by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A video going viral on Twitter earlier today featured a man who had just finished his shift in the hospital Emergency Room. He is not identified in the video, but judging from the comments and someone who apparently knows him, he appears to be in Southern California somewhere.

They had just dealt with a patient who tried to kill himself by blowing his brains out, and is now brain dead.

He complains about how the mental abuse from COVID restrictions is harming way more people than any physical effects of COVID, and they are apparently seeing more cases from this kind of mental abuse than actual COVID cases.

He encourages everyone to stop watching the corporate news media on TV, which is brainwashing people right now to believe things that are not true about COVID.

He encourages everyone to stop complying with wearing a mask, because he believes that once they achieve full compliance on mask requirements to move around and participate in society, then they will pull a “bait and switch” on the public, and then start requiring that everyone be vaccinated with a dangerous vaccine that nobody actually needs, in order to participate in society.

If this video becomes too popular, Twitter will probably remove it, so we put a copy on our Bitchute Channel.

To understand more fully how the corporate media on TV is brainwashing everyone, please watch the documentary “Out of Shadows.” It had tens of MILLIONS of views on YouTube before they removed it.