image of Kora and father

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen

I’d like to share with you one of the most remarkable results with an ozone injection I’ve ever seen.

This lady traveled to us from Maryland. Her father joined her, coming from Guinea Africa for his own challenges. He lost many friends in the West Africa Ebola epidemic.

His nurse wife has seen my YouTube videos and through them taught herself how to administer simply ear and water ozone. She has cured many cases of malaria, stroke, infection, and other serious conditions with these simple and non-invasive methods.

Kora has a serious genetic bleeding disorder. Injections are risky for her. She knows/knew this and openly requested and signed an ironclad waiver, since she was in horrible pain and neuropathy from sciatic nerve root compression, having been through 3 failed disc surgeries, with L5-S1 disc pinching spinal nerves.

She has had foot drop (serious condition). Loss of sensation in lower R [right] leg and foot, pins and needles, muscle atrophy, inability to walk on heels and walk normally.

She has been treated with IV narcotics, oral narcotics and every sort of pain reliever, and toxic antidepressants. She is a medical assistant and quite savvy.

Despite all the nightmare[s], she bears a huge work ethic and has managed to endure the pain to earn her living rather than take welfare or anything of the kind. She has numerous other medical issues including numerous female cysts, up to 32 surgeries, and need for blood factors to stabilize bleeding with her genetic disorder.

If you decide to see the video, be sure to see the reaction of her dad early on and later in the video. He is blown away (and so was I). I performed a sacral hiatus epidural injection (in her it was technically difficult).

I did not expect what we saw – 100% relief of all the symptoms of physically impinged nerves in her spinal canal from the disc disease.

We are ALWAYS honored when someone travels so far to see us. In her case – 2,800 miles. In her dad’s case, about 8,000 miles. Terri and I took them to dinner to learn more about her mother’s work, as well as the West Africa and current Ebola epidemic with all the new “experimentation” on Africans when ozone therapy showed phenomenal success in the last epidemic, but is currently suppressed.

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