Ozone Patient Before and After Photos

Before and After photos of patient receiving ozone therapy.

Medical article featuring my clinical work just published in peer review journal

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen

I’m really happy to let you know that a very interesting case report and review of mine has just been published in a highly indexed peer review journal. It’s entitled “Remission of aggressive autoimmune disease (dermatomyositis) with removal of infective jaw pathology and ozone therapy: review and case report” and can be seen at: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13317-018-0107-z

This paper details a man with severe and life threatening autoimmune disease unresponsive to 4 toxic immunosuppressive drugs, including massive doses of prednisone.

I evaluated him differently than conventional doctors would do. His disease, “dermatomyositis” is a description only, telling you it involves inflammation of the skin and muscles. Conventional medicine stops there and treats with powerful and possibly crippling drugs. The integrative doctor looks for causes. I found causes in his mouth/jaw: hidden and asymptomatic infection. Find the cause and the patient can be relieved of disease without a lifetime, and life shortening concoction of poisonous drugs.

This is an interesting case report and review of the dental connection to disease, and ozone therapy as a modulator of inflammation. His immunosuppressive drugs were taking him down. Ozone therapy kept him actually productive and working despite his life threatening disease process. Please look at the photos of this patient before and after. Extremely powerful visual story.

I have taken lots of heat here from fully ignorant naysayers on these topics. They preferred to ridicule and attack the messenger rather than respectfully address the message. Ozone was hit up as well. As you know, I decided to stop tolerating it on this page. They have continued their witch hunt elsewhere. I wonder if any of the hitmen/hitwomen have done any similar good for patients in their lives, or have published something that can truly make a difference for other people

I have two other ozone reports in publication as I write this and will let you know as soon as available. Ozone cannot be patented. It does not make money for Pharma, which “pharms” you for profit. I am grateful that journals are now willing to publish cases like this. I hope it will inspire “honest” study of ozone therapy and other integrative modalities. I say “honest” studies because, as far as I am concerned, any study funded by Pharma is likely to be dishonest, and editors of major journals have corroborated this. Since ozone will be unprofitable, any institution that does study it will be doing so purely for science and service, not for “pharming” you.

I hope you will enjoy the report. It is easy to understand and I’d love to hear your feedback.

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