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There has been a debate going on in healthcare for more than 100 years. It started in the 1800s when two competing points of view were put forward to explain disease, and the cause of disease.

French medical scientist Louis Pasteur wrote on the “germ theory” of disease, while his French contemporary, Antoine Béchamp promoted a theory of “terrain,” or sometimes referred to as the “cellular theory.”

The following chart highlights some of the differences between the two theories:


An objective, critical review of each theory can find some merit to each approach.

For example, Pasteur’s work on unseen germs led to a change in practice for surgeons of the day, and many credit the work of Scottish doctor Joseph Lister for starting the practice of requiring surgeons to wash and disinfect their hands prior to surgery. Hospital-induced infections such as sepsis dropped so dramatically, that the practice of sterilization spread to surgical equipment as well.

But as an overall model for disease and health, many feel that Pasteur’s germ theory of disease overstates things in a reductionist sort of way that misses much in disease treatment. Holistic doctors today who supplement their medical training based mostly on the germ theory of disease, tend to follow the work originally put forth by Béchamp that the “terrian,” more commonly referred to today as the body’s “immune system,” is much more important and effective in treating or curing disease.

The evidence to support this theory is that pathogens affect everyone differently, not the same. Even during some of the most deadly recorded “plagues” or “pandemics” in history, some people succumbed, while others did not. Usually those who survived far outnumber those who died, leading to the theory that the immune system is the key factor in not only fighting disease, but preventing it in the first place.

Of course today’s medical system is NOT focused on prevention by building up the body’s immune system, as there is no profit from that. Today’s multi-TRILLION dollar medical industry needs sick patients to treat to remain economically viable. Well patients don’t provide the same profit. See:

Investment Report Reveals Medical Cures not Profitable for Big Pharma – Sick People Needed to Sustain Drug Sales

But just as Dr. Joseph Lister put into practice Pastuer’s theory of germs with great success in reducing hospital deaths, which might be great for preventing the deaths of patients already sick and is more of a “hygiene” protocol than a health protocol, so too many physicians today are putting into practice methods that more closely follow Béchamp’s theories by bolstering the body’s immune system with great success in treating disease.

One such doctor that we have featured many times here on Health Impact News, is Dr. David Brownstein from the Center For Holistic Medicine in Michigan.

Dr. Brownstein has just published a report where he is claiming that his clinic has treated 85 patients for COVID-19 and that none of them have died, and none of them had to be hospitalized. He has also video recorded some of their testimonies.

So what treatment protocols did Dr. Brownstein use for this kind of success rate?

85 COVID Patients at The Center for Holistic Medicine: Zero Hospitalizations and No Deaths

by Dr. Brownstein

At my office, the Center for Holistic Medicine (CHM), we have had 85 COVID patients. At this time, no one has been hospitalized, no one has been diagnosed with pneumonia, and there have been no deaths.

There are five practitioners at CHM: Drs. Brownstein, Ng, Nusbaum, Jenny Drummond, PA, and Taylor Easson, NP. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, I have been asking my partners how their COVID patients are doing.

As of this week, we have had 85 patients either diagnosed with COVID or suspected COVID.  I am pleased to report that our patients are doing well with this illness. (Note, since new guidelines have come out stating that any suspected COVID patient can be diagnosed with COVID, I am lumping COVID and suspected COIVD patients together for this post.)

I first reported to you about COVID on January 26, 2020. That was the first time I presented our protocol of using vitamins A, C, D, and iodine not only to support the immune system but also to treat viral infections.

In that post, I also pointed out how important eating a healthy diet is.  The importance of using intravenous nutrient therapy, especially vitamin C, was mentioned.

Finally, I suggested that, with coronavirus, it would be wise not to get a flu vaccine since the flu vaccine has been shown to significantly increase the risk of coronavirus and other flu-like viral infections.

That post seems like a lifetime ago even though it was only 10 weeks ago. During that time period, my message has not changed. In fact, after witnessing the results our patients have experienced, I am more convinced than ever that a holistic approach like I presented above should be the first-line treatment provided to any COVID patient.

