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Health Impact News Editor

It has been well documented in recent weeks how many social media platforms have begun censoring anything that challenges Big Pharma’s doctrine on medicine or health.

Pinterest, for example, has begun deleting anything that questions vaccines, and Facebook uses the shady “Snopes” website to try and refute anything that challenges Big Pharma. See:

Snopes Exposed: A Look at the “Fake News” Watch Dogs

Google, which owns YouTube, now posts links to Wikipedia articles on certain videos they deem to be “conspiracy” fake news, especially when it comes to anything challenging Big Pharma.

Wikipedia recently deleted its entry on Dr. Malclom Kendrick, the Scottish doctor we have featured many times here at Health Impact News as he challenges the cholesterol theory of heart disease.

Wikipedia censorship of natural, non-drug therapies

by Alliance for Natural Health International


Multilingual, web-based, free encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has become a trusted source of information on the Internet since its launch in 2001. Often the primary ‘go-to’ source for many, it’s been known for specialising in coverage of controversial and somewhat obscure topics that challenge the status quo.

Wikipedia has also been proud of its unique approach to content, seeing as it’s the product of millions of editors’ contributions — a community of editors if you like.

Whether the skills be in research, technical expertise, writing prowess or merely tidbits of information, Wikipedia prides itself on its editors’ willingness to help. However, all this goodwill is now at risk.

Whilst Wikipedia’s free licence editing policy has put a large tick in the freedom of speech box to date, it also leaves itself wide open to abuse from those with less laudable agendas.

Unfortunately, individuals and organised groups, such as anti-natural health skeptics, appear to have been able to infiltrate the editorial community and use this free licence to delete and edit content related to scientific views that do not align with their own views and/or biases.

Introducing ‘deletionism’

We believe that organised skeptic groups are actively targeting Wikipedia articles that promote natural, non-drug therapies with which they disagree.

Right in their cross-hairs is content that contests mainstream healthcare’s cherished, but deeply flawed (in our and many others’ views) ‘calorie in, calorie out’ theory of obesity and the cholesterol (or lipid) hypothesis relating to heart disease.

The new trick of these editors is to rewrite or entirely remove pertinent information from such articles or, worse still, delete entire articles altogether.

Selected for attack

One such recent victim of Wikipedia’s deletionism is Scottish diabetes expert, Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

Run a Wikipedia search for Dr Kendrick and you’ll no longer find him because his page has been deleted by a self-styled anonymous ‘expert’.

Why? Because his views on the cholesterol hypothesis didn’t match up with those of said self-styled anonymous ‘expert’.

Not content with removing the entry on Dr Kendrick, it’s now a matter of time before the same fate befalls The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics and Dr Kendrick’s ‘co-conspirator’ Uffe Ravnskov.

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