32 fl oz bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Early in January 2018, a 69 year old Health Impact News reader emailed us with a natural tip on how to beat the common cold and flu effectively and safely. He wrote that he has avoided cold and flu episodes for a dozen years, while avoiding flu shots, using what some would call a flu-hack because it is unique and easy to administer.

He would grab a dropper full of over-the-counter (OTC) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and place a few drops into his slightly aching left ear, (where he receives his first early warning). He would let it “fizz” until it stopped and then be free from the worry of being bedridden for a few days, all the while avoiding a potentially greater threat than the flu, the flu-shot.

At first I questioned the efficacy of this method, but when I investigated further using the link he had provided–the Cancer Tutor–the information I found there satisfied my need for further corroboration.

I also discovered even more hydrogen peroxide applications!

Cancer Tutor Corroboration with a Short History

Cancer Tutor mentions who started this approach, back in 1928, Dr. Richard Simmons, M.D.

He hypothesized that pathogenic flu and cold microbes enter through the ears and breed within the inner ear, potentially spreading through the ear canals into the body and other organs. This wasn’t embraced by the medical field at the time.

Cancer Tutor’s information also mentions that Dr. Simmons’ hypothesis was applied successfully 10 years later when German researchers discovered that H2O2 ear solutions did work effectively on colds and flu symptoms.

Cancer Tutor advises doing what Frank does in both ears until either the bubbling or stinging or both stop, at the first hint of coming down with flu type illnesses.

Cancer Tutor also offered the following:

“To cure the flu you’ll need to repeat this process two or more times at one or two hours intervals until there is no more bubbling when putting H.P. [hydrogen peroxide] in ear(s).” (Source)

Using hydrogen peroxide to fight the flu is also promoted by Dr. Mercola.

Expanding Hydrogen Peroxide’s Health Applications

The type of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) used is the same inexpensive OTC product you can purchase at any pharmacy. It is hydrogen peroxide in it’s lowest solution, 3.0 or 3.5 percent.

It is not food grade and also contains additives as stabilizers – acetanilide, phenol, sodium stanate and tertrasodium phosphate are often involved in the solution, with possibly some others. (Source)

It is O.K. to gargle hydrogen peroxide, just don’t swallow it. Some have also gargled with it at the onset of a cold or flu instead of placing it into their ears, with considerable success. Others use it as a highly effective mouthwash that eliminates only pathogenic microbes while leaving “good” bacteria necessary for digestive functions intact.

Hydrogen peroxide is a selective germicide, not a biocide that destroys all bacteria. This makes it ideal for oral and dental health. Hydrogen peroxide has extra oxygen to offer cells. Most pathogenic microbes are anaerobic. They do well without oxygen, but perish when there is an abundance of it.

It also has a bleaching effect. Good for whitening the enamel while not harming it. So H2O2 is ideal as a mouthwash.

Most commercial mouthwash solutions are alcohol based and are biocides, thus they destroy beneficial bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide is mixed in water. An imbalance of pathogenic to beneficial bacteria leads to infections beyond the gums, throat, and sinuses. Poor oral/dental health is linked to other health issues, including cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. (Source)

There is a faint conspiracy theory that these additives were put there to keep people from benefiting from such an inexpensive treatment that improves so many maladies. This would negatively impact the pharmaceutical industry’s profits from a myraid of OTC cold and flu remedies.

Fortunately, now there is also 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide available. It’s not as cheap and not as accessible. This is a recent development. At one time the only food grade H2O2 was at the 35 percent level.

Then 17% and 12% levels became available, still too caustic to use without diluting. But now 3% has become easier to get. This eliminates the need to further dilute the highly caustic 35% levels of hydrogen peroxide. It is available online from different sources. Just make sure it’s food grade!

Though in the following video a chiropractor displays using regular OTC cheap H2O2, I think it’s wiser to use the food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Dr. Sullivan’s Peroxide Inhalation Therapy:

Pharmaceutical Options: Tamiflu Good for the Flu or a Scam?

