xbox demolition

Smashing up an Xbox. Image from Facebook.

by Dr. Ben Lynch
Facebook Post

It’s not every day your son smiles while beating up his Xbox.

Theo literally enjoyed it.

We tried many ways to regulate gaming time. It was always a source of arguments.

Finally, I unplugged it yesterday after thinking about doing it for over a year.

Not only did I unplug it, I broke it.

My son didn’t know I busted it. He saw me take it out of his room.

Later he asked me if I broke it. I said yes.

Honestly, he seemed relieved. He wasn’t upset at all.

We had many conversations about how addictive these games are.

I told him I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at how addictive these games are.

It’s not his fault he can’t walk away and it’s not his fault his attitude went to sh#t after playing.

Yes some kids can handle them. I say not many.

I had to step in and free Theo because he wasn’t able to moderate his gaming despite all the systems I thought could limit him. He hacked them all.

Parents: Join Theo and me. Have a conversation about how you’re not mad at them but at the strategically designed gaming companies who are holding your kids hostage.

Bust out the hammer. Drop it off a second story or higher.

Just be sure to not break it down to little bits and expose all the circuit boards as they’re full of heavy metals.

Beat the outer casing all you want!

Wash hands thoroughly afterwards and ideally wear gloves.

Tag your photos and stories #xboxmeetshammer or#mykidisfreeagain or whatever you think is best.

I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy taking the Xbox away. I truly felt like a jerk dad.

Now I feel like a Hero.

But I’m not the Hero.

Theo is.

Save your kids.

Gaming increases dopamine in your brain in a big way. If you are born with susceptibility to lower dopamine, you run the risk of gaming addiction -and other addictions. I talk about this in my book, Dirty Genes.

The Fast COMT and Fast MAOA genotype and/or phenotypes are at risk for gaming addictions.

You HAVE to help yourself and your children here – they cannot pull themselves away. It’s not possible without intervention.

Learn more about genetics and dopamine levels – and what to do about it – by reading Dirty Genes:

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