Billboard at La Cienega & Burton next to the ‘Beverly Center’ in Los Angeles put up by Basilico’s Restaurant Owner Tony Roman letting everyone in LA know that they are still open. “Leave the Mask – Take the Cannoli.”

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Italian Restaurant owner Tony Roman has defied Governor Newsom’s edicts for 7 months now. Not only does he NOT require his customers to wear masks to enter his restaurant, he forbids anyone wearing a mask from entering his restaurant!

Governor Newsom responded by sending his “Strike Force” team to the restaurant to try to intimidate their employees by threatening to arrest them, and by threatening to remove their business and liquor license.

There’s just one problem Governor Newsom encountered. Basilico’s will not be intimidated, because they are not breaking any laws that can be prosecuted in a court of law!

So they remain open for business, and the owner took out a huge billboard sign to let everyone in Los Angeles know!

His billboard slogan is: “Leave the Mask, Take the Cannoli!”

I’m sure Tony would like to tell Governor Newsom to shove the cannoli where the sun don’t shine! But then again, being Italian, probably not. He probably has far too much respect for authentic Italian food to waste a good cannoli like that….

Holy Cannoli! This a picture of a cannoli from Basilico’s!

Watch the video of the billboard going up in Los Angeles as a clear sign of one small business owner’s expression of liberty. (We will replace this video if it disappears from YouTube.)


Taking a stand for freedom comes at a cost, however, and Tony has received death threats and threats to burn down his restaurant.

Here is a Press Release he just published a few days ago:



October 15, 2020 – Huntington Beach, CA – ‘Basilico’s Pasta e Vino’, an Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA, today is announcing that under the control and direction of Governor Newsom in July 2020, coincidently two days after an unaffiliated ‘Recall Gavin 2020’ petition tent appeared on the sidewalk near the restaurant, a ‘strike team’ of agents converged on the restaurant declaring Basilico’s ‘failure to obey the governor’s order.’

Newsom’s agents issued a criminal citation to a single staff employee, even threatening to arrest him.

This persecution comes with serious consequences, including jail time. They also hit the business with an ‘Alcohol Beverage Control’ (ABC) administrative action under the same violation, threatening revocation of the restaurant’s very valuable and hard-earned liquor license, even though the business has never had a violation in its 21 year history.

Basilico’s was then warned against further violating the governor’s mandates.

However, the restaurant continues to operate normally in defiance as it has since the lockdown began in March; with dine-in, no-limit seating, no social distancing and a ban on masks (all to provide the public with a sanctuary space that still feels like pre-shutdown and vintage-era America).

A place the world-that-we-know have seemingly lost.

On an important note, not one member of Basilico’s staff, and no customers who have dined at the restaurant, have ever come down with any virus related illness.

Basilico’s has remained fully operational, never making any changes according to mandates, in an open confrontation with the governor  and his orders, as a form of non-violent protest against what ownership perceives as tyranny imposed on American citizens in the name of a media and politically driven over blown health crisis.

Ownership believes the state’s shutdown measures are far out of line with the reality of actual epidemiological data, trampling on our constitutional rights, and the only concern among Americans should be the fast spreading virus of fear.

The result of Basilico’s actions include snitches and supporters of the governor calling in death threats to ownership, management and staff with promises to burn the restaurant down, a flood of hateful one star Google and Yelp reviews, and harassing phone calls, letters, and emails many boasting about how their mission is to help force the shutdown of the business.

However instead of retreating, Basilico’s has taken the fight head-on to mask shamers and lockdown lovers, by flaunting their patriotism and resistance to what they refer to as Anti-Liberty state guidelines.

Basilico’s proudly flies an American flag side-by-side a ‘Don’t Tread on Me, Live Free or Die’ flag and posts ‘no masks allowed’ posters and applicable Constitutional amendments on its windows.

The business has even erected mini billboards outside on the intersection street corners bearing their trademark slogan ‘Leave the Mask, Take the Cannoli’, their take on the famous quote from the Oscar award winning movie, ‘The Godfather’.

They also recently put up a giant billboard saying the same near the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, CA. Basilico’s anti-mask policy is because ownership views them as symbols of submission, control and surrender, and wearing them has emboldened state governments to prolong the lockdowns.

Basilico’s feels if Americans would have removed their masks long ago, the shutdowns would have gone away with them. The restaurant’s Instagram page makes their positions very clear, with both serious posts and many others made with a wink and smile.

Ownership believes that when the State cannot legally confront you head on knowing, that what it’s doing to you and your business is unconstitutional, it then creates what appears to be enforceable law, but in reality unenforceable for lack of lawfulness.

