Dr. Igor Shepherd’s Talk About the Horrors of a ‘Covid’ Vaccine

by Gary D. Barnett

Dr. Igor Shepherd is a medical doctor/manager for Wyoming’s State Public Health Department/Preparedness Unit, and is on the Covid response team.

I was able to have a conversation with Dr. Shepherd after he did a talk for “Keep Colorado Free and Open” [recently].

Dr. Shepherd wrote to me, and I was able to get a copy of his important talk. He has taken great risk to do this talk about the horrors of this new ‘Covid-19’ vaccine, so I recommend that all watch and listen.

It is a fairly long talk and questions are answered at the end, but it is worth every minute of your time.

He calls them “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Dr. Shepherd was born and raised in the Soviet Union, and became a Military Doctor in St. Petersburg, Russia, and studied under the Strategic Rocket Force.

He is an expert today on bio-weapons, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives,(CBRNE) and Pandemic preparedness.

His view is that these vaccines are very similar technology to the bio-weapon RND used to develop viral weapons. He fully understands that the plan of depopulation and mandatory vaccinations will be at our doorstep very soon, and is shocked that the American people are so passive concerning this enemy takeover.

He believes that this fake pandemic is the means by which a communist global government will be ushered into existence; one that cannot be voted out.

I agree with this thinking, as this technocratic takeover and economic destruction will be communistic in nature.


I just received some disturbing information from Dr. Igor Shepherd. It is a tragic shame, but certainly was expected.

Dr. Shepherd just received a call from the Wyoming State Deputy Director of Public Health concerning the video from his latest talk in Colorado that was featured on this website.

He has now been put on administrative leave, and a third party is doing an investigation on this matter. He believes that the Wyoming governor must have viewed his speech, thus starting the process to remove him from his position for telling the truth.

He told me that he could no longer remain silent in the face of this treasonous takeover of this nation. He is at peace with this, and regardless what happens, will continue his life and will tell the truth about this virus fraud.

This is just another attempt by the state to silence any willing to tell the truth, and expose this virus fraud for what it really is; the planned takeover of humanity.

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UPDATE: Transcript provided by GaryDBarnett.com

Dr. Igor Shepherd’s Talk About the Horrors of COVID Vaccine 11/10/2020

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So tonight, I’m so excited to introduce you to Dr. Igor Shepherd. He’s a medical doctor and is currently a readiness and countermeasures program manager at the Wyoming Department of Health Preparedness and Response Unit in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He’s been a public speaker at numerous preparedness conferences throughout the United States. So conferences that prepare for disasters, pandemics, epidemics, things like that.

And with the Centers for Disease Control to help prepare and review emergency preparedness, cooperative agreement applications, strategic plans, progress reports, data, deliverables.

Like, his resume over a life is this long. So this is just a short version of it.

He also provides monthly briefings for the State of Central Function Partners, and Health and Human Services representatives.

So he’s very familiar with what’s going on with COVID around the country. And he’s going to be sharing a lot of information that you probably have not heard before.

Before working for the state of Wyoming, he worked in various other emergency preparedness jobs and also at a Nevada nuclear test site for counterterrorism operations.

And he was involved in technical research and development on national domestic preparedness and nuclear security for the Department of Justice Office for Domestic Preparedness, Department of Homeland Security, DOE and NSA, DOD, ETRA, FEMA, National Guard, tactical SWAT teams, law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals.

So we have a stupendous, amazingly qualified speaker here tonight to tell us about what’s going on with coronavirus and the vaccine that’s coming as soon as November 15th. It’s supposed to be shipping out to states beginning November 15th from Pfizer.

Please welcome Dr. Igor Shepherd.
SHEPHERD: Thank you. Thank you.
Well, thank you everybody. I hope you can hear me. My broken French accent. (Laughter)

SHEPHERD: No, I’m from Russia obviously, so.


SHEPHERD: I can repeat myself if you need it, that’s fine.

We had some disturbances today. My laptop died off. I’m not sure if NSA or something else is going on.


SHEPHERD: But that’s OK. I have my memory. I still have some left in me.


SHEPHERD: So, well, my name is Igor Shepherd. And I came from a very dark world, OK? I’ll be honest with you. Today, I will speak from my heart not from my computer.

First of all, for the last 10 months, I was an intelligence section chief for COVID Response Unified Command in the state of Wyoming. I’ve spent about seven years working at the state of Wyoming Department of Health.

But before that, I need to go a little bit back in my background as a military physician, internist and specialist on weapons of mass destruction.

As I told you, I came from a dark world of Communism, OK? I was born under Communism. I was raised under Communism. Communism was all over me, around me and inside of me, OK? It’s a very dark world, by the way. You don’t want to taste that world.

Now, the good news for me, in 1992, God shined his marvelous light upon me, a sinner like me. So, I accepted Christ in my heart. It’s changed my life completely.

SHEPHERD: Thank you. Not to me but to the Lord.

So, but I have to go back a little because I am connecting dots and links now. So, you can understand what kind of life is coming upon us and how it is connected actually to Russia and China, OK?

Some things I will say that you may have never heard before. Some things you might say that looks like illusion to me. But I want to speak from my back experience, my background.

For four years, I spent the time when I became a military officer and military physician at Strategic Rocket Force of the Soviet Union. I spent four years of my life as a chief health officer in Poland with special battalions, special operations battalions.

That is a very unique place. We took care of actually the maintenance of biological weapons, mid-range, specifically directed toward Germany, United States forces located at Germany.

That’s a time when I did a lot of stuff I’m not proud of. I did a lot of different vaccinations and immunizations on people, soldiers, civilian personnel. I did not know what I was vaccinating them with because I should not know that.

So, they brought in those suitcases of clean ampules with the material and I did the injections. Eighty-five injections an hour. Special injectors.

I could not share any side effects, localized inflammation, generalized side effects, nothing. It was not my point. Because Military Intelligence was breathing upon me.

So, I spent some time in Poland. We took care of some things in there. And now I came into the United States. What shocked me now for what is going on for the last 10 months in the United States, we call this so-called COVID pandemic, let’s put it this way, gently.

I want to speak — that I want to tell you something very interesting that happened a few days ago when CDC decided not to count flu patient cases anymore for 2021. What that means, all flu cases go toward COVID numbers because they’re not high enough in the United States.

We have a problem, we have a deception, and we have treason. I will speak about treason later. But treason at the highest level.

So –-
SHEPHERD: Can you hear me OK without microphone?
SHEPHERD: That’s what I’ll figure out. All right, that’s good. Thank you.

So anyway, the point is, what I’m trying to reach to you, when I started researching the situation with COVID pandemic and SARS-2-CoV virus, I learned that this virus actually clearly is very similar as the 2003 SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus, which happened in 2003.

Similarities up to 80% to 85%. Identical. So much identical that this virus cannot even be separated as a different strain of the virus. So that’s OK. I understand.

By the way, this virus now is no longer this virus anymore. Since July of this year, this virus changed and shifted into something else. They said it’s mutated. So, we don’t have a SARS-2 anymore. We need to call it SARS-3 or 4 or 5, because mutations happen constantly with this strange ghost-looking virus. OK, that’s fine.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Do you want this? SHEPHERD: Yes, please.
Oh, great. Thank you very much.