Tamiflu sells for around $100 or more for just enough to last one bout of the flu. It allegedly manages to ameliorate flu symptoms one day less than it takes most to simply get over it with lots of rest and consuming more than a usual amount of water.

A rash of unusual neurological adverse side effects that caused unusual behaviors in Japanese youths motivated the Japanese government to ban Tamiflu for teenagers. Other dangerous side effects were reported in the UK. (Source)

A 2013 article published by ForbesThe Myth of Tamiflu: 5 Things You Should Know, also questioned the safety and efficacy of Tamiflu. It was based on a scientific report by the Cochrane group.

In 2015 Dr. Mercola also reported how the Cochrane group uncovered previously hidden data showing how Tamiflu is basically a scam.

Flu Statistics Exaggerated to Sell More Flu Shots


Actual text from the CDC website regarding flu deaths.

The dangers of influenza have been exaggerated. See:

CDC Inflates Flu Death Stats to Sell More Flu Vaccines

Most fatalities attributed to influenza are from complications that originate as the flu then become pneumonia.  The most vulnerable to these complications are older folks or those with poor immune systems.

CDC statistics are often rigged to create fear and promote flu shots and Tamiflu. Both pharmaceutical prevention vaccines and Tamiflu offer questionable to no efficacy, strange and sometimes debilitating side effects, and they’re both sold at high prices–for a disease described disproportionately dangerous to its reality.

Routinely given out like candy at pharmacies, flu shots are not without known risks. People become paralyzed and even die from the flu shot, as the quarterly Department of Justice (DOJ) reports from the U.S. Vaccine Court illustrate.

Utilizing cheap, safe, hydrogen peroxide is certainly worth trying.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Can be Effective for Serious Diseases

You can’t buy pure food grade H2O2 at any pharmacy. It can be ordered online at different percentage levels. Anything over 10% is caustic and shouldn’t be ingested.

At that level it is highly caustic and has to be handled carefully to avoid direct skin exposure, it can burn your skin. It has to be carefully handled with gloves to dilute it further, with distilled water only, to make it safe if taken orally.

According to Dr. David Williams:

“A safe three percent solution can be made quite easily by first pouring 1 ounce of 35 percent H2O2 into a pint jar. To this, add 11 ounces of distilled water. This will make 12 ounces of three percent H2O2. Three percent H2O2 has a variety of medicinal uses.” (Source)

Of course, 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide is now available online, and there are some health food stores that now sell 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide.

The main reason holistic doctors manage cancer with mega-dose sodium ascorbate vitamin C is that when 50 to 100 grams of vitamin C is delivered via slow drip IV systems a huge amount enters the blood.

With that vitamin C load in the blood, vitamin C turns from anti-oxidant to oxidizer by creating or increasing the body’s capacity to produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The fizzing or slight burning sensations is from the intense rapid introduction of oxygen into tissue cells.

Adding H2O2 by whatever means can cause the anaerobic cancer cells to be overburdened with oxygen. Then they can no longer survive as cancer cells. They undergo apoptosis or cell suicide. Healthy cells are unaffected.

What does this say about H2O2 itself? Our white blood cells produce H2O2 as their weapon of choice, and they are among the first wave of antibodies in pursuit of pathogens and cancer cells.

Slow drip IV hydrogen peroxide is a great way to overwhelm cancer cells with the oxygen that they cannot survive in. Hydrogen peroxide at the right solution levels can be delivered intravenously by qualified medical practitioners.

Consuming it orally or nebulizing it and breathing it in is very do-able if one is without appropriate medical supervision for IV infusions of hydrogen peroxide. Success with either may be dependent on the degree or stage of illness and one’s own immune system.

There is a lot of misinformation that echos the disinformation (lies) that exaggerate or even make up dangers of internalizing H2O2, to fan latent fears among those who could benefit from its use. Two sites that will provide more detailed information can be accessed here and here.

The book, The One Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, is also available. It appears to have all you need to know for self-administering protocols using H2O2. Even this promotional piece will give you more information.

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