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Healthy Traditions founder and owner Brian Shilhavy sent out an announcement this weekend regarding the online business’s Food Security program.

A message from Brian Shilhavy, owner of Healthy Traditions, regarding food security.

The 2020 COVID response has turned our world upside down, almost overnight. Thousands of businesses have closed, and millions are out of work.

Healthy Traditions, originally started as Tropical Traditions, Inc., in 2002, has been blessed to be one of the small businesses to survive the first round of this “New World Order” that is quickly unfolding before us.

I believe we have not seen the worst of this current plan in place to radically change the world and the way we live, and I have been publishing much of what I see happening, and who the major players are behind all of this, as Editor of Health Impact News.

The Globalists who have now taken over the world’s economic system have a plan in place, and whether or not that includes a business like Healthy Traditions to continue operating, offering the public a real choice to the commodity food system controlled primarily by the same group of businesses tied into the Central Bankers and Wall Street Billionaires, is unknown.

Therefore, we are looking for local distributors that are currently serving their communities already with wholesome and healthy products that are also an alternative to mass produced, cheap commodity food and products.

This could be a co-op, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group, a local buyer’s club, or something similar.

We would like to spread our inventory out across the country to like-minded businesses and producers, and then be able to refer our customers in those areas to join your group, especially in the event that the power grid or Internet goes down for any length of time, leaving people unable to purchase our products via the Internet.

We have currently invested in food that has a long storage life, such as coconut oil, sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar), and whole grains (Einkorn and other ancient grains, flax seeds, whole corn from Mexico, etc.) Some of this inventory is already in stock, and more is on the way in the next 30 – 60 days.

Most of these are products we already carry, and they all meet our stringent standards of being tested for glyphosate, and for GMOs if there exists a GMO equivalent that could cause contamination (such as corn which we source from Central Mexico). We are also adding a few new products with long storage life, such as a whole cane sugar from South America (we’re testing it for glyphosate now).

We are asking for an initial order of $10K investment for a group to secure some of this inventory, and in return permission from the organization to refer our customers in your area to your business. We will not publicly reveal any locations, only contact information.

As I stated above, these should be existing businesses or groups that are already serving their communities, and not new startups. We might have some perishable food items to offer as well, such as our grass-fed meats from Wisconsin, but we encourage groups to look for local sources of perishable food to offer your group members. Any frozen storage should have a good back-up power plan in place as well, for when the electrical grid becomes unstable.

If this interests you and you would like further information, please contact me here:


Brian Shilhavy


Brian Shilhavy is the founder and owner of Healthy Traditions, and the founder and editor of Health Impact News.