Lindsey and baby Rico. Was the germ theory of disease responsible for Lindsey’s death? Story.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Part one of Health Impact News‘ article on German New Medicine (GNM) included an introduction to this unique natural healing methodology created by late Dr. Ryke Geer Hamer and the persecution he faced from the medical establishment. See:

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Although most of Dr. Hamer’s research initially involved only cancer patients, he came upon a radical concept of microbial influences with diseases in general.

In this second article, we will look at the unusual position that Dr. Hamer’s GNM has with microbes, and how it differs from the “germ theory” of disease as originally espoused by Louis Pasteur, which is the main theory behind western pharmaceutical medicine.

The germ theory of disease has been used to justify medical tyranny, the destruction of families through medical kidnapping, and the loss of innocent lives through pharmaceutical products.

German New Medicine


After considerable research among cancer patients, Dr. Hamer formed the five biological laws of New Medicine. He changed the name to German New Medicine upon learning he couldn’t trademark his original title.

The German New Medicine (GNM) is based on tracing the impact of a sudden psychic shock that doesn’t get resolved, leaving an imprint on a part of the brain that corresponds with a specific organ. The type of shock or emotional impact determines the type of ailment affecting that organ.

The unresolved biological impact creates what Dr. Hamer called a “biological conflict,” and its biological resolution is hampered by the unnatural “heroic interventions” mainstream allopathic medicine offers. 

According to GNM, only natural means that help the body heal itself might be necessary after resolving the unexpected psychic trauma with a process beyond normal psychotherapy. 

That concept was enough to cause the medical establishment to have Dr. Hamer imprisoned for a year and a half despite GNM’s cure rate of over 90 percent with 6,500 cancer patients during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Read more in our first article on German New Medicine.

Microbes Assist Healing According to GNM

The fact that Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine (GNM) completely flips the currently accepted germ theory of disease and is even controversial among holistic medical practitioners who accept the notion of mind-body connections for better or worse health. 

Actually, GNM states that microbes are not the cause of diseases. They become present during the organism’s healing process and suppressing them hampers recovery. Apparently, this is an extension of seeing the flaws in Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease, which other scientists, even during Pasteur’s time, disputed. 

For a modern day example of how the germ theory of disease is being challenged, see our previous article:

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Dr. Hamer’s position on microbes as sources of infectious disease is even more controversial, to put it mildly.  When asked how GNM regarded microbes, he answered:

Up until now, we had thought that microbes caused infections. This view seemed correct as microbes are found in every infection. In reality, it is not true. The whole immune system is only a ‘fata morgana’, built on hypothesis.

In avoidable diseases we also forgot or overlooked the first phase, the conflict active phase.

Only after the conflict is solved do the microbes become active.

Indeed, they are directed and activated by the brain. They are NOT our enemies; they help us and work on the ordering of our organism.

Since they are directed from the brain, they help break down cancer tumors after their task is fulfilled, or build up the holes, necroses and tissue damage from the other cerebrum groups.

They are our faithful helpers, our guest workers! The concept of the immune system, the army that fights against the bad microbes, is simply wrong. (Source)

The term “conflict active” in this quote refers to the “biological conflict” from the primary sudden emotional psychic shock that registers repercussions in the brain’s sections that relate to different organs. Even the disease type biologically registered on the organ varies according to the brain’s three tissue layers, each relating to specific types of disease.

The sudden and unexpected emotional shock registers psychically and emotionally impacts the brain, then registers on the organ simultaneously to create the organ-specific disease. 

If the original shock is revived to conscious awareness and resolved in a manner beyond normal psychotherapy, the body’s healing program kicks in automatically using microbes to perform tissue rebuilding and tumor destruction according to the GNM. 

Most of Dr. Hamer’s research involved cancer. So a lot of his material refers to tumors. But GNM apparently has been applied successfully to other diseases. 

Dr. Hamer charted out this complex system of medicine completely. It’s a vast but cohesive system that has an over 90 percent rate of healing even among terminal cancer patients. The GNM system has lately been applied to other diseases other than cancer as well.  

The Impact of Viruses Has Been Challenged Before 

Independent researchers have questioned or disputed some virus disease causing claims. A well known major viral cause claim for AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, was previously accepted as the sole source of AIDS.   

The HIV critics, mostly virologists, questioned the authenticity of the virus itself. Some also claimed that AIDS was an immune disease syndrome related to stressful lifestyles and exposures to toxic chemicals, and that it wasn’t a specific disease that could be caused by a specific microbe. 

The following video features the prestigious virologist Peter Duesberg, Ph.D., who explains scientifically that HIV does not cause AIDS. 

The germ theory in general, one virus for one disease, supports and motivates the pharmaceutical industry to create more drugs that at best complicate matters at great expense financially and worse with side effects that include death.

Current claims that anti-HIV pharmaceuticals’ side effects are not as “brutal” as before, if actually true, implies that they were at least brutal for some time.

Death from anti-HIV pharmaceuticals was a side effect that wasn’t publicized much. 

Prominent virologist Dr. Peter Duesberg once wrote a scientific paper showing that the popular anti-HIV drug AZT was causing AIDS among those diagnosed with HIV. 

The following is a summary of a high-profile case that demonstrates the danger of anti-HIV drugs along with the dangers of being diagnosed with a questionable virus even though healthy at the time. 

The Nagel Family Story: How Medical Tyranny Through Forced HIV Drugs Destroyed a Child’s Life and Killed His Mother


Lindsey beat all the odds growing up, but Mayo Clinic and CPS threw her a curve ball she was not able to overcome. Photo supplied by family. Story.

When the Nagels returned to their Minnesota home with their newly-adopted Romanian baby, Lindsey, they were forced into testing her for HIV since she was foreign-born, even though that had been performed in Romania before they returned. 

They were shocked when the Minnesota test showed Lindsey did have the HIV virus.

Even though healthy at the time, they complied and allowed the doctor to medicate baby Lindsey with heavy doses of anti-HIV pharmaceutical drugs that included AZT. Then Lindsey became very unhealthy with a worsening condition as the procedure carried on.

Her father came across a paper by Duesberg and he called the virologist directly. Duesberg advised them to get Lindsey away from that doctor and find where she could be taken care of while recovering from the damage caused by AZT.

Later, Lindsey’s mother discovered that out of 10 children, including Lindsey at the time, who were being given the AZT drugs, only Lindsey had survived. All those who continued with those treatments had died.

The outcome was that Lindsey recovered completely and grew to lead a healthy normal life until she had her first baby. 

Perhaps the fact that Lindsey’s story of recovery from her AZT iatrogenic illness as a baby may have influenced the hospital to insist 21 years later that her newborn son undergo an experimental combination of anti-HIV drugs or be taken into custody by Child Protection Services where her son would undergo the new treatments.

Ultimately, the results were tragic for both Lindsey and her son. You can read more on the story here:

How Medical Tyranny Through Forced HIV Drugs Destroyed a Child’s Life and Killed His Mother

During that same time, various alternative approaches that enhanced AIDS patients’ health led to a higher rate of recovery without serious side effects than the popular AZT anti-HIV drug. The alternative approaches were holistic, using natural healing herbs, healthier diets, and healthier lifestyles. 

It should be realized that even if Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine might not be perfect regarding microbes, his GNM approach has much greater efficacy and safety record than the germ-theory-motivated-virus-hunters who create dangerous drugs.

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