Anyway, so I’m trying to reach — what I’m trying to say here. What I’m trying to say is that when probably health departments, HHS and CDC need to push up the numbers for whatever reason in the United States because it’s too low — it’s not enough mortality rates; the hospitals are empty — then something is wrong here, OK? Something is not right here.

In the state of Colorado, they have about six locations that’s called alternative care sites. They spend millions and millions of dollars thanks to Governor Polis at those locations. I’m joking probably. You understand that.


SHEPHERD: But $20 million they spent at the Ranch {Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO}, by the way, $20 million. They’ve already dismantled the whole thing already. There’s no patients there. Nobody needs them. So, what’s going on with this country? Why are we facing this?

I’ll tell you why we’re facing this. I go back to my Communist time. I was trained to destroy the United States of America. Forgive me for that, God. And forgive, you, me. Please forgive me for that.


SHEPHERD: I trained during the Cold War to destroy the United States physically. Not spiritually, physically. When I say that, that’s how darkness works.

Some people say, oh, it cannot be so bad. I mean, come on, people are not that evil. Yes, there is a lot of evil people in the world. I met many. I worked with many.

So, speaking of vaccines, as you already understand, it’s kind of a strange and questionable situation about the COVID pandemic. It just came just on time. So, if I tell you the COVID pandemic was prepared for the last 19 years in the United States, are you OK with that?


SHEPHERD: Nineteen years, I believe, since 2001, called Operation Dark Winter exercise, biological.

Between 2000 to 2006, I worked in some projects, some classified projects at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, city of Mercury, for NNSA, National Nuclear Security Agency.

We did some work with DTRA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency. They did some biological tests inside the test site and such things.

It’s a preparation. It’s a long, long wait. They know what they’re doing and they know how they’re doing it. It took a lot of years for them to prepare for this moment, today, in the United States. And globally. It’s a global mission to bring global Communism into every corner of this land. Not only the world, the United States.

The plan of the destruction of the United States right now is going with the full speed. And vaccines are playing a major role in this part.

Now I go back to my history, my military work in Poland and organizations and facilities in the Soviet Union and to Russia, who fully developed many biological weapons of mass destruction, viral, bacterial and such. Mostly genetic weapons.

And I want to name one institution I am familiar with. At that time was Lev Sandachiev, a general, one star, who was the director of that institution. It’s called the VEKTOR Institute in Novosibirsk, Russia.

What is special about this place? What’s special about this place, they built vaccines for people. Vaccines. Innocent vaccines. At least that’s what they told the world.

But what they were building were weaponized viral weapons, genetic, recombinant DNA type, Messenger RNA, Mature RNA type, devices, biological weapons, purified. They’re still doing this after so long, about 40 years, OK?

What strikes me the most, the six companies -– not six — five companies who are actually involved today in production of billions and billions of vaccines, and one special, Pfizer. The coolers are already ready. They’re standing and waiting for the moment to start shipping. Ultra-cold-level freezers.

Pfizer, I will talk with you about Pfizer a little bit more.

But what strikes me the most, the technologic technology, which they’re using, so evolutionary new. It’s all a lie. It’s not revolutionary technologies. The technologies were used 30 years ago in the Soviet Union — and then China and North Korea and Cuba — in laboratories, biological, to develop biological weapons of mass destruction. Same technology as they’re using today to develop vaccines for us. That’s first message.

Second, 1977, USSR/90/77 project. What’s so special about that? It was the H1N1 influenza outbreak. In China first. Swine flu. You heard the swine flu, 2009, H1N1 also. It was happening in 1977, 1978.

So, what’s special about this project? What’s special about this project, that in the city of Leningrad, St. Petersburg today—in fact it worked. They used subway systems to spray weaponized influenza A on the Soviet population, four million-sized people at that time in Leningrad, today St. Petersburg.

Two million people become inoculated, sick from that, when you have special dispersal devices with influenza weaponized virus, something happens.

Why did they choose subways in Leningrad? There are different than other subway systems in the world. They go very deep down there. So, air flow is beautifully controlled, environmental situation here we’re talking about. Around 70,000 people died from that event.

The World Health Organization today, all they know about this is was just a swine flu or simple Russian flu. It has nothing to do with Russia. It’s all about China. It is China. OK?

So, what that means? Why they did that? I’ll tell you why. They prepared vaccines before they spread all that material in the subway systems. And then they inoculated and vaccinated innocent civilians in Leningrad with that new bird flu vaccine that’s supposed to be effective. 70,000 died.

So, hmmm, so many years later, what I’m seeing here today? Is this some kind of repeated Americanized style of Communism coming toward us? What’s going on here?

What’s going on, the most technologies which are used today by Big Pharma, and I already told you, is Messenger RNA technology, which will reprogram our immune system and take control of our immune system. We will no longer control our immune system. It controls us. It releases antibodies at a time when they need to be released.

Let’s go back to Russia again. Russia has a lot of history as you can see. Project “Factor,” a classified project, Moscow, St. Petersburg, early ‘90s. Designers of biological weapons for rheumatoid arthritis, myelitis and lupus erythematosus. They over-stimulate the immune system of people to create super-fast debilitating diseases. How long does it take to develop multiple sclerosis for a person? It takes time. If it’s a biological release, it will only take about two weeks and the person cannot walk anymore.

OK, what’s similar with this? Let’s look at the story of AstraZeneca, one of the U.K. companies, in cooperation with Novavax -– is another company, United States, by the way. I think they’re from Massachusetts or Maryland. Those two develop also a vaccine, a very nice one, Sf9-BV.

The platform of this vaccine used an insect, armored -– how they’re called – Fall Armyworm moth. You know, moth flying? It’s my Russian.


SHEPHERD: Armor moth -– that’s what it is.

So, they took extracted genes from that insect and implemented into the vaccine.

OK, now this is what we will be actually seeing very soon. And I don’t even care about that much about this story.

What I do care about is the immune system. Our immune system will be over stimulated and the reactions won’t be just around the injection site, which is already proven by clinical tests, what they did already.

What else is special about this vaccine from AstraZeneca? Well, they use saponin. Saponin is actually natural soap. It’s grown in the tree, Quillaja, I believe, a name from Chile. It’s a bark from the tree. Big deal.

Well, the big deal is they are used as an adjunct material to stimulate more immune system if it’s not enough. Why do you think some people start developing strong clinical manifestations after they overdose them with this vaccine? Then they said, “oh, we have an excuse; we put too much dose; let’s decrease the dose.”

It has nothing to do with the dose. It’s all about what was inside of that vaccine. This material adjuvant is used to stimulate a strong immune system.

But the problem is its stimulation is toxic. It’s not only destroying cells but it’s also creating hemolysis in the cells. It means the coagulatory system is damaged. It means people will be bleeding to death, but not fast. OK? Not fast. And we start with spleen and then we can talk about the liver a little bit more.

So, OK, all of those guys declare everything is fine and clear. What’s the problem now? There’s no problem. The clinical trials are done superfast, as you know. You’ve heard. You heard them say a few things. Do you think they actually are showing you what actual clinical data is after all of these tests?

