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by Paul Fassa
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There are monetary awards for doctors and other mainstream medical practitioners who maintain high levels of compliance for prescription drugs (including vaccines), and doctors’ visits.

These incentives to get more patients into their offices and to receive as many vaccines and prescription drugs as possible come from the insurance industry.

In 2016, the evidence for these medical financial kickbacks was displayed online with a pamphlet from Blue Cross (BC), Blue Shield (BS), and Blue Cross Network (BCN).

Here’s a screenshot of page 15 from their 2016 Provider Incentive Program pamphlet that offers financial awards for maintaining CDC vaccination schedules.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.05.33 AM

Health Care Outcomes Page Explanation

This page image above details instructions for provider (doctor) monetary incentives according to the percentage of children vaccinated who are two-years-old or younger. 

Only those children who are enrolled under a BC, BS, or BCN insurance program are considered “enrolled” in the page descriptions above. 

Once discovered, there was an outcry against the 2016 Provider Incentive Pamphlet from several concerned holistic practitioners and a few alternative health sites.

By early 2017, the 2016 information was removed from public access online. But there was at least one site that managed to keep the original.

The combination vaccines that include more than one vaccine in one injection are listed alongside the “Description” title. The item  “Exclusionary criteria” explains that “Children who are documented with an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine or its components” cannot be included. 

This could be a factor for doctors and nurses not reporting adverse reactions to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System) managed by the CDC and telling parents the reactions they observed are normal. Doctors and other mainstream medical practitioners very rarely report adverse events.


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The “target” percentage of 63 percent is derived by dividing the number of children who complete the vaccinations described by the number of those who are eligible, that is those who are covered by the insurance. The award is $400. 

Here’s an example of how that works. A pediatrician has 100 patients enrolled under him and if he fully vaccinates 63 within the prescribed time up to two years of age, the 63 percent target is met.

The 63 who are vaccinated warrants an annual award to the pediatrics office of $25,200. It could be more or less depending on the doctor’s or clinic’s patient load.

Keep in mind that children and babies are the only kind of patients pediatricians handle. So there could be a lot more than this simplistic example shows.

A pediatric research study in 1999 determined the average pediatric patient load was 1,546. This was a body count, not a visit amount. So, if out that 1,546 there were only 159 under a Blue Cross plan and the pediatrician vaccinated a hundred, the annual award would be $40,000. 

Pernicious possibilities that exist with this award program include pushing for many vaccinations faster than a child can handle, even several compound vaccines in one visit. This has happened with several parental reported adverse events from vaccines while doctors deny any link. 


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This also can motivate some pediatricians to exclude patients who won’t follow the CDC guidelines for vaccinations in the first two years.  (Source)


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The 2017 Performance Recognition Program

The 2017 online public access version does show which compound vaccine compliance quotas are recognized, but award numbers are not included. 

So, it can only be assumed that to obtain the information for the dollar amounts, if any, there would be a secret pass code or perhaps a hard copy in the pediatric office.

The online public access 2017 version indicates there is a quota for HPV vaccinations on female and male adolescents and a quota for wellness visits up to 15 months of age. Those are the visits where toddlers normally get vaccinated to comply with CDC guidelines. 

The 2017 version does show there is eligibility for recognition on meeting the vaccination demands, but dollar amounts and ratios are not displayed on page 25 of the 2017 version of the Provider Incentive Program for Blue Cross Network accessed here.  

Apparently, the 2017 pediatric vaccination awards for HPV and Influenza vaccinations are not as generous as the childhood vaccination schedule adherence was in 2016. But they do exclude documented adverse reaction cases while including flu shots. See pages 26 and 14 here. 

Doctors Paid Rewards for Keeping Patients on Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs

There are many other financial incentives for doctors besides vaccines, including keeping diabetics on their medications, maintaining office visits for checkups, and so on.

Perhaps the most dangerous is awarding doctors who have Blue Cross/Blue Shield networks as part of their patient load to keep adult patients on statin drugs.

The 2016 version also included a complex award arrangement for keeping patients on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, which has become easier now that recent guidelines of prescribing statins have been reduced to include many more than would have been prescribed earlier. 


New Cholesterol Guidelines May Put 13 Million More on Statin Drugs

The 2016 version, titled Medical Adherence to Cholesterol Medications is on page 22 here. But a search on the 2017 version was without any reference to statin drugs and did not reveal any statin award programs. 

Conclusion: Doctors Are Financially Motivated to Vaccinate More and Keep Patients on Drugs

The busier a doctor, pediatrician, or clinic is to maintain quotas for vaccinations and drugs, the more insurance awards them with kickbacks. Despite the ostensible stated reason of ensuring a high level of healthcare, this practice can lead to more health problems due to known side effects of these pharmaceutical products.

Educating patients on prevention, such as learning how to eat healthy and avoiding environmental toxins, provides no financial benefits to medical professionals.


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