Ozone Therapy for Pain Publication Dr. Rowen

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen
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Those of you who’ve been with me for several years know that I’ve been beaten up by trolls here for my positive stance on ozone therapy.

Many of them have been conventional doctors, whom, I have no doubt that these shills have participated in the opioid epidemic now raging across our country. I imagine they will find a way to ridicule this report as well. Ridicule is what they do best.

I am really happy to let you know that I have published another paper in peer review medical literature on ozone therapy, this time for pain, and with Howard Robins as co-author.

To the best of my memory, leaving out palliative pain relief for cancer, I haven not written a single original prescription for narcotics in over 2 decades.

Nor have I written prescriptions for NSAID drugs, which I also consider dangerous. Read this short paper and it will help you understand why.

Also, my YouTube videos tell the story.

Were non-patentable therapies enabled in this country, I believe you would see a dramatic uptick in positive outcomes for diseases, pain and suffering across the board, and a dramatic drop in medical costs.

I am reminded of the case on this very page where a patient/husband/father/airline pilot developed a lethal and not-treatable bacterial infection. The family begged the hospital to permit ozone therapy in an attempt to save his life.

The hospital refused, citing “policy”. The man passed away right in front of his grieving family.

I personally consider it a fundamental violation of his Rights. I was willing to travel to that hospital at my own expense to assist in his care. What have we come to in this country?

It appears that medical policy has led to death, morbidity, addiction, suffering and worse, as it is the “policy” of hospitals, clinics, and 99% of American doctors to follow policy, laid out by Pharma, rather than recognize the Rights, Dignity, and Needs of the human soul in front of them.

I believe we could end the opioid epidemic in just several months if Pharma’s iron grip on all of us, the hospitals, the third-party payers, Medicare, was doused with a bit of iron rusting acid. In this case, “acid” simply means “Truth”.

Ozone Therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Review and Case Report – Robert Jay Rowen & Howard Robins – Current Pain and Headache Reports (2019) 23:41 (link to study)