raising meat chickens

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Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network, is offering a free online viewing of her entertaining, educational feature-length film “Raising Meat Chickens” from July 17, 2018 to July 19th.

Marjory shows step-by-step how to raise up and humanely process a flock of birds over the course of four months . . . from mail-order chicks to meat in the freezer!

For people who would like to take the bold step of processing their own birds but are afraid they might not have “what it takes” . . . this film will show them what is involved in the processing, and help them understand that backyard chickens are the most humane way to eat meat!

This film will empower you with the detailed knowledge of exactly how to feed your family the highest quality chicken meat.

This free viewing of the film will include:

  • Growing chicken feed – Growing & fermenting your own chicken feed
  • Predator protection – Tips for keeping your chickens SAFE from predators like raccoons & snakes
  • Raising chicks – Keeping your chicks warm enough
  • Game cameras in your coop – See Marjory’s own coop camera video feed
  • Top 3 egg-laying chickens – Favorite breed recommendations.
  • Organic chicken feed? – Is organic chicken feed good or evil?

Register to watch the FREE showing for 72 HOURS July 17th – 19th.