Why are they not talking about the Filipino physician who died from that vaccination, for example? How about two women from the U.K. who are now disabled practically? And I still have a question on the subject of that disability. Because one developed Amyloidosis. And it seems to me like all ADEM, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis only happened in one person out of 250,000 people. It’s not normal! Vaccinations do not do this!

Then my question is: Why is the myelin affected? Why she started losing intensely her myelin? Myelin is used for what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The nervous system.

SHEPHERD: Yes, for nerve signal. That’s what it’s for. When you have damaged myelin, the signal is disturbed. It’s cannot go from axons to dendrites anymore normally. She barely walked a few months ago and they said the recovery will be two years. I don’t believe recovery will happen at all.

But that’s not the point. The point is why this has happened with her. All clinical trials were done only on healthy medically examined and tested adults. And she was healthy at that time.

So, what’s the story here? Let’s go back to the project “Factor” again. Russian Federation, the classified project “Factor,” when they did tests on the myelin and depletion of myelin. The same technology used for the development of biological weapons in Russia in the early 90s.

What is going on? How did Big Pharma know all of that stuff?

Well, some people came; defectors came. You don’t know their names. I know only one name. Sergei Popov is his name. He was specialized in designing bioweapons for the Russian Federation. He worked in the VEKTOR Institute and other locations. Finally, the CIA found him in Texas many years ago. I don’t know where he is now. But he has enough knowledge to help somebody for good money.

I am not blaming anybody. I’m not using names. But you need to understand that there’s a lot of evil science in the world, OK? There’s a lot of evil science. And a lot of evil scientists. OK. How deeply evil of them.

OK. My question to you, biological weapons, why are they used? Because it’s developed from the body of a died doctor. OK? Nikolai Ustinov is his name. He died in 1988 when he made a mistake. He injected himself, his thumb, with the needle, with a Marburg hemorrhagic virus, weaponized already. Instead of the mouse, he cut himself. Obviously, the animal did not want to get that injection. He got it. He died very fast, in one week. He bled to death.

All right, that’s the story. You can read all this about him.

But what happened next is interesting. They preserved his body for some time and took some organs and actually created biological weapon, Marburg U, virus, after his name. And that Marburg U biological weapon is the strongest hemorrhagic fever biological weapon that’s ever existed in the world. And it’s still inside the Russian stockpile.

OK? How many can be affected by this {Marburg U bioweapon}? Well, many, one or two million in one shot in an urban area, New York or L.A. Probably a three or four-week time. No vaccine, no treatment, and never will be!

What kind of crazy person can develop something which kills everything, including themselves? It’s all about distance, my friend. An ocean separates the Soviet Union from the United States. Iron Curtain. It means it’s shut down.

Can you go over to North Korea at any time recently? Anybody visited? Good luck. Try to penetrate that country. That’s serious stuff.

They build biological weapons without resolution. What that means is kill as many as possible, as much as possible, as fast as possible.

OK, as far as the Russians, I mean, they’re all crazy. I understand that.


SHEPHERD: Yes, they’re crazy. In fact, they have a technology that built a biomass of smallpox, 200 metric tons annually. 200 metric tons of smallpox, weaponized, by the Russians can be built in one year. Why? 50 kilograms can kill the whole world in 100 days. Why do you need 200 tons?

Because they’re all crazy. Because Lucifer does not hold boundaries. And when men follow Lucifer, men become Satan himself. And we have those today who are working for Big Pharma and those like Bill Gates who actually serve him. That man put so much money into so many things. All vaccine companies are controlled by him. All of them.

Do you know how many vaccines are actually built in the world today for COVID? Almost 200 modalities–200! Every nation is trying to build something. And only six are chosen for the United States, especially. And all those six, actually five of them, are Messenger RNA technology. Messenger RNA technology is unknown for human beings. It’s never been tested before.

So, tell me, please -– I just simply ask you a simple, simple question. It’s a logical question. Following the CDC, the recovery rate from COVID-19, is 99.8 percent. I will repeat myself, 99.8 percent recovery rate with this disease. Deadliest in the world disease. We’re all afraid of it. I’m still trying to find somebody to meet who actually had it. Three or four days and gone. HCQ and you take some zinc and you’re alright, OK? It’s a less mortality rate than the seasonal flu. In fact, the mortality rate {for Covid-10} is only 0.1, 0.5 percent. So, what is the problem? Please, tell me.

Now, stop yourself and think. With this doubtful situation, we need to vaccinate seven billion people on earth and very, very fast. What’s wrong with this picture? I want to ask you just a logical question. What’s wrong with this picture?

Mask wearing? I feel free in this room today, all right? I don’t see masks on your faces. (Cheering and applause)
SHEPHERD: I don’t see distancing.
(Cheering and applause)

SHEPHERD: And I don’t see lockdowns of this church, OK?

So, what the heck is that about? H1N1, swine flu, 2009, 67 million ill people in the United States. 67 million diagnosed with the swine flu, 2009. Any masks? Any lockdowns? Any distancing?

So, what’s the problem today in 2020 with the strange ghost virus–coronavirus? It’s so scary. There’s so much inside of me, I’m shaking. So, what’s the problem here? The problem is an agenda. This is a problem.

And let me tell you something else, if you were not sure before. I believe every public department in this nation is infiltrated with Communists today. I believe every state government and federal government is infiltrated with Communists today.

This is why you have a lockdown and mask wearing and all of that other stuff. They’re just following the Chinese style of response. Because the Chinese know what to do about it.

Have we become a Communistic country? Do we have any freedom left inside of us, if not outside? So, what is wrong with us as a nation, as a republic?

It’s an agenda! Please, understand. The message is urgent. And this is why I am talking today about these companies, like Pfizer.

And now let’s talk about treason. All six companies are deeply connected to Chinese manufacturers and Chinese research companies. I’ll just give a few examples.

Pfizer. Yesterday, on the news, 90%, great results. Everybody, the savior has come, the savior has come to the world to save us, all right? Two injections, 21 days apart, no problem, OK?

So, what

s the problem then? I’ll tell you what the problem is. They forgot to tell us something very important. Pfizer is working with BioNTech, a German company. German company and Pfizer are working with Fosun Pharmaceuticals from Shanghai, China.

Oh, yeah! How do they work with them? They develop vaccines for us. Such a big deal. Chinese develop vaccines for us. So what?

Now, we’re talking about BIB a little bit more, Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, and Academy of Medical Military Science of China.

What I’m trying to tell you is that all companies who are trying to build billions of doses of vaccines in the United States are connected to the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army. It means Chinese Military Biodefense.

And to prove that statement even more, I need to talk about Chen Wei. She’s a general. She is a one-star general in biodefense. It’s not biodefense. It’s the bioweaponry complex of China. She is the head of all vaccination projects in China–all. And she has direct access to all vaccination companies in connection with United States providers.

This is treason, people. Can you see what is coming to us? Do you think China loves you? Do you think the Chinese military will not take an opportunity?

Is that all of the examples? No, it’s not all examples. Clover, another company, Chinese, also working with BIB. They are all directly working with them. CanSino is another Chinese company also.

So, they all connected to AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson –- actually, it’s through Janssen, another company, not Chinese actually, but with very deep roots in China, since the ‘80s.

