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Dr. William Husel. Image courtesy of WBNS Ohio.

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In a story that has garnered headlines in the mainstream news, Ohio doctor William Husel has been indicted by a grand jury on 25 counts of murder for injecting his patients with lethal doses of the pain medication fentanyl.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said:

“I’ve been a prosecutor for 22 years and have not seen a 25-count indictment during those years.”

Husel was fired back in January from the hospital where he worked, Mount Carmel West in Columbus, Ohio.

Mount Carmel has a “fact page” on its website dedicated to the case of Dr. Husel, and the president and CEO, Ed Lamb, has addressed the public with this video:

Lamb states that after an “internal investigation” over the course of his five years at the hospital, Husel “ordered significantly excessive and potentially fatal doses of pain medication for at least 27 patients who were near death.”

In addition to Dr. William Husel, registered nurse Tyler Rudman and pharmacist Talon Schroyer are also named in a civil lawsuit filed against the hospital, and around 20 hospital employees in total have been placed on paid leave as a result of the investigation.

The Columbus Dispatch interviewed the husband of one of the alleged victims who told his story.

WBNS Ohio reports:

In interviews with 10 Investigates, several family members acknowledged that their loved ones were in bad shape – and may have died anyway – but claim they were not consulted about the large doses of pain medications that were about to be administered to their loved ones.

Many of them died after receiving doses of fentanyl while others were given fentanyl along with other drugs like dilaudid, versed and paralytics like vecuronium.

Husel maintains his innocence and has allegedly stated he is looking forward to clearing his name.

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