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by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Key Question: Does Nanotechnology Really Exist?

A conservative 2017 calculation by business research analysists indicate that the nanotechnology market will be a 90.5 billion dollar market by 2021. [1]

Another report anticipates nanotechnology growth will reach 173 billion dollars by 2025. [2] 

Key Question: Does Nanotechnology Act like a Pseudo Lifeform?

By definition, nano materials are more than small particles, they also must possess unique properties not observed in larger size particles of the same material.

One of the key properties is that they can self-assemble and arrange themselves into structures that can perform tasks.

Here are a couple videos that explain this in more detail:

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis

From Lab to Fab: Pioneers in Nano-Manufacturing

Key Question: Can I See Evidence of Nanotechnology?

To see an individual nano particle that is only a few billionths of a meter in size, it takes a microscope that can magnify objects up to 200,000 times. However, because it is the nature of nano particles to self-assemble, it is much easier to see the structures they create.

Nano structures can be seen on human skin, on food, and on clothing with much less magnification. In fact, a 60-x microscope or higher can be used to see evidence of nanotechnology. [3]

I interviewed independent researcher Tony Pantalleresco, an herbalist from Canada who has been studying the harmful effects of nanotechnology for nearly eight years. [3, 8]

He stated:

People get confused with the size. When you are talking 1 to 50 nanometers – they go through everything. You can’t see it — it is already there. It will collect in the body and it will build what they call a top-down bottom-up assembly, where it will connect and form its networks and expand.

If it is on the surface and it is over a hundred nanometers in size you can see it with a 60-X scope in artificial light. In natural sunlight you can’t see it because of stealth technology.

I have pulled nano wires out of my body. I could see a small portion of the wire, but when I angled the lens differently, then I could see the full extent of the wire. I have pulled what looked like a little dot on my nose and I had a 4 inch long fullerene thread. [3]

The following slideshow contains many images of nanotechnology:

The Nano Slide Show

Key Question: What is the Relationship between 5-G and Nanotechnology?

Simply put, 5-G is the power source that will enable the nanotechnology that is in our bodies to perform specific tasks.

Nano materials have been programmed to assemble and build, but when 5-G is fully enabled and when even higher terahertz frequencies are widely used, then nanotechnology will be able to stimulate neurological activity and emotions, it will also be able to transmit data and receive instructions from 5-G equipment that will be located every hundred feet or so. [4]

Key Question: How can We Protect Ourselves from 5-G and Nanotechnology?

I interviewed Canadian herbalist and researcher Tony Pantalleresco to get advice on this question. He and his colleagues are developing techniques that people can use to defend themselves against nanotechnology, 4-G and 5-G radiation.

They are also watching the development of even higher frequency technologies in the terahertz frequency band, which will be even more destructive to human health. [3] 

The information in the remainder of this article describes some of the ways that we can protect ourselves from the technological assault that is being unfolded against human life.

Can Minerals Protect us from Nanotechnology and Frequency Exposure?

In the previous article, Tony Pantalleresco discussed dietary suggestions designed to minimize the consumption of nanotechnology. See:

Weaponizing 5G and Nanotechnology: How Do We Protect Ourselves?

The diet emphasized meat, saturated fat from animals, and eggs. Very small amounts of root-based vegetables or fruit could also be eaten. In addition to this diet, he recommended a few mineral supplements.

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

If you eat a mostly meat diet then you are going to need zinc and copper, and iodine to renew your glands, plus sulfur of some kind and phosphorous of some kind.

The biggest thing that I have been seeing that has made the biggest change as far as breaking down biofilms and sustaining the immune system even more than copper and zinc is a chloride form of copper and zinc. Any of chloride that you can get into your system will go a long way toward keeping the inside cleansed.

The kind of things we are being told today about supplements is a word crafting game. They are telling us a smidgen of the truth but they are distorting the facts in that truth. 

For example, you can take much more copper than they are telling you to take. The 2 mg strength is not going to do anything. It is not going to poison you. I have been taking 20 to 30 times more than the RDA recommendation for more than four years and I am still waiting for the side effects. 