So, what I’m trying to tell you? I’m trying to tell you we have a problem. I’m trying to tell you that side effects, which were covered during the clinical trials — and it’s not very clear — they don’t even know what kind of side effects happen in two to three years from now.

A normal vaccination should take five, 10, 15 years to develop a new vaccine. Up to 15 years is a normal vaccine’s time. Now it’s squished into two or three months?

Secretly–it was not two or three months. It was ready a long time ago. Maybe years ago. I hate to tell you.

When I read a paper from Moderna, I almost choked when I found that they proclaimed on January 11 and 12, 2020, when for the first time the Chinese CDC (a world-trusted organization – right) –was sponsored and fed by Bill Gates directly, by the way. That organization {Chinese CDC} said: “We sent the gene sequence {SARS 2 CoV}, the first five genomes for the whole world to see.”

Oh, thank you very much, Chinese from Wuhan. It’s wonderful news. Then Moderna said they developed a vaccine after that, when they received the {Chinese} samples in three hours!


SHEPHERD: Three hours. You understand. You know why? Because all of these vaccines were built with algorithms. It’s mechanical. It’s all built with algorithms. It’s so computerized.

They’re trying to reprogram us now. They used a vaccine computerization to reprogram our bodies actually. Then they tell me more. Messenger RNA technology cannot reach the nucleus of the cell. No way. It’s not reissued DNA. Don’t worry, people. It will not change your DNA. Are you sure? It’s not what I heard from Russia when they did tests with Mature Messenger RNA and injected that stuff right straight into the nucleus. Though they did use different materials–they did different techniques with gold foil, zinc foil and such, all this.

Now they’re using more advanced technology based on the Chinese like CRISPR. You’ve probably heard of that technology. When they start messing around with embryos. Yes? Yes, it’s all human done. Everything is done. Do you think it’s Soviets? Oh, yeah. No, no, no, we’re not doing this. We’d never do that. Are you sure? When you have an agenda? And you should be dedicated to this agenda?

OK, agenda. What agenda? The global Communism. That’s an agenda. And it’s already here inside the United States. It’s not coming. It’s already here. Please understand that. We have a very short time, people. Very short time.

So, in a few weeks or maybe November 15th, I don’t know, in five days from now, this shipment will start moving and people start vaccinating. Essential personnel, hospital providers, first responders and all of those public health nurses who need to inject all of us with these vaccines.

And they don’t even know what to do because they need to use dry ice, 160 pounds of dry ice, for the pizza box. They call it pizza boxes, 1,000 vials inside. They can burn their fingers. Nobody’s trained. They just go and do it. Hey, not a problem. I don’t have dry ice. We don’t have dry ice. You know, Albertson’s {grocery store} will maybe have dry ice. Public health departments do not have dry ice.

My expectation from all of these vaccines, ultra-cold-type vaccines, the problem is not just safety. They are unstable. For five, six, seven hours in the cold temperature — under the warm temperature, in the room temperature, they might start changing their structure.

I don’t even know if they are actually for the COVID disease at all. I’m kind of trying to push on you this idea a little bit. Are you sure this is what it’s all about, this so-called pandemic, with a 99.8% recovery rate? And the whole world needs to be vaccinated fast. Then we’re talking about digital I.D.s and we’re talking about immunization certifications and all kinds of stuff. There’s a lot of stuff developed.

A few more minutes. DARPA. DARPA is a dark organization, the United States military. It actually was opened in the ‘50s, a counterpart of the Soviet Union. I don’t know if you know this. $100 billion was dedicated after September 11th to biological projects, dark biological projects of the United States. $100 billion. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

So, do you think they are all buying some embryos and growing smallpox or some of the old- school stuff? Oh, no, they’ve advanced very far, in fact. All six, all six vaccination companies, who are building vaccines for the United States, all are in deep relation and financial affiliations from DARPA directly, military, the United States.

Why such a close relation? Let’s talk about Moderna.  Moderna is another mRNA-type technological vaccine. They’ve had a close relation with DARPA since 2013.

One full colonel -– oh, his German name then – Wattendorf is his name. At that time, he was a full colonel Air Force. He gets an idea. Oh, we want to do antibodies very fast for all soldiers and civilian populations. We want to prevent the effects of these biological weapons from Russians in 60 days.

Oh, good idea. We have $219 million we give you. You have a good idea. Not for his pocket. I’m talking about for your project. Moderna came and started working on that project. So Moderna now–I’m not surprised– is sponsored by DARPA deeply, very deeply.

Is that all that they do? No. It’s a project to build autonomous system, which is supposed to use the best antibodies from the soldier after the blood extraction, from him, and multiply them {antibodies} quickly.

And now we’re coming to the box. Project “Box.” What’s the project? I call this Box. It’s not the Project “Box.” Actually, it’s called “Container 666.”

Oh. You know, yes, Lucifer loves to show up sometimes. Is that right? All the time, everywhere. Patent for vaccines, 060606. OK, Bill Gates, I know you love the number. I understand.

The military in the United States also loves that number. Not the whole military, the special military, biodefense projects. They’re not working for us. They are working for globalization projects. They’re working for the U.N. and the World Health Organization. That’s who they’re working for. OK?

So, what is special about that box or container, size 666? It doesn’t make sense. It should be about eight feet by eight feet. Doesn’t need to be six {feet}. OK, fine.

The project is called “Nucleus Access On Demand Now.” That’s the name of the project. Kind of strange. OK, fine.

The point is, what they want to do, they want to build this mobile transportation complex {to develop vaccines in a superfast timeframe}. It looks like a container. Inside of that container, you will see a lot of different instrumentation. And that container can produce hundreds and hundreds of vaccines in a few days, very fast. Supposedly, only to fight biological terrorism.

My goodness, I’ve been waiting for the biological terrorism for 20 years in the United States. And I’m not talking about biological terrorism when they sent that Senator -– I don’t remember his name -– in the mail a bunch of anthrax. Oh, my gosh, we’re all going to die. All right? And the roots of the biological terrorism came from some fort, some kind of fort, all right, in the United States. And the person who was accused on it hanged himself. It’s a different story. They helped him to hang himself.

But the point is — it’s not the point here. The point is they want to send these boxes all over the world, not only in the United States. So, let’s say every state had this {mobile} complex in place, OK? Oh, my gosh, something happened. I heard a biological release occurred. Really? Hey, come on, the container is coming. We’re coming to help you.

It’s OK, we’ve been doing this on soldiers. I’ve got a lot of stuff inside of me, since I was 17 years old, all right, all kind of revolutionary vaccinations. In fact, there wasn’t any revolutionary vaccinations because Russia today has the most-advanced immune-stimulation of solders.

I was running half naked in the state of Leningrad, minus 20 degrees Celsius, and I could not get sick. I wanted to get sick. I could not get sick. That’s what those vaccines can do to you. They stimulate the immune system, even our autoimmune system is stimulated. That’s how much. Then you kind of get sleepy for a few weeks.

