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Dr. Ivette C. Lozano from Dallas, Texas recently addressed a crowd during a rally to express her frustration over successfully treating COVID patients.

She claims that patients were coming to her because they were being turned away from hospital emergency rooms and other doctors, and were simply being told to go home and quarantine themselves “to save the rest of society” without getting any treatment.

Dr. Lozano said she received no help from the American Medical Association, the Texas Medical Association, or the Dallas County Medical Association on how to treat COVID patients.

She explains how she heard about Hydroxychloroquine from the President Trump press briefings, and how this drug had been used successfully to treat COVID-19 patients in other countries. It is a drug with a 60-year history of being safe, and it is inexpensive.

So she started prescribing it to her patients, and they were feeling better and symptom-free within 24 hours.

But the pharmacies apparently became aware of how much she was prescribing, and that’s when the troubles began.

Dr. Lozano has been practicing medicine for more than 29 years, and she said: “For some reason, those bureaucrats that are standing next to our President, that think that they know more about medicine than I do, are telling me I can’t use it!”

Here is a partial transcript:

I am currently treating COVID patients in my office.

Let’s just start with some simple numbers. And we’ve heard these numbers, but I want you to think about them.

330 million people in the United States of America.

29 million people in the State of Texas.

2 million people in Dallas.

111 dead.

When you see those numbers, it kinda shocks you. That we could stop society for 111 deaths.

Let me explain how they do it. Here is how it is notified to you.

27,000 positive COVID tests. 3000 recovered. 111 dead.

Well, if 3000 are recovered, from 27,000 positive tests, that 24,000 that have recovered, right?

Because we’ve only got 111 deaths.

Regarding her COVID patients:

These patients present with a fever. A fever like the fever you get with malaria.

It comes on at night. They have night sweats. These patients present with cough, only elicited with deep breath.

So they are short of breath. Their lungs are tight, as though you would notice with an asthmatic attack.

But most importantly, these patients present in panic. They are afraid. They are anxious. They’re actually afraid to get diagnosed.

They have been staying at home for days, and not coming into the office.

Why is that?

Well that’s real simple. When they go to the emergency room, they’re turned away.

If they have a fever, they’re sent home and told to quarantine, to save the rest of society.

During those many precious days when they’re sent away, and sent home, they infect their family members.

And so a lot of my patients are in groups of families.

This is not just happening in the emergency rooms. This is happening in doctors’ clinics.

These doctors that are not opening their practice, that are all of a sudden implementing telemedicine….

Let me tell you something, from a physician that’s been practicing for 29 years: I CAN’T EXAMINE YOU THROUGH A COMPUTER SCREEN!

We can’t Facebook or FaceTime for me to see what’s wrong with you!

I have to touch you. It’s called a “physical exam.” And this is what I went to medical school to provide care in the midst of a pandemic.

Not to hide in my fancy home, with my fancy cars and my family.

Next, she discusses the treatments she is using.

Now, let’s go a little step further. Let’s talk about treatment.

You would think that I would get some kind of guidance from the American Medical Association, the Texas Medical Association, the Dallas County Medical Association.

Well, I was on a live telecast, and here’s what I heard from the Texas Medical Association: we need to increase visas to bring in foreign medical doctors to help us take care of COVID patients.

Really? Are you kidding me?

Now, the things that I tell you are personal experience. I was on that call. Needless to say, that was my last call.

So where, and how did I learn how to treat COVID patients?

Well, I’m gonna tell you. I learned it from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

When this pandemic started, President Trump was giving daily interviews to the media. And he came across, because you realize as President of the United States, he’s dealing with heads of states of other countries.

And he came across a treatment protocol that had been successful in France.

One doctor had treated 29 patients and every single patient had survived. And every single patient had improved.

And President Trump thought that that was newsworthy.

God forbid that he share that with doctors. We didn’t receive any advance from the local medical agencies that we all pony up our money to belong to and become members of.

So I wrote these things down. I wrote they medications down. And I waited and I waited for my COVID patients that just didn’t come in.

Because you see they were going to hospitals and emergency rooms, and they were going to employee clinics looking for treatment, and they were being sent home, and told to quarantine 14 days.

Don’t come out. Protect the community.

Well about them? What about their health?

So, they started slipping through the cracks and calling me.

Are you open?

Hell yes!!

Can I come in?

Absolutely! That’s what I make the big bucks on.

And as they came in, I implemented the only thing I had heard that had worked in other countries. Countries that had been inflicted with this virus before we even knew its name.

And so I wrote a prescription. And I sent them home. And I added a little bit to the protocol that President Trump gave, as I am a physician, and it’s called the Practice of Medicine.

So I gave them a couple of shots. Yes. Antibiotic shots in the butt.

Not one single one denied them.

And guess what I found to my surprise? The very next day they were all amazingly better.

I was actually surprised! Within 24 hours the patient was completely symptom free!

And here’s the take home message for all of you: It’s called hydroxychloroquine. It cost $13. It’s been on the market for 60 years.

For some reason, those bureaucrats that are standing next to our President, that think that they know more about medicine than I do, are telling me I can’t use it.

In fact, not only are they telling me that I cannot use it, in two states it is completely illegal to prescribe it.

Most of my colleagues are afraid to use it because the agencies that they work for have told them that the risk is too high.

It hasn’t been FDA approved.

Well the FDA can approve you know what on my behind! (crowd goes hysterical)

Listen to the whole speech and see what problems she ran into with pharmacists as she began to use this more.

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