If you take 30 mg of copper and 30 mg of zinc, then this produces high levels of SOD which produces high levels of glutathione which helps to super boost the immune system to clean up nano. [3]

Essential Oils eBook

What about Taking Herbs for Protection?

Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco stated:

The herbs today do not have the impact they had ten years ago. Nano is shutting down specific DNA strands of the plants that have the actual components to regenerate and restore the body. 

I have an advantage. I have the before and after picture. When I was younger, in the 60s and 70s, vitamins and supplements were actually working. If you got sick you went to the health food store and took some supplement of some kind then in a couple days you got over what was going on in your body and you went on your way. 

Today, people are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on vitamins and supplements and other things, and they are not accomplishing anything except spending money. They have been told how good these things are, – and they would have been good in the past. [3]

Deactivating the Programming of Nanotechnology

It is extremely important to deactivate nanotechnology before using detoxification procedures! 

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

The biggest thing you have to do is to deactivate it. If you don’t deactivate it and you hit it with any direct force, it will change its morphology – it will create its own defense mechanism and become something completely different than what it is. It will still maintain its directive, but it will be impervious to your assault. 

Don’t use equipment such as Rife, Spooky, Zappers, Tens machines – these things will not do anything but cause nano to expand its network even faster. 

For example, we had a woman who was a targeted individual who we warned not to use these devices. She disregarded our warning and hit herself one time with the frequencies from one of these devices (Spooky) and it exponentially overwhelmed her whole neuro-network.

She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t function. She had biofilm levels that were off the chart. She eventually died after two and a half years of fighting with the situation. She was being terrorized as a targeted individual. She was being attacked with frequencies and subjected to experimentation.

We recommend soaking the feet and legs in a nano bucket or the entire body in a bath tub with a nano triangle to disengage the programming of nanotechnology. This will cause the nano to let go so the body can flush it out. [3]

The Anti-Nano Bucket and the Anti-Nano Triangle

Tony Pantalleresco provides instructions free of charge for making an anti-nano bucket and the anti-nano triangle. 

The anti-nano bucket is formed by wrapping copper wire around the outside of a 5-gallon plastic bucket. The bucket is filled with vinegar, water, salt, and oil. The feet and legs are soaked in the bucket. A DC charge is passed through the wires to create a gently pulsing field that discharges the nano programming in the body. Nano materials will be released and will gather together in the oil at the top of the vinegar/water mixture. 

The bucket contains 2 parts distilled vinegar to 1 part water plus ¼ cup of salt (more salt if you can handle it) plus 1 teaspoon of oil. Discard after one use.

The anti-nano triangle consists of magnets and wires that are wrapped around a triangle shape form to make a triangle-shaped coil. A pulsing DC current is passed through the wires of the triangle while it is submerged in the bath water with the person. 

The water contains ¼ cup of each of these ingredients: trisodium phosphate, Epsom salts, borax, and baking Soda. Optionally you can add 1 capful of DMSO or 20 drops of essential oil, or both. [8]

How do These Devices Deprogram Nano?

Tony Pantalleresco explains:

They create a DC electric pulse. We use a DC power supply to create a field in the bucket or bathtub. Some power supplies have a cut-off mechanism where they turn on and off. This creates a mini electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The EMP overloads the programing of the nano materials and wipes it clean for a while. 

The idea is when the field hits the programing it disengages it, then without the programming the nano materials just become inert nano substances such as nano-metal which can then more easily be flushed out of the body. The gentle pulsing of the field first disengages the programing, which is designed to build, construct, and network. 

The second thing you are doing is to make nano substances collide. Nano particles are 1 nano-second apart – they don’t touch each other. They know where to go and how to flow. They know what part of the equation they fit into, and they fall in place. As they assemble up they do not interfere with one another. The moment you make them touch each other they take themselves out.

You have substances that are 3 times harder than diamond and a hundred times stronger than steel that have a charge. When they touch each other it is like a major explosion in the nano world. When two collide it has adverse effects on the network that they are in. It is like a line of dominos. You hit one and a hundred of them will fall. [3]

What are the Changes that People Experience when Using these Devices? 