But the point is you are untouchable at that point. How untouchable is it? I worked with the project “Multi-Drug Resistance Tuberculosis.” They did not allow me and other teams to have masks on. They were coughing in our faces. And you breath in, friend, I want to see if our vaccines work on you. So, I was a guinea pig for many years myself. We only lost one guy. He lost a half a lung due to tuberculosis. Everybody else? Nothing. Nothing. OK? Yes, they did a lot of different projects under the subject of immune-stimulation.

And I’m concerned about these vaccines now because all of them can overstimulate the immune system because we’re losing control of our bodies over them. That is not good news.

So, go back to those boxes, containers. Now imagine how fast they can develop that vaccine for us. In two days. No clinical trials at all. Immediately, the injection.

Oh, do you like that? Do you like to be immediately injected by something not even having been tested at all? Because the military told you so? But it’s coming, people. It’s coming. Unfortunately. Because we’re losing our freedoms. We are losing our freedoms fast.

So, I decided to come out from the darkness because I was in darkness for a long time. Whatever I talk today with you is a lot more. I don’t have time enough to talk about this.

But the problem is we’re all duped by federal and state and local governments. I’m sorry to put it this way directly to you.

During the Obama administration, for eight years they infiltrated every department possible in the United States with leftist ideology. Those people not just came there. I met a lot of people who had no educational right to hold program management positions or be senior administrators at all. They’re not related.

How did you get the job? Not your business. OK. What do you like the most? I love equality in any shape. I don’t like private properties. I don’t — let’s give this all away. Let’s give nothing and love our government to death. Only one problem. Don’t forget eugenics.

And now I’ll talk about Pfizer again. I cannot cover every vaccine company but Pfizer is coming on board very soon. I researched Pfizer’s three Messenger RNA formulations {the vaccine contains 3 different mRNA formulations}. Not even one. Three Messenger RNA’s coming into your body with different purposes. Some purposes are innocent, some not, and some are questionable. But it’s patented.

Who tells you? It’s a secret so we cannot talk to you. I cannot talk to you about that, I’m sorry. It’s classified. OK, I understand. I feel already comfortable and cozy in my tummy.


SHEPHERD: OK? Now the problem about this only one single Pfizer organization is this. They’re using nanoparticles, lipides, three or four lipides used. Lipoplex and Polyplex, and something else. I don’t remember.

The point is they put the Messenger RNA between lipides like a sandwich and that goes into the cell, penetrating the neighboring cell without any problem. It goes deep inside. OK, fine. It’s not supposed to reach the nucleus of the cell at all. It’s not supposed to reach the DNA or our human genome. It’s not supposed to.

But the problem — forget about human immune system right now even, I want to say something else. All that material that I just researched yesterday and found information — all have PEG, or PEGylated artificial synthetic material.

So, what is the PEGylated material all about? This material is practically plastic. But it’s not just plastic. This plastic is not biodegradable and will not degrade {break down} inside of your body.

And there’s more into it, the story line. It will affect your offspring more than you. How? Psychological affects, mostly paranoia, psychopathy’s of all kinds, and neurological effects for sure. So, we’ve built the next generation of children in the United States with such effects that it will be disastrous.

Well, it’s not happening. You know, we’re just looking at the local effects, a little boo-boo in there in the arm. So what?

I want to look not at the boo-boo in the arm and a little inflammation, or little edema. I want to look, two, three, five, six years from now. That’s what I like to look at.

So, forgive me if I say that — and I hope I cross some kind of ideas in your mind — but I call all of these vaccinations against COVID-19 biological weapon of mass destruction!  And I call it 3-G, global genetic genocide. And this is coming not only to the United States, but the whole world.

Well, everybody estimates this and everybody estimates that but the truth is, with these kinds of vaccines untested properly, with revolutionary technology and side effects that we don’t even know, we can expect millions of people will be gone!

That is a dream of Bill Gates and eugenicists. He is sleeping and dreaming about this. The fewer human beings even better, less mouths to feed, less water to drink, less air to breathe. We’ve already put masks on ourselves so we’re not breathing too much. So good, good, good. OK.

SHEPHERD: The Baal system loves it, OK?

So, if you say to me, well, that’s all with the North Korea crazy people or Russia, you know, Putin and all that stuff, and all the bunch of killers there. Oh, no. It’s not the leftovers of Communism at all. They’re here. They’re present.

If you think the Soviet Union collapsed, ah, the Soviet Union collapsed on time to collapse. They all went to the shadows. And now, in the United States, those who were in the shadows for a long time are coming out. And they’re not nice people. They don’t work for us. They don’t work for this republic.

Who do they work for? The U.N., WHO, the World Health Organization, and, of course, the group of special, the very special people. Don’t talk about them. It’s not even 1%. They’re more special. It’s .5% of those. Do not talk about them because they’ll control all of us.

And honestly, with this current vaccination campaign, we’ll all be guinea pigs. So, let’s see what happens in five, seven, 10 years from now. Do you think they’ll give us that much time? I think we’ll see this a lot sooner and a lot more aggressive.

And then they can blame as both Plan One plus Plan B. First, they vaccinate us. And then maybe something else happens, something else. Oh, a second pandemic comes but something different. You know what? It’s not SARS anymore, SARS-2. It’s not Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It looks like viruses. It’s probably mutated.

Every time a virus mutates, they tell the public it’s become more infectious, more deadly, and bad. Every single time. We’re not dealing any more in this wintertime with the SARS-2. It’s already mutated into something else that they have no name even. The name is actually just a sinister code for COVID cases. That’s what it’s all about.

People have adenoviruses and rhinoviruses, a little cold in their noses, and they immediately, what, justify it, that its COVID. Let’s do the test. Oh, I don’t have time for tests.

I need another hour to talk with you about the RT-PCR tests and all these antibody tests and BinaxNOW tests and all of that, special tests, because they’re all adjusted to specific messages. And not by us. They came from some special manufacturing companies.

And don’t call me, pleas,e a conspiracy theorist.

You know, my wife, my beautiful wife right there, June, and it’s her why I have become actually a Christian in 1992. She brought salvation to my life.


SHEPHERD: Well, on to say, 2004, we wrote a book. You won’t find the book probably anywhere. I don’t care. I’m not selling anything to you at all. It’s 16 years ago, “Inside the Red Zone,” about my life, miserable, all right? And not miserable in Christ after that.

But the point is they call us conspiracy theorists. Sixteen years ago, we talked about the New World Order is coming. That global Communism is coming. Wake up. Open your eyes, please. Do something about it. “Does America plan to do something about it?” my question is.

But you know what? When we add Christ — and that’s a good use for us — we always have a home. We are going into a dark, dark winter. In fact, we’ve going into a dark century, if we even survive that century at all. We’re going on the gray dark clouds and it’s not a joke. That’s why my message is urgent to you.

I want to say, if we believe in the Word of God, then we need to believe completely. In Isaiah 56 — 54:17, I believe, or 56, he said no weapons formed against me shall prosper. And we’ll stick to this. Because it’s a heritage of servants of the Lord. He gave us that for free, OK? Those who are in me will not suffer.

What’s coming here is bigger, bigger than all of us. The Lord is a lot bigger than them, OK? That’s why without him, we simply perish. America needs repentance first. That’s what America needs.

You have to choose in your life. What do you want to do about it all? Because they are coming to you, to your families. They will take everything from you!