The human body is a true wonder. Given the proper support, it can do wonders. And, when the body is healthy, it can withstand and overcome an infectious illness like COVID.

The initial conventional approach to COVID was to encourage people to wash their hands (a good thing). As things worsened, the only other conventional idea was to quarantine. When the disease spun out of control our Government and conventional medicine panicked. They had no real therapies to help COVID-suffering patients except for supportive care.

Thankfully, a few conventional therapies, like hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, have been promoted—though many in conventional medicine were downplaying it for far too long.

At my office, we were ready.  The first 24 years of practicing holistic medicine was our time to figure out what worked and what did not work for people suffering from viral infections. That set us up to be ready for this pandemic.

In my blogs, I encouraged people to take high doses of vitamins A, C, D, and iodine at the first sign of an illness. In our practice, this was sufficient for the majority of our COVID patients. I (and my partners) have no doubt that the vast majority of COVID patients would avoid a deterioration of their symptoms if they started this protocol at the onset of symptoms.

However, some became more ill or did not start the oral supplements early enough into their illness. Those patients needed additional holistic therapies. These included nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine along with intravenous nutrient therapies.

To protect our staff and healthy patients, we did not treat sick COVID patients inside my office. We were gowning up and meeting our patients at their automobile at the back of our building and administering IVs and ozone therapies. Some of these patients were very sick. So far, they all recovered. I have shared some of their stories via a skype interview on previous blog posts.

To watch a few of our patient testimonials go to:

There Is Still Hope Out There (3/28/20): Christopher

There Is Still Hope Out There (3/30/20): Jeremiah

There Is Still Hope Out There (4/05/20): Kendra

I think the end is in sight. We seem to be crossing over the hump of this dreadful disease. I have no doubt we will be in a much better position over the coming two weeks.

Folks, I hope the Powers-That-Be learn from this catastrophe. In the future, we need to focus on supporting the host rather than conventional medicine’s focus on killing the infectious organism.  We do not have a vaccine or any other conventional therapy that is successful at destroying COVID.

In the future, I can guarantee you there will be other infectious illnesses that conventional medicine has no treatment to offer.  Instead of waiting for the hail-Mary from conventional medicine, it is better to be prepared and have your body ready to fight back. This can be achieved by following my original instructions; eat a healthy diet, maintain optimal hydration, exercise, and correct nutrient imbalances with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

If you don’t have a holistic doctor, it is past time to find one. At my office, we are happy to see you or do a telemed appointment. If you are interested in this please email Ann Salomon at

A holistic doctor can help you achieve your optimal health. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, are busy diagnosing pathology and prescribing the drug to treat that diagnosis. The problem with the conventional model is that the drug prescribed does not promote health as nearly all drugs poison enzymes and block receptors in the body.

There is a time and a place for drug therapies, but they are well over-prescribed in the US. The use of many drug therapies leaves the body depleted of vital nutrients that it will need when confronted with something like COVID.

As I previously stated, the Center for Holistic Medicine currently has 85 COVID patients who are all doing well and have not been hospitalized. There were some I was worried about—they kept me up at night. I called them daily to monitor their progress.

Having them increase the frequency of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine helped them all. Some of the sickest were advised to nebulize every hour or two for a short period. IV therapies and ozone treatments have helped many.

This therapy has worked for helping COVID patients. It is sad that hospitalized COVID patients are not given the proper nutritional support when they are admitted.

In a perfect world, I would immediately start an IV of vitamin C and begin nebulizing any hospitalized COVID patient with hydrogen peroxide and iodine. I am sure that would markedly lower the need for mechanical ventilation.

Final Thoughts:

Like most holistic therapies, the earlier they are started in a disease process the better they perform. AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A VIRAL ILLNESS I ENCOURAGE MY PATIENTS TO START MY VIRAL PROTOCOL OF TAKING VITAMINS A, C, D AND IODINE.   Due to the severity of COVID, I now recommend starting to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and iodine early into the illness as well.

Better times are coming. Keep me updated on how you are doing. I will much more to talk about in relation to COVID. More posts will be coming soon.

To All Our Health,