noting New York has the highest gun homicides in the US.

When citizens rallied at the state capital, Carpinelli said he was the only sheriff there.

The other sheriffs told him, “Look kid, it was nice knowing you.”

But he was reelected. When he objected to the “covid edicts passed by the governor” he was warned “I am afraid your philosophy is affecting the men of your agency.”

He stood his ground.

“I stand with strength, not because of my badge, but because of God and Christ.”

Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins. Image Source.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpepper, Virginia, in his third term serving a population of 5,200 said,

“Sheriffs are one of America’s last hopes.”

He could not disagree more with Second Amendment restrictions banning assault weapons. He asked conference participants if they could recall incidents where assault weapons were used in a crime.

No hands went up.

He asked if anyone could remember one being used in a defensive act and several hands were raised. “The goal is to start with weapons they say are crazy.”

Americans have a right to gather and assemble, he said, and covid does not change this, yet law enforcement are charging people in parking lots.

“It’s a sad day in America.”

He said thousands of citizens in his county have been screened and vetted who have concealed carried permits but he cannot think of one incident where any of them have committed a crime.

Yet the state legislature wanted to make them criminals. He said he had the right to swear in a posse and auxiliary deputy.

“I am a sheriff thinking day and night what I can do to serve the citizens of my county. Their rights are being treaded upon.”

The right to keep and bear arms “is a God given right, a law of nature. Any creature will defend their life. It’s up to us to keep it.”

Most sheriffs started as police, he said.

“Don’t focus on the day you won’t have a paycheck or title. Think of the principles and honor to serve.

We have sheriffs elected by the people who make their own determination and not the mayor who decides what is right for people in a crisis. We take our oath seriously.”

Sheriff J.J. Watts. Image source.

Sheriff J.J. Watts of Eureka County, Nevada said,

“We must not allow criminals to allow legislators to make it illegal to own firearms.”

He said he refuses to participate while his citizens are turned into criminals. He filed a lawsuit challenging implementation of Nevada’s “atrocious” red flag law which violates numerous amendments.

Although his county had 10 covid “cases” covid regulations for mandatory masks, shutting churches down and social distancing were imposed. He and the citizens he represents are pushing back on them.

“No emergency declaration can take our rights from us. You have a right to assemble. It is up to each one of us to protect them.”

Sheriff Mark Lamb. Image source.

He said Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona also has taken this stance.

The Sheriff, who has 50 years of law enforcement experience, said an anti-gun law was passed in his state and he would not enforce it.

“I don’t give a hell what my governor has to say.”

The law restricted people from buying semi-automatic weapons until they are 21. Yet the same individuals can be sent to war at 18.

He pointed out the injustice of the law charging the owner with a crime committed by a thief who had stolen his weapon. BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations, he said, and that the governor and mayor support terrorism.

“We are there to protect the First Amendment as long as protestors are peaceful. When they step out of line they are going to gated community called a jail.”

He said he has a posse of about 150 citizens and the number is increasing to 250.

“Some may think it is a militia, but people get scared about that word. We have a right to bear arms and protect our homes.”

Members of his posse go through a background check, are sworn into office, wear a patch, blue jeans and a uniform shirt, and on their private vehicles is a placard saying Neighborhood Crime Watch.

The “outstanding volunteerism” includes six pilots who fly at no cost to citizens, and fire spotting looking for smoke, he said. They are allowed to carry firearms after instruction for liability reasons.

“We can’t run from liability, we have to face it and minimize it. The posse is told not to harass protestors, but that they have arrest authority under their badge if people get violent.”

He said he had the resources to do the job – 19 sworn deputies in reserve with total authority to arrest.

“If BLM and Antifa show up in my county I have fire trucks with high pressure water hoses and I will knock them right off their feet.”

He said BLM has had four protests in his county but they were peaceful.

“If I put a call out I could have 600-700 people.”

“I am a constitutional sheriff and encourage those of you who are not to become one,” he said. “We need to be constitutional sheriffs and our primary job is to protect citizen’s liberty.”

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase. Image source.

Senator Amanda Chase said she was the only Virginia state legislator to not comply with wearing a mask.

In response, a plastic shield was placed around her desk.

“This is my safe space from liberals,” she said.

She is running for governor to replace Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.

She is known as the Annie Oakley of the Virginia Senate.

“I was assaulted on three occasions because I am a loud-mouthed conservative. I got tired of being the silent majority and decided to speak out. I am one ticked off mom and that is why I ran.”

Richard Vaughn (left) and Scott Nichols (right) were awarded “Sheriff of the Year.”

Sheriff of the year awards were given to Richard Vaughn of Grayson County, Virginia and Scott Nichols of Franklin County, Maine.

Mack gave an historical presentation about the founders and constitutional rights. He said a posse could also be called a Community of Safety Minutemen.

He assists others around the country of any creed or race seeking strategies to fight covid regulations or unconstitutional gun laws. The best way to combat viruses, he said, is with vitamins C and D and whole food plant-based probiotics.

Bob Good, running for Congress in the 5th District of Virginia, warned the Democratic Party is trying to take away qualified immunity, which grants government officials performing discretionary functions immunity from civil lawsuits unless the plaintiff shows the official violated “clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.”

Sheriff Scott Nichols of Franklin County, Maine refused to enforce the order by the governor banning anyone from entering the county. He said stopping vehicles and asking drivers and passengers their purpose for entering the county would put his officers at risk.

“We will not be setting up a police state,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Conference participants were given copies of “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government” by Matthew J. Trewhella, a book explaining the intent of the US Constitution.

Sheriff Richard Mack. Image source.

Mack showed a clip of a deputy sheriff explaining to TSA airport workers that they are not violating the law to tell people not to go through body scanners.

Mack has been unfairly smeared as a racist who advocates violence.

He cited Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. as examples of Americans who engaged in civil disobedience based on their beliefs.

“Allowing citizens to be frustrated and abused….do you think that it is not going to get violent? It will.”

He cited a no knock incident where a swat team was trying to collect the unpaid student loan of his former wife.

“Federal bureaucrats want to join in this. This should never happen in America.”

“There are two types of laws: just and unjust,” said Mack.

“I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

The Nuremburg trial defense of “I was just following orders” does not justify following unjust covid regulations or gun laws.

The Brady bill called sheriffs CLEOs – Chief Law Enforcement Officers – and selected them to enforce the law.

He said he is helping pastors open their churches and mentioned how Rodney-Howard Browne was arrested by his sheriff for conducting a church service and the arrest of citizens all over America for not wearing a mask.

“How could we pretend everything is fine? Don’t tell me you are shutting my business down and taking away my freedom and that it is for my own good. We will unite in this holy cause of liberty. Let your governors know the constitution in this county will be adhered to, enforced and loved.”

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