Coronavirus VII: We Are Ready and You Can Be Ready Too!

by David Brownstein, M.D.

For over 25 years my office, The Center for Holistic Medicine  located in West Bloomfield, MI, has been effectively treating viral infections. The last few days I have seen the panic that is occurring: schools are closing, college students sent home, and all large events are being cancelled.

Rather than a time to panic, this is a time to reflect on our health care system and how to ensure that your immune system is ready to fight COVID-19 (the present coronavirus infection).

Conventional medicine’s approach to COVID-19 is suboptimal. They can offer hand washing and quarantining. That is about it. Really, it is pathetic!!

At my office, we are not worried about COVID-19. As I mentioned above, we have been successfully treating coronavirus, influenza, rhinovirus and many other viral flu-like illnesses since 1993. That is a long history.

The media and the Powers-That-Be would have you believe that this is the first-time coronavirus has ever infected humankind. That is simply not true. In fact, about 20% of common colds are caused by…coronavirus. (1) It is important to know that coronaviruses have been around for hundreds of years. I know this strain is different, but all viruses change (mutate) on a yearly basis. In fact, the influenza virus changes during every flu season. As I previously stated, I have been treating these viral changes for over 25 years.

My partners (Dr. Nusbaum, Dr Ng,  Taylor Eason, NP & Jenny Drummond, PA) have all found success using natural therapies to enhance the body’s immune system as well as to kill viruses including flu-like viruses. Today, I ordered intravenous hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, ozone, and glutathione for my sick patients. I am confident these therapies will help them recover uneventfully. Keep in mind my partners and I have nearly 80 years of experience with these therapies! Not only do they work, they can be miraculous. Just ask our patients!

Intravenous nutrient therapies are wonderful treatments, but there are other oral natural therapies that are effective against viral infections including coronavirus. Vitamins A, C, and D along with iodine have proven benefit. At the first sign of any illness, I suggest my patients take 100,000 U of vitamin A (NOT beta-carotene), 50,000 U of vitamin D3 and 5-10,000 mg of vitamin C per day for four days. Pregnant women should not take high doses of vitamins A and D. Vitamin C can be increased to bowel tolerance.

What else can you do?

It is important to eat a healthy diet free of refined sugar, salt, oils, and flour. And, perhaps the most important thing is to maintain optimal hydration. That means taking your weight in pounds, divide the number by two and the resultant number is the minimum amount of water to drink in ounces per day. I cannot stress the importance of drinking optimal amounts of water.

I had my annual lecture last Saturday. My office manager, Ann, called me one week ago today and said she felt like she was getting sick. She started taking the above supplements (vitamins A, C, and D) and reported that next morning, “This stuff works. I feel totally normal. I am sure I was getting sick. I can’t believe how much better I feel.”

We hear the same results from our patients on a daily basis.

It is too bad hospitals refuse to use natural therapies on sick patients. That is when a patient needs it the most.

Intravenous hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C and ozone should be done in every hospital across the United States.

But, don’t hold your breath for that to occur. Over 20 years ago when I rounded on patients in the hospital, I ordered a nutrient IV that contained vitamin C and minerals.

Right after the order was registered, I received a call from the pharmacy department. The head pharmacist told me that was not on the formulary.

I replied,

“I don’t care. I wrote the order and I expect it to be done. I know you have the ingredients in the hospital.”

I was told I would have to contact the medical director and go in front of a committee to make my case. The medical director called me later that day telling me that IV would never be allowed. I told him I would not admit any more patients to that hospital.

As Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus is nothing to take lightly. It is also nothing to panic about. Yes, some will get very sick from it. Keep in mind that people get sick from many things. Viruses can cause serious problems. To minimize your risk, follow the instructions I have outlined for you here.

At the Center for Holistic Medicine we have been ready for COVID-19 for over 25 years. I look forward to seeing you at my office.

To All Our Health,

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