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

After you start reducing your load of nano, then you will start seeing the back pain in the kidney area go away. You will start seeing pain in the hips and lower extremities drastically diminish.

You will start seeing the visual and the mental become more efficient again. [3]

How Many Times does a Person Need to do the Bath before there are Results?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

Some people see results almost instantly, for others it takes a month or two. 

For people who are extremely loaded with nano I will suggest doing 7 baths in one day. As you remove a layer of nano, then the next layer comes up. They take a half hour bath, come out, drain the tub, refill the tub and repeat the process.

This is for people who are really hard core. I had people who couldn’t wear clothing because of nano saturation of the skin – these people are usually from the west coast. [3]

Making Anti-Nano Devices

See this video for instructions for making the nano bucket:

How To Make the Anti-Nano Device

See this link for written instructions for making the nano bucket: 

AntiNano Set-up pail

See this link for making an anti-nano triangle: 

(The instructions begin at the 4 minute mark in the video.) 

Anti-Nano Triangle

What about Detox Kits? – Do They Work for Nano? 

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

A lot of the detox kits that are sold in health food stores actually propagate the nano. They add more stress to the colon.

Oral doses of Sodium Thiosulphate can be taken for detox. When taking Sodium Thiosulphate, you have to reload with some type of fermented dairy or probiotic bacteria and minerals.

Sodium Thiosulfate does not discriminate. Everything comes out. You will see nano wires, chips, bots, debrief. [3]

The following link describes how to use Sodium Thiosulphate:

Detox Using Sodium Thiosulphate (STS)

Protecting Yourself from 4-G, 5-G, Wi-Fi, and other Wireless Equipment

These are a few things we can do to reduce the sources of exposure that are under our direct control.

  1. Don’t upgrade to a 5-G smartphone. 5-G towers will beam 5-G at you all day long.
  1. Minimize the use of cellphones of all types. Don’t carry them on your body. Turn them totally off at night. 
  1. Get rid of cordless phones – replace with corded phones. This includes wireless baby monitors. 
  1. Get rid of wireless Wi-Fi routers – replace with wired ethernet connections and a wired router.
  1. Stop using microwave ovens. They leak radiation.
  1. Replace smart meters with older style analog meters for electricity, gas, and water. 

Even though we are still free to make the preceding choices, we cannot turn off 4-G and 5-G transmission equipment that is pushing frequencies toward our homes 24 hours a day and we can’t turn off our neighbors’ smart meters or Wi-Fi devices, which are broadcasting their signals into our homes.

These are some thoughts that will help you develop a plan for reducing your frequency exposure when you can’t control the sources. 

Tony Pantalleresco summarized the ideal alternative for addressing this problem. He stated:

In order to stop the frequencies from coming in you have to have a frequency going out to meet it. [3]

He is currently developing inexpensive technology that can be used for disrupting frequencies that are coming into living spaces. Plans for making such equipment are not yet available for distribution. As a result, I asked Tony Pantalleresco to talk about existing options.

Does Holding a Piece of Shungite or putting a Sticker on a cellphone Protect Us?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

They don’t work.

You can look at it this way. Let’s say you have a really big piece of shungite the size of a telephone pole. And some one hits you with a 4-G or 5-G signal it will go to that shungite first because it is acting as an antenna or receiver because it is a carbon molecule and it will attract that frequency. It doesn’t mean you won’t get hit it just means it is going to take the brunt of the hit.

Shungite is actually carbon C60. [It is highly conductive.] When people wear it on their skin they are amplifying the signals from the environment and passing the frequencies into their body. I was the first to say that using shungite for protection was a farce.

They were even trying to get people to drink this stuff. When they drank it — it would lodge in the brain, which would make the brain more receptive to frequencies. This kind of thing is all about marketing and sales. [3]

What about Bed Canopies Designed to Block Frequencies?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

They are effective to a point. We are hit with a thousand different frequencies daily. The ones that they are designed to block they will. The frequencies that can get through will get through. You have to have more than one type of shielding. 