We’re finding out now about small businesses and Polis. That polis is a puppet, a little puppet with nothing. It has nothing to do with (INAUDIBLE). All small businesses will be gone with the wind, completely gone under Communism. Your whole private properties will be gone under Communism. Your livelihood and desires, your dreams will be gone under Communism.

Well, it’s come. It’s ugly. It’s very ugly and Luciferian. What can you expect from Lucifer? More than nothing for us. And if you bow down to this, and if you bow down to this before the Baal, it will not save your life anywhere. You think you’ll take the vaccine and everything will be dandy and OK?

I’ll tell you what’s happening with the United States in 2021 and 2022 for sure. That vaccine will become common and a semi-annual event. Mandatory for all.

I lived under mandatory vaccinations for half of my life in the Soviet Union. You don’t ask questions. In fact, you don’t even ask what they are injecting inside of you. You just do it. That’s what the Chinese do today. They’re not asking questions. It’s not a good world to live in. Not a good world to live in. OK?

So, with this to say, I just want to tell you that — I think I screamed too much today. It’s emotional. You know, I’m not an emotional person. I’ve never been emotional. The Lord made me emotional.

SHEPHERD: I never cried at all, you know?

But with these globalists in the war with the United States, a hundred million {citizens} gone, a hundred million here. Who cares when you are under the umbrella of the Baal system?

But when Christ pulls you out of that swamp, then you open your eyes and say, “oh, my God, what I have done”? I’m glad we all can be forgiven. And it’s a wonderful thing for us.

But I just wanted to tell you, get ready for the hardest ride of your lifetime. You might see things you’ve never seen before in this country. You will not recognize this country. In six to eight months, you will not recognize this country at all. And you say,” oh, my God, what has happened”? Where are you God? Why do you lift your hands away from this republic?

Without HIM, we all perish into the darkness of the Baal system. And that Baal system has no mercy. It never has; it never will.

So, I want to thank you. I know I’m one minute over. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: I tried my best.

SHEPHERD: Thank you very much. And you know, if you have any questions, please ask. UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Yes, we’re going to take questions.
SHEPHERD: I’ll answer to the best of my abilities. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Wow. Did you fasten your seatbelts before he started speaking? (Laughter)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So, I was blown away when we talked to Igor and his wife. Just everything that we’ve read, everything that we’ve studied — we’re all researchers — it’s conspiratorial, right, and people write it off. And if you’re like me, you took it and you put it on a shelf. You know, we’ll see. But little by little, we’re seeing it being fulfilled now rapidly all the time.

And here’s Igor and June confirming it’s not just a conspiracy. We’re not crazy. We’re not nuts. We’re not extreme. It’s really happening.

So, please, write your questions. We’ll have some people collecting questions and bringing them forward just like we do at every meeting.

I just want to encourage everybody, part of what we’re doing with Keep Colorado Free and Open is we’re forming a community. We’re like-minded.

Doesn’t it feel good to come every couple of weeks and know that you’re not alone, that there are other people who thing the same way?


(Cheering and applause)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Who have seen the same things that you’ve seen, who believe the same things that you do?

We don’t have to be uniform in what we believe and what we think. But we all know that what is going on around us and what we’re being told does not match the facts. We see that the data doesn’t add up. We see that the mandates don’t make sense with what’s going on. We know that the tests are corrupted. We know that the data is corrupted. We know that we’re being lied to.

But it’s so big that we don’t know how to take it on. It’s David and Goliath, right?

Igor’s right, the answer is in Christ. And we have to bond together as a group. We have to bond together as a community. And we’re going to need each other to make it through what’s coming.

It’s a complete downer. I wish sometimes for more hope. And there’s hope beyond this. But in the immediate times, we need to be prepared.

All right, I have some questions coming in. We’ll come over here. SHEPHERD: All right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right. How do you have a job in public health, given your perspective, Igor?


SHEPHERD: Well, yes. Actually, I’m glad seven years ago, I got this job in the state public health department. I know a lot and maybe too much.

If you ask me how deeply I’m enjoying the job, well, I don’t anymore. And I don’t know. I guess I’m glad that I see some things that other people might not and I can analyze some things that people cannot and that’s helped. Who knows how long I’ll be around?

Yes, a lot of people say today, well, my, you’re still alive. Yes, I’m still alive, OK. You still have a job. Yes, I still have a job.

It’s not about the public health department. It’s about coming out of the shadows and crying out to people. That’s what it’s all about. Because we’re in a situation when you need to do that.


SHEPHERD: You just need to do that. Christian, un-Christian, I don’t care, you need to do that. You need to go and speak to others, please.

So, yes, I enjoyed working for the public health department for some time. I cannot say that I do now because I see what’s happening. I see that they knowingly or unknowingly are following the Baal system.

The Baal system is in place already in the United States. You just are not seeing it yet but its ugly teeth are already coming out. And like I told you, most public health departments have infiltration already for many years, and this is what it is.

So, I just want to say, well, that’s where I am for now. My lucky number is seven, usually, so. (Laughter)
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Can I tell them what you told us about -– well —
SHEPHERD: About the — no, you can talk free.


SHEPHERD: I’m not -–


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: He told us I may not have a job in six to eight months.

SHEPHERD: Well, like I said —

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: I mean, he’s taking a risk by coming out here and talking to people.

SHEPHERD: It’s OK. I mean, I’ve been in more precarious situations in my life. And, you know, you don’t like when CIA is knocking on your door and asking you for free dinner. I did that.

SHEPHERD: All right, that’s fine. They don’t know much, by the way. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: That’s a different story, all right?

SHEPHERD: So, they think they know. And they pretend they know. But they don’t. There’s other agencies much more qualified, but that’s a different story.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, so here’s three questions that are pretty similar. So, can you talk about chipping and surveillance in the vaccinations, technology for tracking and tracing people, and the whole technocracy and globalist desire to control every aspect of our lives?

So, all of this chipping and surveillance and tracking.

SHEPHERD: Well, we’re already tracked already; you just don’t know. Toss your cell phones and you’ll be free, maybe. All right.

Speaking of tracking and everything else, one thing I forgot, which might not be related or too related–5G. When we turn the 5G on after the vaccinations with these vaccines, some things might occur, OK? And when I say some things, I’m not talking about you’ll be brainwashed or something like this.

Though, I believe these vaccines are the first step in the transformational synchronization of your body. The more vaccines will be added to you annually, in the form of mandatory or not, because they either create links and bigger genetic shifts inside, which shifts more and more away from your human genome God gave you, OK? At some point in life, it will not be returned. I don’t know when this will happen. A lot of people (INAUDIBLE).

Surveillance? Listen, I heard some stories and I was looking for solid evidence. Because of Google and Oracle, two big operations working closely with the CIA and NSA, they have some projects actually. And I heard rumors that they actually put biochips into the vaccines for two years and, after that, they disappear so they can actually control your temperature, your feelings, whatever it is.

First of all, if they put something in you, it will not disappear in two years, all right? It will not. They don’t self-destruct. They can do self-destruction on your human body, that’s a different story. In two years, surprisingly. That’s a different story.

So, surveillance, they’re talking about bandages with all kinds of hydrogel, OK? And a lot of companies are doing all kinds of stuff like this? Yes, that is correct.