So instead, the State uses its government un-elected regulatory agencies with no oversight to revoke licenses that allow businesses to legally exist, in an attempt to punish opposing views. Basilico’s feels strongly that citizens should not tolerate a leader who creates arbitrary rules to force obedience upon them, and that Governor Newsom is leveraging state institutions
and mechanisms to orchestrate the submission of all Californians.

For those businesses, especially restaurants who reluctantly did close and are suffering, Basilico’s hopes they will unite behind their protest. Management has created an organization called ‘Make Restaurants Great Again’ for this purpose.

When Tony Roman, of Basilico’s, first heard of the state’s impending lockdown orders, he refused to succumb to panic and surrender precious American freedoms; in the way others appeared so easily prepared to do. From that moment forward, he made certain that everything remained normal inside his doors, refusing to accept what appeared to him as an attempt by the state to use scare tactics to slowly strip American citizens of their liberty.

The restaurant has since quickly become to feel like a ‘First Amendment battleground’ (free speech zone), with people from all over California and even out of state visiting to demonstrate their support, including two car clubs out of Long Beach, CA who organized an event at Basilico’s back in August.

They filled the lot with classic cars, and even draped the front of the restaurant with a donated 18 ft. American flag. In addition, local Veterans charities even coordinated the delivery of a Vietnam era ‘Life Saver’ medevac helicopter, parking it next to the restaurant.

While some businesses have been deemed essential, and others like Basilico’s have felt targeted and discriminated against, ownership dug in further in defense of their position. Roman then learned that Governor Newsom had released thousands of convicted criminals onto our streets during the shutdown, even commuting and pardoning convicted murderers.

Then he watched Newsom give a speech following violent protests in Los Angeles showering the protesters with praise, understanding, support and even adoration, saying things such as, “God bless you. Keep doing it. Your rage is real. Express it so we can hear it. Let’s not let others drown out that rage.”

After hearing Newsom’s twisted hypocrisy, Roman promised his staff, customers and supporters that their stand against all lockdown orders was non-negotiable!

Roman said, “Any shut down of this country, especially when fear based, resulting in forced self-imprisonment is un-American! So when we were faced with lockdown orders, I immediately thought of our brave soldiers, those who have sacrificed so much, including their lives for our freedom, and how no American should dishonor them by giving back everything they fought to defend since our nation’s founding, all in one instant over a perceived public health emergency purposed shutdown and mask mandates.

I knew my stand would put our business interests at risk, expecting retaliation from the state and those who support the shutdowns and mask mandates.

However, we felt that our position was about something far greater than preserving a business. Because without liberty and freedom, we are left with nothing anyways. And the brave members of Basilico’s staff have stood with me throughout, and I am forever grateful!

We view the orders unconstitutional, as we believe state ordered lockdowns everywhere have violated at least two sections of the U.S. Constitution. Being a first generation Italian-American, my ancestors didn’t come to the greatest country in the world from Italy, for their children and grandchildren to live under someone who thinks he’s “il Duce’, Mussolini.”

Roman continued, “Governor Newsom and other government officials like him may believe that we will back down in our fight to protect our civil rights and the democracy our founders have gifted us all. But he would be very wrong, and he should not underestimate our resolve to see this through.

We had our first date to appear in court for the criminal case against us on October 7th, when nothing was addressed. And the action against us by the ABC will also soon be heard.

So with these cases still hanging over our head, we are now publicly requesting that we be officially charged on the criminal action, and our right to a speedy trial by a jury of our peers be granted and scheduled.

If the governor truly believes in his authoritarian lockdowns of people and businesses, and is confident that he can prosecute his case successfully, then let’s move on with it. Otherwise drop all actions against ‘Basilico’s Pasta e Vino’, and get out of our way so we and all Americans can move on with our lives and run our businesses without interference.”

Two prominent California lawyers, John Cogorno out of Orange County, and David Hakimfar from Los Angeles, have recently begun their defense of Basilico’s Constitutional Rights in response to the Governors infringement efforts. (Source.)

Peggy Hall of The Healthy American recently published a video regarding Tony Roman and Basilico’s, as she works with similar small businesses in California, teaching them that California’s mandates are not legal, and to enforce such mandates would actually put a business in violation of the law.

“Make Restaurants Great Again!” Basilico’s Pasta e Vino is a restaurant that never closed, never had masks, never did distancing or hand sanitizers, never reduced number of patrons or any of the other unlawful nonsense that the Gov of CA tried to perpetrate upon business owners.

Huntington Beach, CA-based Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, owned by Tony Roman, is a favorite spot of patriots, and a favorite target of snitches. Here you’ll get a glimpse into Tony’s restaurant and heart of a freedom fighter, through his press release calling out Newsom’s unlawful strike teams.

See more about Basilico’s here:

Read the press release here:

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