My bedroom has aluminum shielding up which is grounded. My bed is grounded. I have coils all over the place and several other types of technology. You need more than one thing to cover the multitude of frequencies that we are dealing with today.  

Having some kind of bed shielding, aluminum shielding, iron shielding, copper shielding around you will go a long way toward diminishing a lot of the smaller frequencies. This will take some of the stress off the cells and DNA. [3]

What about Protecting Ourselves from 5-G?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

When we are talking about 5-G, it is going to be around the 90 gigahertz range – much higher than most people think. That’s just a brain wipe. 

Consider the millennials. They are loaded up with nano, they have no immune system to speak of, their bodies are in a state of complete compromise.

When something like 5-G hits them the water molecules in the food they are eating will be separated into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen molecule will further intensify with terahertz frequencies to further cause damage to the mitochondria. They have absolutely no defense; they will be taken out.

The people who are eating higher levels of fat in the diet – saturated fat from animals – will be protected. Saturated fat will provide protection around the cells meaning that it will take more frequencies to burst the bubble [so to speak].

Eventually there will still be damage to cells, but wearing shielding, eating the fats, eating meats using certain antioxidants and enzymes will go a long way to prevent damage, and provide the materials that the body needs to repair and restore ADP, mitochondria, and DNA.

Where I live in Canada, 5-G is already on. The streetlights contain 5-G equipment. We are already being hit with 5-G. When you go into some grocery stores and you are hit with facial recognition programs – that is a 5-G system. So, we are already getting hit with it to some degree.

When people get assaulted with these frequencies — if they don’t have a foundation of health as I just described, you are going to see them just literally crumble. [3]

What about Protective Clothing?

Tony Pantalleresco stated:

That could work but it has limitations. I wear a copper shielding under my T-shirt. I looked at some of the protective clothing but quite frankly none of us can afford it. A shielded undershirt is $200 and a pair of underwear is $150. It is not feasible for the general population.

I show people how to make a portable ground where you strap a copper wire around your ankle, run the line up your pant leg, and connect it to a piece of metal on your belt. That will create a discharging effect. If the body does get hit there will be a release of energy. It is not going to stop it – it allows it to fall out.

That is what has to be done. You can’t contain these charges because it produces further damage at the cellular level. 

These are simpler things and more affordable ways without having to spend a second mortgage. 

Eventually we are going to need lead shielding when we walk outside, because that is the only thing that will stop a lot of this. At the current rate of increase, it will soon be unsafe to go outside.

You may think that is a lot of hogwash – “there is nothing going on out there” – well they haven’t totally turned on the 5-G system yet. [3]

Conclusion – “Smart Cities” need “Smart People”

Those who are envisioning the “smart cities” of the future plan to integrate all our electronic devices and all forms of transportation into a worldwide network controlled through the power of 5-G. 

Of course, they will not stop there – but will extend the reach of their artificial intelligence (AI) network to human lives. They will seek to turn us all into “smart people.” 

They will use 5-G to activate and provide energy for the nanotechnology that is in our bodies and brains. [4, 5, 6, 7] They will use this system to control our movements, manage our thoughts, and influence our feelings, with the hope that we will all become “smart people.” 

They will use this combination of technologies to trigger a sense of contentment in the minds and hearts of “smart people,” even when they have no reason to smile.

They will teach smart people to hate everyone who will not submit to the organizing power of their “smart city.”

They will empower smart people to ridicule free thinkers, especially those who seek to rid their bodies of nanotechnology and limit their frequency exposure. 

They will provoke “smart people” to destroy anyone who will not submit to the “smart” philosophy of life – “Everything for the greater good!”

The day is coming soon – very soon – when each of us will need to decide whether we are going to be one of the “smart people” who submit to the authority of the “smart city,” or be one of those who reject the “smart” plan and live with a free mind and heart.

God help all of us who choose freedom!

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About the Author

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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[3] I interviewed Canadian herbalist Tony Pantalleresco on April 26, 2019, by Skype and he confirmed this statement. He is an independent researcher who studies nanotechnology and frequency radiation from wireless technologies.

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