But the point is, again, what I’m seeing from my personal experience in Communism, you still have your soul, but you don’t own it. Does that make sense? You belong to the state, including your soul. Does that make sense?

I was born under Communism. I didn’t know nothing else. I thought it was normal until Christ told me, no, it’s not. There’s no truth in that. It’s a lie. Then you say, whoa, light bulb there.

Now this type of Communism is technocratic Communism. It’s a Communism with which to completely control you. But you don’t even need one million “snitches” all over the place like in the Soviet Union, sniffing around, OK? It’ll all be done by artificial intelligence. And unfortunately, yes, we’re at that level now, absolutely.

Do I want to, excuse me, tell everybody when I go to the bathroom and for how long? And why you’re flushing so much water? You should not flush so much water anymore. We need to save for the environment that water, I’m sorry.

SHEPHERD: OK? That’s global Communism. It’s a control. Yes, that’s what it is.

So, I don’t know if I answered the question. But, yes, levels of surveillance are different. NSA thinks they know all. They don’t know all.

Nobody knows all but God. Lucifer thinks he knows all but he doesn’t. And that’s his downfall, by the way.

So, I’ll be waiting when his house starts dividing, which will happen eventually. Because it’s all about the power and nothing else.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, want to clap for that one? (Cheering and applause)

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: All right, so explain how Dr. Fauci is connected with Moderna. And how involved is Donald Trump with all of this? And do you plan to have a conversation with him? Because he promotes the vaccine, right?

SHEPHERD: Yes, from what I heard, yes, he seems like he promotes vaccines. And, well, $10 billion dollars dedicated for that effort.

Now, Fauci, well -– Fauci!
SHEPHERD: It’s not about insignificance. It has nothing to do with this, all right?

I’ve met in my life Faucis’ in the Soviet Union plenty. And I’m not saying he’s a brilliant or not- brilliant virologist. I’m not talking about this at all.

I know he has interest in Moderna. I know he has stocks in not only Moderna, but in other organizations. And that’s why they push a lot of specific companies and significant companies, like Moderna or Novavax, who never produced nothing good at all, except losing money.

But they put stocks in them because it was the time to put stocks in them. They know how to manipulate the market. They know how to manipulate people. It’s very easy.

So Fauci, I don’t know, he was very heavy — I should not tell you this. It’s not about him. I know he has been a longtime sitting director for the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases. Since the ‘80s.

SHEPHERD: The ‘80s, yeah. A long time, yes. HIV, hero of HIV. Right.

I have no evidence of anything. I just speak from my experience. The same years I was sitting in different military organizations, medical, in Leningrad, and listening to lectures of some colonels, professors from the Soviet military–they never mentioned him by name, of course not. But they did mention something that struck me and I remember it until this day. HIV was developed by the United States Department of Defense and tested on the African population first.

It’s a biological weapon, tested, and with prolonged effects. It’s been going on for many years. So many billions of dollars taken by some organizations, too.

Fine, HIV, let’s create vaccine now. Do you know how many years have already passed? Forty or more? And we’re still not there. We never will be there. That’s actually a capitalistic way to do things, isn’t it?


SHEPHERD: Yeah. Yeah, I’ll give you a pill —


SHEPHERD: — but it only works by 10% to 50%. I’ll give you another pill in another few years. You buy this one now. And we can keep it going.

So, I did not say that he was involved in the operations. I just know that the operations was done by the United States military in Africa. And, hey, that’s all I can say about that.

So, I don’t know personally, Fauci–I don’t want to know him. He’s wearing too many masks and I cannot see his face.

SHEPHERD: He is faceless to me. (Laughter)

SHEPHERD: Oh, well. Now we will go into a sensitive area, yes, Donald Trump. OK. He’s a businessman, is that right? He’s always been. “Apprentice,” I love that show actually. Wonderful show.

SHEPHERD: You know, all that. He made a lot of money on that show.

I’ll tell you about what I don’t like about Donald Trump. And I’ll be honest with you. He’s saying that he cares about people but I’m not sure because he is pushing vaccines. And he is pushing vaccines fast.

But the problem about vaccines, before pushing so fast and so powerfully, he invested 50% of the funds from the Pentagon. This is not something I would do.

First, I say, why do I need to give this kind of stuff to people, still untested, by the way, in the name of what? So, is it the business? Is it some proposition? Is it some direction or some, you know, plan?

I know many people love Donald Trump. He has charisma. He can speak. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kind of.
SHEPHERD: Kind of, yes. He out-did himself sometimes.

SHEPHERD: But the problem is I believe he’s a globalist. In fact, he said that. I think he is more globalist than nationalist. That’s all I can say.

So, you can disagree with me or agree. But I think history really will reveal a lot of things about Donald Trump someday. That’s all I can tell you.

Right now, what I am concerned about is that a lot of negative things happen in this country because of politics. A lot of very bad stuff has happened here. And they are still happening. And it’s even worse now {under Trump’s presidency}.

So, I wish to see the leaders of this nation stop that mess; not talk about the mess, the stopping actually. Stop it. Stop lockdowns. Say, hey, state government, shut up, OK? You will not lockdown that many people. I don’t want to lose the jobs. Shut up. OK? Find your guts. Say it. Are you agreeing with them? So, what’s the problem? What’s the story?

So, I usually count a man by his actions. That’s all. I don’t count a man by his verbal expressions. I need to see actions behind it. So I am trying to be politically correct.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: OK, so here’s another combination of questions. So, who do we trust in the current government? What is the end goal? And what is the reason for wanting to test people for COVID?

SHEPHERD: The reason for testing?
SHEPHERD: Well, the reason -– OK, I’ll start actually on, well, who can we trust in government. UNIDENTIFIED HOST: No one.

SHEPHERD: You know what? How to answer this better? The government is “we the people,” isn’t that right? They {politicians} have the same flesh as us,  but are more corrupt than us –- you know, they have bigger salaries, bigger connections, bigger stocks and all of this other stuff.

Who can I trust? I trust we, the people. Maybe that would be a good answer. You. I trust you. And I’m not a politician and never will be. I trust you. Because without you, we don’t have a republic.

What I believe is politicians are destroying this republic. And I believe they need to be prosecuted for that crime. The crime of treason. I mentioned about treason with China. They sold us; they sold us out for pennies. Maybe a little more than pennies actually.

When I heard vaccines are coming from the Chinese military and need to accept that in my body, I better die first because I know, if I accept it, it will be a slow death, OK? If I accept it, I’m on my knees before the Baal system. And Communistic China is not the greatest example of life for me, personally.

What’s another question? See, my mind is going somewhere else now. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: Perhaps it was less on something —

SHEPHERD: Oh, the testing. OK. Well, creating a chain reaction. Wonderful deaths. The —


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: But why are they doing it? Yeah, why?

SHEPHERD: Well, then I ask you a question. Why did the creator of the test die a few months before COVID started?

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: It was coincidental.
SHEPHERD: Oh, yeah. A lot of things are coincidental.
SHEPHERD: It happens in Russia today.
SHEPHERD: Yeah, I understand. Somebody falls from window and all of that kind of stuff. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: Dies from a heart attack.

