Protests in Los Angeles. Image source.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Former U.S. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul today addressed the hypocrisy currently being displayed by those medical authorities and politicians who have been warning people to “stay home and stay safe” over the Coronavirus plandemic who are now saying that it is OK to go out and protest, even while restrictions remain in place for other types of gatherings, such as churches and other businesses.

His co-host, Daniel McAdams, said:

Either they’ve been lying all along, that this is a deadly virus, and that if you go out, you’re going to kill yourself or others – or they are lying now.

If they’re lying now, then they actually do want black people to die, because if you die by going out and catching this disease and they’re encouraging black people to go out and protest, they’re actually wanting these people to die.

Dr. Ron Paul also hinted that we should consider an amendment to the Constitution to have a “separation of medicine and the State,” just as there is a separation of church and the State.

Since this was developed over a medical problem of Coronavirus, a concocted hoax, so to speak, I would like to see the day that people would consider the separation of medicine, and the State. It’s not in the Constitution, and it’s not doing well. We’re bankrupt over it. There’s no communist country that gave good medical care.

You come along with a virus like this, and they’re going to “tell us the truth” about it. You know, science has settled it. They come up with all these rules and regulations and math and say “science has settled this.”

They haven’t. Science has been terrible on medicine in my own lifetime. I remember so many things that I had been taught that just wasn’t so.

This abuse of using the medical profession to scare people to death – you’re all going to die from coronavirus – and its turning out to be a hoax!

Not the virus and the flu… the hoax is really the need for the over-reaction, legally and practically and morally it was way overkill and it’s done a lot of damage.

Earlier this week a group of 1,288 public health professionals, infectious diseases professionals, and community stakeholders published a letter encouraging the protesters to protest because:

“White supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19” (Source.)

So just like that, those warning the public to stay home and stay safe, including many states that still have these orders in place, are now telling people it is OK to go out and protest, because this is more important.

But returning to work or returning to church, is not.

Watch the full Liberty Report:

Independent journalist Ben Swann also published a report today asking where all of these mysterious piles of bricks appeared from so suddenly in the places where violent rioting has occurred.

Why Violence is Robbing True Activists of Their Moment for Change.

The violence is not an accident, it is meant to distract and prevent actual change from taking place. Both police and protestors are guilty.


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