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Kodie Lee with mom

Kodi Lee with his mother Tina Lee appeared on the America’s Got Talent and the video of his performance soon went viral, reaching many millions of people within the first day.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Kodi Lee, a 22 year old blind man with autism who sings and performs in Southern California, took America by storm on the most recent episode of America’s Got Talent where he appeared with his mother Tina.

According to his website bio, Behind the Music: A Story of Human Triumph and Discovery:

Kodi Lee is a 22-year old blind and autistic musical prodigious savant. He is one of only approximately 25 in the world today who possess his extraordinary abilities.

Kodi’s amazing gift lies within his musical expression, perfect pitch, and passion for all forms of music.

Kodi has an audio photographic memory, in which he can recall music he hears after just one listen. An unbelievable gift in itself, but his musical expression and prowess top even that.

Born with optic nerve hypoplasia, surviving a life-saving surgery at 5 days old, and being diagnosed with autism at an early age has never stopped Kodi from reaching for his dreams.

Kodi continues to pursue his musical career and his dream is to be a “rock star” performing for thousands of fans. Any opportunity Kodi has to perform is a good day for him, and the bigger more energetic the audience, the more he loves to shine.

Kodi’s mother, Tina, told the crowd at America’s Got Talent that:

Playing music has actually saved Kodi’s life.

Watch this video recording of his performance to see how this blind man with autism is warming the hearts of millions of people around the world with his incredible talent and charming personality.

If Donny Hathaway is not your style of music, here is Kodi playing Schubert:

He is also apparently taking lessons on tap dancing.

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