Yes, I knew one. You know, it was a director of the ultra-pure bio-preparations from Russia. He built super-black bioweapons. By mistake, he came into the U.K. Do not go in the U.K. if you’re researching designer bioweapons. They take out of you everything and they kill you after that. That’s what has happened with him.

So, tests, they are all fixed by the World Health Organization. The amplification of the PCR test is very high now, 42/45 amplifications. Everybody is positive with that test. Everybody. It should be 27/30 and no more. Do you think they did this by mistake? No. There’s no mistake in there of any kind.

Now, antibody tests. What has it shown to me? Nothing. That I was exposed at some time in the past with some kind of coronavirus. There are seven types of coronaviruses in the world, seven, which can affect humans, and about a few hundred, which can affect animals.

So, which one? A little fragmentation found that we built with an amplified piece {piece of genome} and, whoa, that’s a COVID right here.

It’s doesn’t even look like COVID. You know why? A secret that I will tell you. That’s not a secret. No isolate of the virus so far has been found in the world, a purified isolate of SARS-2 COVID virus. It’s does not exist, OK? It’s a bunch of stuff, formulations, fragmentations with an environmental mess inside. And that’s what they call COVID. Not the COVID, SARS-2 virus.

So, all of this testing is something else then. Remember that I told you in the beginning this is kind of strange for them. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. And even if it’s actually done, it’s done by the Chinese laboratory, not by nature.

Another little secret, the coronavirus does not create any “waves” at all. They {virus} comes and they’re gone. Two examples, the 2003 SARS, came, gone, 10 months. MERS, Middle Eastern coronavirus, came, gone. I think this was 2012.

Now this one is special. It’s coming in waves. It’s just coming back and coming back. Do you know for how long?


SHEPHERD: We heard of the different versions {of this pandemic} from special people, yes. You know, all those special people there. (INAUDIBLE). Up to 10 years we’ll be stuck with these masks, up to 2030. You like this? You’ll like the mandatory masks on you for years? Because COVID will still be here.

Oh, my god, it’s killing somebody, I don’t know where. (Laughter)
SHEPHERD: And how and what and who. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: God, he’s good.

SHEPHARD: Anyway, that’s about tests.
So another question.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: What do you really think?


SHEPHERD: What do I really think?


SHEPHERD: So, I’m going around like a politician, yeah, OK, fine.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: No, no. I’m teasing you.

SHEPHERD: OK. Yeah, all right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Because you’re fun. All right.


UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So how do we stop this? How do we stop the mandates? And how do we escape from this and avoid getting immunized?


SHEPHERD: There is no escape, I’m sorry. I mean, I’ve made my peace. My wife and I, we have made our peace with God. I made my peace.

So, what this means, is it all hopeless? No. If we have God on our side, nothing is hopeless at all.

The question is, is God lifting HIS hands over this republic. That’s the question of the day. Is he behind us?

So, what I should tell you — in fact, I mentioned the word “repentance” once already. We all need to repent in America, OK? We all need to repent. There’s been closed eyes to so many sins and problems. We have put into power bad politicians who are not serving us and not serving God. That’s the number one problem.

So, what should be done about all of this? If I say something strange to you, like rise up, resist, and fight–oh, Second Amendment–we still have the Second Amendment in this country.

SHEPHERD: I’m kind of trying to understand. I never had any amendment in the Soviet Union. The Chinese don’t have any amendments. Australians don’t have any amendments. Maybe that’s why the police officers are dragging people out of the cars by their hair if they don’t have a mask on.

Do we need that kind of life? I don’t think we deserve it. Or maybe we are deserving it.

Then fight. Then raise up. Then unite. Then unite. How can we unite? Well, you’re united right now, all of us sitting here. Nobody has left yet. I was waiting for this.


SHEPHERD: You know? Maybe because (INAUDIBLE). Find inside your heart.

(INAUDIBLE) What do you think about this? It’s coming to your door.

This is the difficult part because I lived under this type of environment, OK? When you are sitting at the dinner with your friends and families and you start talking about the politburo or the Communistic Party or somebody in there and the walls have ears and they come, not immediately; the next night — usually at night, OK?

And they like black cars. I don’t know why. Not Suburbans, but black vehicles for sure. And they take people and you never see them again. Is this the life we’re supposed to live in this republic?

So, what am I telling you? What can I tell you? I’m trying to ignite the fire inside your heart right now. All that I want is that when you leave this presentation, you will remember what I said. Because it is coming to your door and my door eventually.

We can hold on for a while because we have a bunch of police officers, highways patrols, sheriffs and all of them that won’t knock down our doors. But somebody else is coming to knock down our doors. And those don’t have any mercy.

So, what, do they put you down and stick a needle in you? Well, maybe that’s come to this. I don’t know. I don’t want to predict. But I know one thing, the agenda is moving. The Baal system is before us. And it’s much bigger than Goliath. It’s a mountain.

Without God, we’ll all be gone. So only God is my answer. And I hope it’s yours. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Amen.

SHEPHERD: That’s all that I can say.

Then what do we do? We’re disorganized. We don’t have special units and all, like special teams with the weapons and all, and going somewhere and chasing somebody. Is that what we’re supposed to do? “Is this God’s will,” first, you need to ask yourself. Is this what we’re supposed to actually do?

During the invasion of Brits, things happened a long time ago. Is that right? How much of the percentage of the population? Was it 50%, 4%? 1% will be enough to stop the world order. Even 1%, even a half percent as long as you have a desire in your heart and you make a decision about your personal life.

I’m worried about my daughter. She lives in Arizona. OK, I’m worried about her. I’m worried that she’ll take the vaccine. We’re talking about this with her every day. We’re trying. And she is not very closely walking with the Lord right now. She has no strength. So, we’re trying to be the backbone for her.

I don’t know what’s happened. But nothing good will happen if we don’t stop this madness. It’s a madness, people. These vaccinations are absolute madness, what’s coming now. It’s madness. How do we stop the madness, we, the people, where we are?

As long as the Constitution is just ink, laying somewhere, we’re always losing. You need to have the Constitution of this nation inside your heart. And I am a stranger in the land preaching this to you. I’m not born here but I like the Constitution of this nation because it’s the best document after the Bible I’ve ever seen in my life.

(Cheering and applause)

SHEPHERD: So how many guns should I have in my pocket? Do I need optics? What do I do? Should I have a RPG {Rocket Propelled Grenade}?

No. What you need is to unite together. That’s what you need. Because when we unite, we’re strong. When we separate, the Baal system wins.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: Yeah. And we can’t let it happen. That’s what we’re about is resisting it. SHEPHERD: That’s right.

UNIDENTIFIED HOST: So, the founding fathers shed their blood, right? They didn’t want to be under the system and they didn’t want their children under the system and they were willing to go to battle for it.

Now, I’m not inciting violence. I’m not saying go out there and get them. I’m saying it’s probably going to take blood. And we’re going to have to resist with our lives for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

So not an uplifting message but the uplifting part is you’ve got to be in Christ. That’s the only way that we’re going to get through it. And we have to bond together.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much for —
SHEPHERD: Thank you.
UNIDENTIFIED HOST: — speaking and answering our questions. (Applause)



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